Personalized Experience That Powers Customer Engagement & Retention

Give more potential to your apps & websites with in-app chat experiences

Boost Engagement Where It Matters

With an in-app chat experience, grow your apps’ engagement rate and retention by keeping the users and audience with a personalized collaborating experience.

Encrypted Conversations Everywhere

Empower users, communities and brands to communicate over real-time chats under encrypted protocols & filters.

Deliver Around-the-clock Support

Power in-app chat experience to your customers anytime, anywhere & any device. Handle on-demand tickets, customer context, notifications & do more.

Manage Every Responses On-the-go

Keep your customers, users, communities in the loop within one dashboard. Track, analyze, and engage each conversation of different sectors for a better result.

Build Trust, Engagement & Solid Conversations

In-app chat tools built for every interactions between you & your customers from anywhere

In app messaging api for mobile apps

Supercharge In-app Conversations For Every Mediums

Easy to embed communication features for your apps to not let your customers and users leave the application for interactions.

Text Messaging

With MirrorFly’ video calling solution, connect users in a whole of about 5 participants or individual for a lively conversation on the go. Our video calling SDK for mobile & web serve beyond the possibilities to make secure & peer-to-peer video conference on Android, iOS & Websites.

Multiple Channels

Create unlimited groups and channels within your ecommerce apps, or any application to engage customers and give a personalized shopping experience.

Video Calling

From customer services to healthcare to community apps, connect users virtually with in app video chat APIs. Swipe between video and voice interactions.

Push Notifications

Ensure to keep customers and users aware of the alerts, discounts, and other discussions by sending real time notifications in multiple interactive mediums.

Live Streaming & Broadcasting

More than reaching users and customers over text messages, virtual interactions like streaming or broadcasting over channels creates more impact.

Multi-device Compatible

Your customers can interact with you from your own application available on iOS, Android devices, Web applications with auto-sync.

Offline Messages

With or without internet connectivity, your users and customers can reach you through offline messaging where the encryption stands in the row. You don’t need to worry about privacy.

Propel Better Communication Experience With Deliberated Analysis

Customize the way you want to oversee your support teams’ customers’ and users’ interactions in a single dashboard & more tools to create a better customer experience

Secure File Sharing

Share product images, videos, audio and anything that keeps your community and customers engaged. The media files are automatically rendered into a thumbnail.

Contextual Data

Discover the entire information like placed orders, subscriptions, etc, of users and customers within the chat screen. Experience border information of every conversation.


Analyze the behavior of your customers, users and audience through a deep understanding of their conversations, activities and more operations happening within your ios & android app.

Built-in Moderation Tools

Freeze channels, mute abusive users and content, do more to preserve your in app community platform. With filter tools, protect the integrity of your platforms.

white label in app messaging solution
secure in app messaging service

Enterprise Security Protocols Built To Protect Every In-app Conversations

You focus on providing service to your customers, our secure infrastructure protects every bit of information.

  • The chats between you and your customers are end-to-end encrypted.
  • 512-bit protocol encrypts & decrypts in-app chats securely.
  • Take control of the entire in-app chat service, you own it
  • Establish secure connection with SSL & AES 245-bit
  • Configured with signal protocol, OMEMO encryption, KDF chain for secure interactions
  • Compatible with COPAA, HIPAA, GDPR Policies.
  • Visit our security Page

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