15 Best Team Chat Apps You Should Consider in 2024

Published On July 19th, 2024 Tech Talks

Team chat apps are emerging as the modern ‘work hubs’ to collaborate with colleagues, clients, stakeholders, and management right from wherever they are. As workplaces are becoming increasingly hybrid after the pandemic, it is no wonder that these tools are turning into the cornerstone of communication, especially in every scaling enterprise and MNCs that operate from different physical locations.

Apart from interaction, companies are also focusing on apps that can integrate other popular apps to optimize their workflows. As we felt this topic needed an elaborative discussion, we crafted all the details we know into this article.

So, let’s break down a few popular team chat apps on the market, and their unique selling propositions to find which one will deliver the best value to your business.

Our Best Picks as the Top 15 Team Chat Apps:

  1. Google Chat
  2. Troop Messenger
  3. Slack
  4. Microsoft Teams
  5. Discord
  6. Mattermost
  7. Element 
  8. Telegram
  9. Brosix
  10. Ryver
  11. Flock
  12. Twist
  13. Pumble
  14. ProofHub 
  15. Chanty 

What Are Team Communication Apps?

These days, people use dedicated communication tools at their workplace to converse with each other and get things done. This in fact, makes interactions happen professionally and at the same time, securely.

A few teams have to spend most of their time on meetings, get on calls with overseas clients, and collaborate on projects in real-time. Several organizations around the world have adopted a hybrid work culture where most of their work time is spent on virtual meetings, rather than commuting to workplaces or client locations, in-person.

Every such scenario requires team communication tools, which makes it all easy and simple to collaborate for professional work.

How Team Communication Apps Work?

Team communication apps run just with an internet connection. Any team member who has this app installed on their internet-enabled device can interact with other team members, collaborate with the team, and work on projects.

These apps come with a wide range of features like direct messaging (DM) for communicating with individuals, or group chats for focused discussion for a department or a project, video calls for face to face virtual interactions and webinars, and audio calls for verbal conversations.

Apart from these communication features, team communication apps also enable integration with CRM that takes care of project management and delivery management to keep team members on track with the project goals.

On the other hand, team communication apps also allow the addition of calendar apps and email clients to make daily operations easier. This way, team members need not juggle with multiple tools. Rather they can improve their overall work output with just one communication tool.

5 Main Types Of Team Chat Apps

Every business requires different operations and processes. Here are the different types of team communication apps that cater to different needs and purposes.

Direct/ Instant Messaging Apps: On these apps, team members can send and receive direct messages to each other and make video and voice calls.
Conferencing Apps: These apps can accommodate a large number of participants for face-to-face meetings, knowledge-sharing sessions and deal closing.
File Sharing Apps: Every organization involves a lot of documentation procedures and operations. These apps enable team members to send and receive documents, media, spreadsheets, presentations, and any form of files securely.
Project Management Apps: Team members can use these apps to collaborate with others on projects, converse about task progress, and delegate tasks to other team members.
Hybrid Apps: If teams need an app that combines the features of all the above-mentioned apps, they can go for hybrid apps and collaborate even more effectively.

These are the basic categories of team chat apps for everyday communication at workplaces. Now, it is important to evaluate what are the criteria you must look for when choosing a team communication app.

What Makes The Best Workplace Chat App?

Every company has a unique work culture and that is why each company requires different team chat apps for their needs. However, there are a few features that must be available in all the chat apps that are used for workplace communication

Streamlined Communication 

A good work chat app should give team members control over their conversations. It should let people pick which talks to join and offer different spaces for company-wide, team, and small-group communication. 

The app should keep conversations organized so they’re easy to follow. It should also let members tag others when they need someone’s attention. 

These features help team members save time by joining only the talks they need and finding the right place for work discussions.

Connect people with Video and Voice Calls: 

Sometimes, typing isn’t the best way to talk. That’s why great work chat apps should also let you make voice and video calls. This can make some chats easier and faster. 

These apps should also let you show your computer screen to others. This is really helpful when you’re working together on something and need to point things out. 

Having these options means you can choose the best way to communicate for each situation. It makes working together smoother, whether you’re in the same office or far apart.

Filter and find specific chats: 

A good work chat app should have a strong search tool. This helps team members find old conversations quickly. 

It can be truly annoying to repeat the same chat over and over, sometimes. To avoid this, team members can easily look up past chats and find what they need easily. Having this feature helps save time and keeps everyone on the same page. 

