MirrorFly Fosters In-app Engagement For A Leading Housing Society Management App

Published On December 9th, 2023 Product News & Updates

Backed up by strong conviction and zeal, our client embarked on their mission to transform real-time interactions in the gated communities.  Bearing in mind the existing challenges in this realm, they curated a security and community management app to streamline check-ins within these communities. 

This tech-enabled platform launched in 2016 now facilitates over 2 million+ check in requests across 3.5 million homes in 20+ major Indian cities.  In order to strengthen their fortress of security, they were on the lookout for in-app real-time possibilities that amplifies their entry authentication and peer interactions space.

Need for an improved in-app check-ins:

On the lines of enhanced security and community engagement, the client was keen on implementing certain altercations to their app 

  1. Replace externally integrated token authentication with a secure in-app verification practise.
  2. Ensure additional security with video preview of only the entrant.
  3. Facilitate secure interactions and collaboration within the community.

Navigating Troubled Waters of Security and Interactions

Our team of development and technical wizards assessed their requirements and proposed to them the possibility of integrating MirrorFly within their app.  With a vivid understanding of the client needs and tech requirements, our dev team set out to align all their needs under one roof for enhanced operations.

Joining The Tech Flow:

On the technology side of things, focus was laid on implementing an tech architecture that goes hand-in-hand with their current application. To begin with, our application is the result of the confluence of a rich and compatible technology base for enhanced functional capabilities. 

The strong tech stack combined with a modular API, SDK infrastructure has enabled limitless customizations and pushed boundaries of business collaborations across Android, iOS, web platforms.  Besides, the dedicated hosting options of our app guarantees data reliability for secure in-app interactions and verifications. 

The benefit of real-time communication adds up:

By integrating over 150+ real-time features, we have satiated our client’s real-time demands through instant messages, voice, video calls, preview, blocking and encrypted interactions. Their token-based validation systems are now traded off with our in-app chat, video and voice based verification practices for additional security and scrutiny. 

In view of security, we have enabled video preview of only the visitor prior to their gate validation to protect flatmates from unauthorized entries. We have also re-aligned our real-time chat facility to enable in-house interactions without disclosing their personal details for reinforced security.

Prioritizing Data Guarding Pays Off:

We offer the highest level of data confidentiality and security through 256 AES encryption, TLS, signal protocols, firewalls and standard compliances (HIPAA, COPAA, GDPR) This concrete security combined with in-app authentication and real-time collaboration comes handy in preventing unwarranted gate access and enables secure data exchange with utmost privacy. 

Impact of business alliance:

The unification of MirrorFly into our client’s application gratified their security and authentication requests through in-app integrations and immense real-time collaborations.  The in-demand customization efforts lent by our app has improved real-time walled community interactions, guarded unauthorized entries across all their gated communities. 

Ultimately, this association has rewarded our client with a real-time system that eliminates risk, promotes secure remote verification for long-lasting business relationships.

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