Why Should You Develop Your Chat App With Flutter?

Published On July 25th, 2024 Tech Talks

Here are 11 reasons why you need to create chat apps quickly with Flutter, a single codebase that offers consistency and speed for both iOS and Android.

Flutter is a great choice for developers looking to create real-time chat apps that are both cost-effective and easily accessible. In this article, we’ll focus on the strategic benefits of using Flutter to create beautiful & high-quality chat apps on your own.

We’ll also explore some real-world examples to understand the reasons why popular brands have used Flutter to build their app. 

Top 11 Benefits Of Using Flutter To Develop Your Chat App

Importance of flutter chat app

More than 10000 apps in the App Store/ Play Store have been built with Flutter. And the number is actively on the rise because of the several benefits that the technology offers. 

Let’s look into the top reasons why Flutter has become the go-to technology to build apps:

Benefit 1: Cross-platform Development

cross platform chat app
ParticularsReal-life examples
Real-time ExampleAlibaba App
Industry/Use CaseE-commerce
About the AppAlibaba is one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, offering a wide range of products and services. The app likely includes features such as product listings, shopping carts, and order management.
Flutter chat app development

How Flutter Impacts Cross-platform Development of Alibaba App

  • Flutter helps Alibaba make their app work on both iPhone and Android without doing the work twice.
  • This saves time and makes sure the app looks and works the same on different kinds of phones.
  • Alibaba’s developers can quickly change things and see how it looks right away, making their work faster and easier.

Benefit 2: Native Performance

native performance for chat system
ParticularsReal-life examples
Real-time ExampleReflectly App
Industry/Use CasePersonal Development, Journaling
About the AppReflectly is a journaling app that focuses on personal development. Users can log their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, fostering self-reflection and mindfulness.
Chat app development flutter

How Flutter Impacts Native Performance of Reflectly App

  • Reflectly uses Flutter to make sure its app runs smoothly on iPhones and Androids by using special code.
  • This makes sure the app feels fast and works well, giving people a good experience when they use it to write about their thoughts.
  • Flutter helps Reflectly make their app feel natural and quick, like it’s built just for your phone.

Benefit 3: Rich and Customizable UI

customizable chat app
ParticularsReal-life examples
Real-time ExampleGoogle Ads
Industry/Use CaseDigital Advertising
About the AppThe Google Ads app is likely designed for advertisers and marketers to manage and monitor their advertising campaigns on the Google Ads platform. It may include features for campaign creation, performance tracking, and analytics
Flutter chat app for ios

How Flutter Impacts Rich and Customizable UI of Google Ads App

  • Flutter allows Google Ads to create a fancy and changeable look for their app using a variety of building blocks.
  • This means they can design cool and interactive things that look the same on all phones.
  • With Flutter, Google Ads can make their app look nice and interesting, making it easy for people to use and understand.

Benefit 4: Hot Reload

hot reload communication platform
ParticularsReal-life examples
Real-time ExampleHamilton App
Industry/Use CaseEntertainment/Media
About the AppThe Hamilton app is associated with the musical theater industry, providing users with information, media, and possibly ticket purchasing options related to the Broadway musical Hamilton.
Chat app development for android

How Flutter Impacts Hot Reload Of Hamilton app

  • The Hamilton app uses Flutter’s special feature that lets developers quickly make and see changes in the app without stopping it.
  • This helps them try out new ideas fast and fix problems right away.
  • Flutter makes working on the Hamilton app like playing with building blocks, where you can change things and see the result immediately.

Benefit 5: Third-Party Integrations

flutter chat sever
ParticularsReal-life examples
Real-time ExampleXianyu App
Industry/Use CaseE-commerce, Marketplace
About the AppXianyu is a second-hand marketplace app, allowing users to buy and sell used items. It may include features such as product listings, chat for buyer-seller communication, and transaction management.
what is flutter developer

How Flutter Impacts Third-Party Integrations of Xianyu App

  • Xianyu uses Flutter to easily connect its app with other services, like Firebase, to add cool features.
  • This means they can make the app do things like send messages or show notifications without much trouble.
  • Flutter helps Xianyu add extra functions to their app by making it simple to connect with other helpful tools.
Looking to a Build A Chat App with Flutter?