Easy to use:

A good team chat app should be simple to use. It lets you find and switch between chats quickly, looks clean, and isn’t confusing. On computers, you can use keyboard shortcuts to move around faster. 

On phones, you can swipe or tap to jump between chats. The app also has other quick ways to move between chat rooms. 

These features help you save time and make it easier to keep up with all your work conversations without getting lost or slowed down.

Effective collaboration tools: 

You should be able to share files by simply dragging and dropping them into the chat. When you paste a link, the app should show a preview of what’s in it. 

The app should also connect well with other work tools you use. Apps with such features help you share ideas and information fast, without needing to jump between different apps all the time.

How To Choose The Right Communication App For Your Business

Choosing the right communication app for your team is indeed important. 

you have multiple ways to choose a team communication app. 

Now here are some of the commonly available options when choosing a team chat app:

Popular apps like Slack or Teams:

  • Pros: Well-known, lots of features, work with many other tools
  • Cons: Might have more than you need, can be pricey for bigger teams

Custom app:

  • Pros: Made just for your needs, can be exactly what you want
  • Cons: Usually more expensive, takes time to build, might need ongoing support

Simply put, a big company might need all the features of Teams, while a small team might be happy with something simpler. Going with custom app development would be great if you have very specific needs that other apps don’t meet.

Now, here are some of the important criteria you must check for in a team communication app:

  1. Security: Make sure the app keeps your info safe and follows any rules your business needs to follow.
  2. Works with other tools: Pick an app that can easily connect with other software your team uses.
  3. Grow with your Business: Choose an app that can handle more people and new features as your company gets bigger.
  4. Easy to use: Look for an app that everyone can figure out quickly, no matter how good they are with technology.
  5. Can be customized: Find an app you can adjust to fit how your company works.
  6. Fits your team’s needs: Think about how big your team is and what your industry needs.
  7. Different ways to communicate: Check if the app lets you chat, have group talks, do video calls, and share your screen.
  8. Sharing and working together: See how easy it is to share files and work on them together.
  9. Finding specific conversations: Look for a good search tool to find past chats and files.
  10. Cost-effective: Compare prices to find an app that gives you what you need without costing too much. 

This criteria list can help you in finding the best team communication app. The best choice is the one that helps your team work together most effectively, fits your budget, and can grow with your company.

The Best Team Chat Apps: At A Glance

ProviderBest forStandout featuresPricing
Chat-powered workplaceExtensive features; streamlined designFree for unlimited users; paid from $8.75/user/month
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft 365 integrationDeep Office integration; video conferencingAvailable from $4/user/month
Community-building; gamingVoice channels; screen sharingNitro: $9.99/month
Google Chat
Google Workspace usersSeamless Google integrationFree with Google account; part of Workspace
Troop Messenger

Secure team communicationAudio/video calling; screen sharingPaid plans starting from $1/user/month
Self-hosted, secure messagingOpen-source; customizableCloud plan from $10/user/month
Decentralized, encrypted chatEnd-to-end encryption; interoperabilityHosting starts at €1/user/month
Fast, secure messagingLarge group chats; file sharingFree for personal use
Secure business chatScreen sharing; remote desktopStarts at $4/user/month
Task management integrationBuilt-in task managementStarts at $49/month
Small to medium businessesVideo conferencing; productivity toolsStarts at $4.5/user/month
Asynchronous communicationThread-based discussions$5/user/month
Budget-friendly team chatUnlimited message history in free planAvailable from $1.99/user/month
Project management & communicationTask management; Gantt chartsStarts at $45/month
Small teams; task managementTeambook organization; task managementFree up to 10 users

Why Does Your Business Need A Team Chat App?

As conversations start to take place among team members within chat apps, it spreads a sense of productivity, transparency, and trust. It naturally makes people comfortable sharing information across various departments and teams.

For example, let’s consider that your developers are connected to clients via a chat app.  Using the same app, your sales team can resolve queries of your customers. Aside,  the developers and sales team will also be able to make any internal discussion in the same medium.

Thereby your business can achieve immediate response to your clients and customers and an efficient workflow among different internal departments. Plus, having all the communication in the same place will make way for more creativity, idea sharing, and greater innovations.

What We Looked For To Choose The Top Team Chat Apps?

