The Virtually Connected Culture: Unleash the power of Video Communication

Published On October 26th, 2023 Engineering

Video conferencing is taking the world by storm nowadays and the market is expected to reach a value of 22.5 billion USD by 2026 with a CAGR growth of 19.7%. 

Yet, the question for most businesses is not whether to choose video conferencing needs that to thrive. Instead, it’s their muddle to opt for the best video conferencing platform that will aid in reaching their goals.  

Comparison of video Communication Solutions

Before skimming to pick the best one from the market, companies have to decide whether they only need a video conferencing solution or a complete collaboration tool package such as the unified communication.

Video conferencing or (VCaaS)

In a standard video conferencing tool, the user can only access video conferencing features with a chat solution and file sharing features added to it. But, it doesn’t provide the complete collaboration experience between two users.

Collaboration Tools:

Video conferencing in a team collaboration tool is offered as a single component of better teamwork. Here, the tools can be united with task management systems, audio conferencing, channel conversations, file and screen sharing, etc.

Unified Communication (UC):

Video conferencing in a unified communication solution works together with the business telephone solution and the other mobile methods. These UC communication vendors are beginning to add video conferencing solutions as a part of their package.

Video Conferencing Platforms for today and tomorrow

While choosing the right online chat platform, it’s worth thinking about the trends that tackle your needs both now and in the future. Analyse on how buyer behaviour is changing with the most exciting trends in video conferencing that includes


Video conferencing is always a part of the wider communication and collaboration strategy for most businesses. The solution needs to work well with other services for customers to access it on a regular basis.

 Integrations in a video conferencing platform can be file and screen sharing, chat integrations or some presentation tools such as the Digital Whiteboards.

Access control: 

Before investing in a video conferencing solution, an entrepreneur should put data management, security, and privacy first. They include HIPPA,GDPR, COPPA Compliance. You should get full control over access for your conferences, passwords, kicking controls and everything from breakout rooms and waiting rooms.

You should check whether the service provider is HIPPA, GDPR and COPPA compliant and also integrates two-way authentication for users.

Recording and transcription

Video meetings are swiftly fetching a crucial part of the everyday routine, therefore it is better to ensure that recording and transcription services are intact to convert the video and audio content into text. 

According to compliance standards, it’s vital for the video conferencing solutions to share and record content securely and safely with colleagues or auditors.

Dynamic visuals

The evolution of high-end video cameras and powerful connections such as 5G networks demands the solution to share more vivid, high-definition content over the web.

Therefore, the best video conferencing platforms must be compatible with WEBRTC and latency free visuals that offer access to a range of performance and conversational options. 

From HD to 4K video, the video streaming solution must support dynamic presentation features, incredible virtual backgrounds, and more.


Video Communication Real Time and Secured Chats

Key Aspects and questions to consider

Before opting for the best video conferencing platform, you need to carefully consider all your requirements and expectations. With the knowledge of the current trends, you must also think about foundational and essential elements such as

Video conferencing hardware

Will the platform work well with your video conferencing hardware or device? 

Are there dedicated hardware and room kits available if you want to upgrade your solution? 

For example, Microsoft has its own certified selection of tools and webcams for Microsoft Teams 

Ease of use

Look for a solution that can be easily implemented and brimmed with solid features added to it. It’s important to keep the employees at comfort while using the video conferencing solutions, to benefit from the investment. Therefore the adoption should be upfront and convenient with a plenty for documentation, videos and also aid the users to easily jump into action

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You must analyse how scalable the platform is. Can it be used for one-on-one video meetings, group announcements and presentations as well?

Can we use the same video solution for webinars and online learning experiences in the future?

Will the conferencing platform be used to host live online events?

UC alignment

 Video conferencing solutions need to align with your Unified Communication service, if you’re going to connect video calls to external parties.

So, Can you connect your current provider through your video technology?

How effortlessly will the two solutions align? 

Security Standards

Your video conferencing platform service provider should store data in the exact locations for sovereignty.

Will the platform keep your data encrypted? Are the video calls with remote and hybrid workers, shareholders, protected? Will the solution safeguard customer’s data?

Deciding the right video conferencing platform can seem like a challenge, but with CONTUS MirrorFly, we provide you with the right strategy where you can easily find the tools that are right for you.  Get started with CONTUS and build your own video conferencing solution with customised features now!

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