To make your analysis easier, we’ve identified the top factors that are the ‘must-haves’ of any effective team collaboration applications. We’ll quickly explain each one in greater detail below:

Usability : A good team chat app must make life easier, not difficult. The tool you choose must be easy to use – making your team proficient with the features within weeks or months. If not, it could add more complexity to the workflows.

Platform/ Device Compatibility : One primary characteristic of chat apps is their accessibility across devices. When a team member has to contact a colleague from any available device and platform (Android, iOS, or Web), the app must be capable of working on it. 

Organized Collaboration : Work apps are not just chat apps. They should enable functionalities that can bring meaningful collaboration within organizations. For example, a team member must be able to make audio calls to have small talk with a colleague, while choosing to make live video calls during an important meeting or a seminar. 

Scalability to Business Size: How big is your company? How many departments does it have? Every discussion within the app does not require all members of your organization to participate. It could be within departments or within specific members. Your app must be able to scale accordingly to the existing size of your business. Also, it must be capable of expanding to operate efficiently when your organization expands. 

Integration Capabilities: It’s not all about conversations – Companies are looking for smarter ways to make their workforces agile. Getting the apps to integrate with the other popular integrations and extensions has become a niche that most companies love. This makes processes more connected and project management more optimized.

Security and Privacy: Maybe the last in our mention – but this factor is a crucial element of companies partaking sensitive information across departments. When conversations or file sharing with confidential data occurs, the chat apps must guarantee safety and privacy with complete end-to-end encryption.

Top 15 Chat Apps For Your Teams

Thousands of Team chat apps are available in the market, but our recommendations will get your team where they need to be.

1. Google Chat

The easy-to-use communication solution for Google Workspace users

Best Team Chat Apps - Google chat
Intelligent and Secure Office Communications Provider

Google chat was launched in 2017 as Hangouts chat, initially as a communication tool for teams and business environments. The convenient and easy-to-use UI has made Google comfortably introduce the app to the general consumers, who in turn use the same tool in their work environments.

Why use Google Chat?

Chat is accessible across your Gmail inbox and it is completely free if your organization is using Google Workspace. 

Google Chat’s Highlight Feature

Integrations with Google’s ecosystem of apps helps employees experience a connected workflow

Google Chat’s Other Noteworthy Features
  • Video conferencing
  • In-line Topic Threading
  • Calendar event creation
  • Message pinning
  • Task assignment
  • Online presence indicators
  • Side-by-side document and chat view
App Requirements
  • Mobile –  Android and iOS
  • Desktop – Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Free with Google Workspace
  • Business Starter: $6 USD/month
  • Business Plus: $18 USD/month
  • Google Chat has a strong user base in the United States, India and Europe.
Use Case
  • Private and Enterprise Communication.

2. Troop Messenger

The most secure team communication app for sensitive conversations

Best Team Chat Apps - Troop Messenger
A Compact Office Chat Application with Amazing Privacy

As goes well with the name, Troop Messenger brings together a business’s entire troop or teams in a single platform. Whether one-to-one conversations, group video chats, or collaboration tools, every feature is beautifully designed to leverage excellent user experience. Additionally, this messenger allows you to share ideas, track work deliverables, and streamline productivity seamlessly.

Why use Troop Messenger?

Businesses of all forms and sizes highly use Troop Messenger for bringing out productive work outcomes and seamless office communication. Instead of relying on different tools for office work, Troop Messenger acts as a single hub for powerful team collaboration supporting real-time work conversations with its white-label solution.

Troop Messenger’s Highlight Feature

Troop Messenger’s Orange Member feature, also known as the guest user collaboration feature, is quite a hit in the collaboration market. It allows the admin to add noncompany members and set permissions on whom they can communicate within the chat app.

Troop Messenger’s Other Noteworthy Features
  •  Forkout
  •  Chat Area Filters
  •  Airtime Groups
  •  Live Tracking
  •  Network Status Indicator
  •  Voice-Video Messaging
  •  Application User Settings
  •  Google Drive Integration
  •  Wallpaper and Themes
  •  Image Slide Show
  •  Attachment Preview and more.
App Requirements
  • Mobile – Android and iOS
  • Desktop – Windows, Linux, and Mac OS
  • Web – Supports all web browsers
  • Premium: Experience all the features of the ‘Enterprise Plan’ for 7 days, after which, a price tag of $2.5/user/month is applicable.
  • Enterprise: Experience a ‘Free Plan’ for 7 days, after which, a price tag of $5/user/month is applicable.
  • Superior: $9/user/month.
  • Highly popular in India and is also used in different countries around the world.
Use Case
  • BFSI Sector, NGO, Shipping, Politics, Defense and Government.

3. Slack

The go-to app for integrating workplace tools and conversations

Best Team Chat Apps - Slack
Global Collaboration Hub for All Business

Slack is a pioneer in introducing chat apps for workplaces as an alternative to email communication. Over 12 million users are improving their day-to-day chat experiences with Slack and the number is undoubtedly increasing. It has ideal features for businesses that involve a large number of teams that has to communicate frequently.

Why use Slack?

Because 65 out of Fortune 100 companies trust Slack to forge work collaboration and productivity among their teams.

Slack’s Highlight Feature

Slack is a highly competitive Channel-based messaging system that helps teams plan their marketing campaigns, review job candidates, negotiate contracts, and more.

Slack’s Other Noteworthy Features
  • Real-time messaging
  • Audio & Video calling
  • Video Conferencing
  • Flexible Customization of features
  • Screen Sharing
  • Integrations for Productivity & Task management tools
  • Process Automation
App Requirements
  • Mobile –  Android and iOS
  • Desktop – Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Standard Plan: $6.67 per user/month
  • Plus Plan: $12.50 per user/month
  • Primarily serves the United States, Europe and other countries
Use Case
  • Enterprise, IT and software development, Sales and marketing and Customer support.

4. Microsoft Teams

The ultimate collaboration hub for Microsoft 365 users

Best Team Chat App-MS teams
Proprietary Business Communication Platform

MS Teams is a popular collaboration tool created by Microsoft as a part of its Office 365 products to make conversations at workplaces more convenient and centralized. It allows an abundance of third-party integrations and work-centric features, along with accessibility to Microsoft office products.

Why use Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft is one of the most preferred enterprise chat software for its standard and quality of collaboration features, products, and services all in one place. 

Microsoft Team’s Highlight Feature

Rolled out Microsoft Viva, an employee engagement platform, currently available with community interaction via Engage to boost interaction between team members to share insights and knowledge on their prospectives

Microsoft Team’s Other Noteworthy Features
  • Meetings & Seminars
  • Powerpoint Live
  • Built-in webinar tools
  • Shared Channels
  • Team Rooms
  • Whiteboard
  • App Integrations
App Requirements
  • Mobile –  Android and iOS
  • Desktop – Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Available as a standalone app for FREE
  • Microsoft Teams Essentials: ₹ 100.00 users/ month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic: ₹ 125.00 user/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard: ₹ 660.00 user/month
  • Microsoft Teams is widely used across the United States, Europe, and other countries.
Use Case
  • Enterprise, Online Education, Healthcare, and Government.

5. Discord

The most versatile platform for gaming communities and casual team chats

Team Chat Apps-discord
An Online Voice, Video, and Text communication platform

Discord was originally built for gamers to communicate with each other during an ongoing game. Over the years the tool expanded its territory to server business communications to make interactions quicker, easier and clearer. Like any other team chat app, it offers text messaging, voice, and video calls to render a more collaborative experience. 

Why use Discord?

Discord is the only best choice for enterprises that prefer discussion via voice calls over text messaging. It is an excellent communication tool to keep the tool running in the background 

Discord’s Highlight Feature

Low latency voice calling with crystal clear audio features

Discord’s Other Noteworthy Features
  • Screensharing
  • Slash Commands
  • Screen Reader
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Slash Commands
  • Find Your Friends
App Requirements
  • Mobile –  Android and iOS
  • Desktop – Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Free for all essential features
  • Nitro: $9.99/ month and $99.99/ year
  • Nitro Classic: $4.99/ month and $49.99/ year
  • Discord is widely used around the world but is predominantly used in gaming communities in the United States.
Use Case
  • Gaming and esports, Communities and social groups.

6. Mattermost

The customizable, open-source alternative for tech-savvy teams

Best Team Chat Apps - Mattermost
Flexible Workflow-centric Team Chat App

Mattermost is an open-source chat tool built with enterprise-centric features that work best for teams involving secure data transfer. The interface appears closer to Slack, with similar interactive features. It allows users to integrate third-party tools without compromising the app’s security. 

Why use Mattermost?

Mattermost is highly preferred by Enterprises that handle sensitive data transfer. For example, finance, hospitals, and law firms find Mattermost more secure for communication. 

Mattermost’s Highlight Feature

This communication software is built for enterprises that allow self-hosting. This means you can run the app on your own server and flexibly customize the features as per your needs. 

Mattermost’s Other Noteworthy Features
  • Chat/Messaging
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Audio Calls
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Access Controls/Permissions
App Requirements
  • Mobile –  Android and iOS
  • Desktop – Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Small Businesses: $3.25 per user/month
  • Enterprises: $8.50 per user/month
  • Mattermost is used around the world, but is most popular among the users in the United States, Europe and Asia.
Use Case
  • IT and software development, Healthcare, Finance and Banking.

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7. Element 

The chat platform for ultimate data privacy and control

Element is an open-source, decentralized chat application built on the Matrix protocol, focusing on privacy and security. It offers end-to-end encryption and allows users to host their own servers, giving them full control over their data.

Why use Element? 

Because it provides a secure, privacy-focused solution to team chat apps, suitable for individuals and organizations concerned about data sovereignty.

Element’s Highlight Feature 

End-to-end encryption and the ability to self-host, ensuring complete control over user data and communications.

Want to know more about the benefits you’ll achieve by self-hosting your team communication app?

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Element’s Other Noteworthy Features

  • Cross-platform synchronization
  • Group chats and channels
  • File sharing
  • Voice and video calls
  • Bridging to other chat networks
  • Custom bot integrations
  • Open-source and customizable

App Requirements

  • Mobile – Android and iOS
  • Desktop – Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Web-based client


  • Free for basic use
  • Pro Plan: Varies based on number of users and features (check website for current pricing)


  • Available worldwide, with a focus on privacy-conscious users in Europe and North America

Use Case

  • Government agencies, privacy-focused businesses, cybersecurity teams, and individual users concerned about data privacy

8. Telegram 

The user-friendly communication app for remote collaboration

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app known for its speed, security, and feature-rich environment. It has gained popularity for its large group capabilities and channel feature for broadcasting messages.

Why use Telegram? 

Because it offers a balance of speed, security, and functionality, with support for large groups of up to 200,000 members.

Telegram’s Highlight Feature 

Channels for broadcasting messages to unlimited audiences and secret chats with end-to-end encryption.

Telegram’s Other Noteworthy Features

  • Cloud-based messaging
  • Large file sharing (up to 2GB)
  • Self-destructing messages
  • Customizable bots
  • Stickers and GIFs
  • Voice and video calls
  • Multi-device sync

App Requirements

  • Mobile – Android and iOS
  • Desktop – Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Web-based client


  • Free for all users
  • Premium features available for a monthly subscription (check app for current pricing)


  • Available worldwide, with a strong user base in Eastern Europe, Middle East, and parts of Asia

Use Case

  • Personal communication, community building, content distribution, and small to medium-sized business teams

9. Brosix

The fast and feature-rich app for large group communications

Team Chat App
A Powerful and Easy-to-use Instant Messaging Platform

Brosix is an ideal team chat app that offers the best and most secure messaging platform for teams to share their work thoughts over an idea. Beyond the normal instant messaging feature, it gives its clients a completely private team network with top collaboration features. Adding to this, the presence of administrative features helps to easily manage users in a channel or a network. 

Why use Brosix?

This chat app works well to optimize work processes and increase team productivity with a private network. Further, Brosix is committed to never display any type of advertisement in the app. 

Brosix’s Highlight Feature

The security is unmatched in Brosix’s chat app as it uses P2P encryption on all communication mediums thereby creating a secure chat infrastructure. Yet another unique feature is the unlimited size of transferring files. 

Brosix’s Other Noteworthy Features
  • Instant Messaging & Online Chat Rooms
  • Audio and Video Calls
  • Broadcast Messages
  • Live Chat
  • Chat App Controls
  • Chat Room Controls
  • Activity Log
  • Web Control Panel
App Requirements

Mobile –  Android and iOS

Desktop – Windows and Mac, Web Client

  • Free: Free up to 3 users
  • Business: $4 per user per month and $5 per use/month if billed monthly.
  • Premium: $6 per user per month and $8 per use/month if billed monthly.
  • Brosix is used across different parts of the world but has a huge user base in Europe particularly in Germany and Switzerland.
Use Case
  • Healthcare, Fintech and Education.

10. Ryver

The enterprise-grade secure messaging solution for businesses

Best Team Chat App - Ryver
A Cloud-based Work Collaboration Solution

Ryver is a secure chat app whose interface is reminiscent of Slack (mostly what small-scale businesses call it as). It offers both team communication and project management features in a single chat platform. Here, conversations are categorized into Forums, Teams, and People. Under each is chat, Topics, and Tasks. Tasks are a stand out of this team chat app that lets users create, organize, and manage their daily tasks on the Kanban-style board. 

Why use Ryver?

Ryver has made team collaboration simple, easy, and affordable with its unique features. It aims to provide team communication and project management in a single app. 

Ryver’s Highlight Feature

Provides Single Sign-On (SSO) capability using an existing Google G-Suite or Okta thereby reducing the hurdles related to password reset requests. And, gives its users an option to create boards to manage teams and personal tasks. 

Ryver’s Other Noteworthy Features
  • Chat/Group Messaging
  • File Sharing
  • Conversation Searching
  • Audio & Video Calls
  • Automating Daily Process
  • News Streaming
  • Assigning & Tracking Tasks
App Requirements
  • Mobile –  Android and iOS
  • Desktop – Windows and Mac
  • Free trial for 14 days
  • Starter: Up to 12 users for $69/month
  • Standard: Up to 30 users for $129/month
  • Medium Pack: $4.67 per user
  • Has a wide user base in the United States, Europe, and Asia. 
Use Case
  • IT and software development, Sales and marketing, and Project management.

11. Flock

The all-in-one platform for team chat and task management

Best Team Chat App - Flock
A Real-time Messaging and Collaboration App for Teams

Founded in 2014, it is one of the best team messaging app with exquisite features like polls and note-taking. Though messaging features are common here, they give additional benefits like adding emojis and GIFs to chats and sharing files. It also lets you create Polls inside Channels. Polls come into action whenever decisions are to be made in the company; could be over a logo choice or while planning an event.  

Why use Flock?

The channels in Flock help streamline the team’s internal communication and decision-making. Managing and organizing all conversations in a single place can easily hit business objectives.

Flock’s Highlight Feature

Flock gets interested in the feature it offers to its users. This team chats app is the only of its kind to include a built-in ‘Note Taking App’. This feature helps teams to jot down important points and help them share with other members as well. 

Flock’s Other Noteworthy Features
  • Channel Messaging
  • Video Conferencing
  • Voice Notes
  • Integrated Search
  • File Sharing
  • Polls and To-dos
  • Reminders
  • User Permissions
  • Authentication and Data Retention
App Requirements
  • Mobile –  Android and iOS
  • Desktop – Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Starter: Free for teams with 1 to 20 members.
  • Enterprise: Connect with the sales team to get a quote.
  • Pro: $4.50 per user per month
  • The primary user base of Flock is in India as well as other countries around the world.
Use Case
  • Enterprise, Sales and marketing and IT and software development.

12. Twist

The comprehensive collaboration tool for growing businesses

Best Team Chat App - Twist
An Async Messaging App for Collaboration

Twist is a top chat messaging app that makes collaboration easy with the help of threads and channels. Using threads in conversations can help organize chats under specific categories (private or public), and make it easier to be looked upon in the future. This team chat app, unlike others that offer real-time communication, is into asynchronous communication. It works just like Emails where one can sight an inbox displaying what’s changed when offline. 

Why use Twist?

It is highly trusted by enterprises as it works well for balancing productivity from remote teams. Here, it gets easy to share ideas, and thoughts, and grasp knowledge on know-how through channels. 

Twist’s Highlight Feature

Usage of the ‘thread’ medium in the chat app helps to keep the information alive and organized. Adding to this context, the existence of channels within the app can group likewise ideas for further discussions. 

Twist’s Other Noteworthy Features
  • Existence of channels and threads.
  • Video and Audio Calls
  • Automated Report Generation
  • Gets notification on updates from GitHub.
  • Offers full control over notifications
App Requirements
  • Mobile –  Android, and iOS
  • Desktop – Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Free: Free trial up to a month.
  • Unlimited: $6 per user per month.
  • Majority of users are from the United States, Europe and Asia.
Use Case
  • IT and software development, Remote teams and distributed work.

13. Pumble

The budget-friendly team chat solution for small businesses

Best Team Chat App - Pumble
Free Business Comunication and Team Messaging Software

Considered to be an internal communication and collaboration software, Pumble alleviates the drawback of Email with real-time instant messaging. It keeps both internal and external conversations decluttered with ‘Threads’ and ‘Channels’. Further, to notify people about important info, feature can be of help. 

Why use Pumble?

Unlike the other team chat apps, Pumble is greatly liked by enterprises for its pricing and storage facilities. It lets you store links, files, and messages so that they can be accessed anytime in the future. 

Pumble’s Highlight Feature

The ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature in the chat app enhances the work productivity of employees thereby promoting healthy work balance. 

Pumble’s Other Noteworthy Features
  • Instant Messaging
  • Voice and Video Calls
  • Screen Sharing
  • File Sharing
  • Notifications
  • Search History
  • Channels and Threads
App Requirements
  • Mobile –  Android and iOS
  • Desktop – Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • It is a free team chat app. 
  • Primarily serves users in Russia and also other countries around the world.
Use Case
  • Enterprise, Education and Government.

14. ProofHub 

Feature-rich collaboration platform for Teams

Best Team Chat App - ProofHub
An Easy-to-use Project Management Software

Proofhub is a communication platform that brings effective collaboration among members of a team, seamlessly optimizing project management within an organization.  Proofhub’s software comes with in-built chat, making interaction within a business environment easy, secure, and confidential.

Why use ProofHub?

Proofhub will serve as a great platform for your business, if you are thinking about investing in one comprehensive collaboration solution, rather than multiple communication tools. It keeps your project communication simple, making it easy to manage teams and maintain productivity

ProofHub’s Highlight Feature

Discussions is a feature you must never miss out when using Proofhub.  This is a space where you can connect with like-minded individuals on a particular topic, discuss, argue, exchange notions, and make collaborations more engaging and useful at the same time. 

ProofHub’s Other Noteworthy Features
  • One-to-one chat
  • Group Chat
  • Gantt Charts
  • File Proofing
  • Kanban Boards
  • Access to APIs
  • Workflows
  • Detailed Activity Logs
  • RestrictionsOn IP Addresses
  • Trash Management
  • Priority support
App Requirements
  • Mobile: iOS and Android
  • Desktop: Windows
  • Do not charge per-user fee
  • Offers 14 day Free trial
  • Essential Plan:  $45/month 
  • Ultimate Control Plan: $85/month
  • Proofhub is popular among users in the United States, Europe and Asia.
Use Case
  • Project management, Marketing, Design and creative teams and Software development.

15. Chanty 

AI-Powered Team Collaboration Platform 

Chanty is a team chat app that incorporates AI to improve team productivity and communication. It offers a clean interface and a range of features designed to streamline teamwork.

Why use Chanty? 

Because it provides an all-in-one solution for team communication with AI-powered features to boost productivity.

Chanty’s Highlight Feature 

Teambook – a single hub for all shared files, links, tasks, and conversations, making information easily accessible.

Chanty’s Other Noteworthy Features

  • One-on-one and group messaging
  • Voice messages and audio calls
  • Video conferencing
  • Task management
  • File sharing and collaboration
  • Third-party integrations
  • AI-powered responses and suggestions

App Requirements

  • Mobile – Android and iOS
  • Desktop – Windows and Mac
  • Web-based client


  • Free Plan: Limited features for up to 10 team members
  • Business Plan: Full features 


  • Available worldwide, with a focus on small to medium-sized businesses

Use Case

  • Startups, small to medium-sized businesses, marketing teams, and project-based collaborations

Competitive Features that a Team Chat Needs

Modern-day communication implies that user expectations over a chat app have increased tremendously. So is with your team members, who expect the best of features to make their day-to-day conversations more effective and productive. Ultimately, the right chat features solve it all! 

Below is a list of features that you must look for within a Team chat when aspiring to implement effective workplace communication. 

  • Multimedia sharing lets users view and share images, videos & documents without leaving the app.
  • Offline messages help users within a team send/ receive messages even if the recipient is not online/ does not have access to the internet
  • Ready-to-use UI Modules let you create visually appealing interfaces for your app instantly
  • Push Notifications keep your team up-to-date on the events occurring across the work environment.
  • User presence indicators let a user get to know the availability of another team member.
  • Delivery and read receipts give users a confirmation if their messages have been delivered or read by the recipient team member to assure faster workflow.
  • Mute/Ban users allow users with authorization to mute or ban another user during meetings/ group conversations
  • Message Deletion lets users remove text messages they’ve sent during a conversation within the app.
  • Message Translation allows instantly translating messages from one language to hundreds of other languages as per user preferences.
  • History Search allows users to search for a particular word/ conversation from the entire chat threads.
  • Multi-Tenancy splits and organizes teams thereby users in different groups cannot interact with each other.
  • Hiring a dedicated development team supports you in the integration process and maintaining.

Final Thoughts

In our opinion – Each business differs from one other. Each work culture is unique. This being a fact, it might not be completely wise enough to expect an existing team-chat app like the ones mentioned in the article above, to fulfill all your team’s needs. This is because most apps are built based on a common protocol. 

Eventually, the lasting solution narrows down to one point – building an in-house team chat app. Although building an app from scratch might sound technologically complex, the option to integrate reliable chat APIs and SDKs into your business-specific app will fairly reduce all the complexities and help you successfully implement a team chat app. To help you build your own team chat apps, MirrorFly offers both cloud-based and self-hosted messaging solution. Like to know more about our chat API & feature-rich SDKs, talk to our expert team now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are Team Chat Apps?

A team chat app is also known as business chat software, Which is an instant messaging software that allows you to chat with team members in real-time. Team chat apps also provide benefits such as voice and video calls, push notifications, file sharing, presence and typing indicators, etc.

What are the Best Team Chat Apps for the Workplace?

Here are the best team chat apps for the workplace.
1. Slack
2. Google chat
3. Microsoft Teams
4. Troop messenger
5. Discord
6. Mattermost
7. Brosix
8. Ryver
9. Flock
10. Twist
11. Pumble
12. Proofhub

What Is An In-House Team Chat App ?

A Team Chat App is an instant messaging software developed within an organization with chat, voice and video calling features. It acts as a powerful tool for staff, management and customers to communicate and collaborate with each other, without having to rely on third-party chat solutions.

What Are The Essential Features Of In-House Team Chat App?

The core team chat app features that will make your app more user-friendly and functional are:
Private Chat: To directly message a coworker.
Group Chats: To connect with a group of co-workers instantly.
Audio and Video Calling: For seminars, webinars and client meets.
Cloud Collaboration: To share files and media resources.
End to End Encryption: To protect every confidential information and know-hows exchanged between team members

Does Mirrorfly API Provide Video Calling With A Chat Feature?

Yes, MirrorFly APIs allows you to integrate chat features into your app along with voice and video calling. You will be able to deliver crystal clear audio and video experiences to global users at ultra-low latency with average response time as low as 3 ms.

Does Microsoft Teams have a chat app?

Yes, Microsoft Teams offers team chat software with enriched features, such as push notifications, voice and video calls, team collaboration, file sharing, team meetings, calendar invites, emojis and GIFs, rich-text editing, chat threads, and more.

How can I create my own business messaging app?

Determine your requirements. Hire developers, Design UI and UX, Develop, test, and debug, deploy, and monitor. Instead of undergoing a year-consuming project, you can easily integrate MirrorFly’s group chat APIs in just 30 minutes.
Step 1: Sign up and complete registration.
Step 2: Get access to the messaging APIs.
Step 3: Get the Licence key.
Step 4: Easily integrate them with your preferred platforms.
Step 5: Start communicating with enriched chat features.


Vigneshwar is a seasoned digital marketer and blogger, extremely passionate about driving search engine visibility for websites. He thoroughly enjoys exploring emerging technologies and is currently honing his expertise in Chat APIs and their associated tech stacks.

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      Hello! The benefits of using a white label messaging SDK for building white label team chat service includes: personalizing chat features as per your business needs, showcasing your brand identity thereby strengthening app integrity, enriching customer experiences, and driving user engagement to team chat apps. Well, there are several other benefits of using a white label messenger solution, and so, we suggest you click on the link to get a detailed insight.

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      If you are a business that fosters remote work, then Teams is the ideal choice for you as it offers instant messaging, file sharing, video conferencing, and other management tools.
      Whereas, Google Chat is into offering basic chat features like messaging, and document sharing, and supports integration with the Google product suite thus making it a perfect option for organizations that use Google workspace products.
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