Benefit 6: Accessibility

flutter chat app develop
ParticularsReal-life examples
Real-time ExampleBirch Finance
Industry/Use CasePersonal Finance
About the AppBirch Finance is a personal finance app that assists users in managing their expenses, tracking spending, and optimizing rewards from credit cards.
what is flutter app development

How Flutter Impacts Accessibility of Birch Finance

  • Birch Finance uses Flutter to make sure their app is easy to use for everyone, including people with different needs.
  • This helps them create a finance app that works well for a lot of people, no matter how they use their phones.
  • Flutter supports Birch Finance in making their app friendly and useful for everyone.

Benefit 7: Internationalization (i18n) Support

how to develop flutter chat system
ParticularsReal-life examples
Real-time ExampleOfflinePal
Industry/Use CaseTravel
About the AppOfflinePal is a travel app that helps users discover and navigate locations even when they are offline.
chat app development using flutter

How Flutter Impacts Internationalization (i18n) Support in Offline Pal app

  • OfflinePal uses Flutter to make its app work in different languages and places around the world.
  • This helps them reach more people by speaking their language and showing information in a way they understand.
  • Flutter helps OfflinePal become friends with people from many countries by making its app flexible and global.

Benefit 8: High-end Security

secure flutter chat development
ParticularsReal-life examples
Real-time ExampleCryptograph
Industry/Use CaseFinance/Cryptocurrency
About the AppCryptograph is a cryptocurrency tracking app that allows users to monitor real-time cryptocurrency prices, manage portfolios, and analyze market trends.
what is flutter development

How Flutter Impacts the Security of Cryptograph

  • Cryptograph uses Flutter to build a secure app by following good rules for writing safe code.
  • Flutter makes sure the app is strong against bad things happening, and it quickly uses new safety ideas from the community.
  • With Flutter, Cryptograph keeps its app safe and reliable for people who track cryptocurrency.

Benefit 9: Community Support

flutter chat for communities
ParticularsReal-life examples
Real-time ExampleHookle
Industry/Use CaseSocial Media/Marketing
About the AppHookle is a social media management app that helps users schedule and manage posts across multiple platforms.
what are the advantages of flutter

How Flutter Impacts Community Support of Hookle app:

  • Hookle uses Flutter because many people from around the world help each other build and improve apps with Flutter.
  • This means Hookle can ask questions, share ideas, and get help from a big group of friends.
  • Flutter brings many people together to make Hookle’s app better and helps them learn new things.

Benefit 10: Maintainability

how does flutter apps work
ParticularsReal-life examples
Real-time ExampleAppTree
Industry/Use CaseProductivity
About the AppAppTree is a productivity app that assists users in organizing and managing their applications on mobile devices.
why flutter is used

How Flutter Impacts Maintainability of AppTree app

  • AppTree uses Flutter to make its app easy to take care of by organizing the code in a smart way.
  • Flutter helps them build small parts that fit together, making it simple to fix problems and add new things.
  • With Flutter, AppTree keeps its app healthy and happy, so it can grow and change without getting messy.

Benefit 11: Streamlined User Authentication

high and secure chat
ParticularsReal-life examples
Real-time ExampleInvoice Ninja
Industry/Use CaseBusiness/Invoicing
About the AppInvoice Ninja provides a platform for businesses to create and manage invoices, track expenses, and facilitate online payments.
benefits of flutter

How Flutter Impacts  Streamlined User Authentication of Invoice Ninja

  • Invoice Ninja uses Flutter to make signing in to their app easy and secure for users.
  • Flutter helps them connect with other services smoothly, making sure users can log in without problems.
  • With Flutter, Invoice Ninja creates a simple and safe way for users to start using their app without any hassles.

How To Build Your Own Chat App With Flutter?

Well, we’ve covered all the reasons why most businesses nowadays use Flutter for building their apps. But, how to build a messaging app with Flutter?

There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Write code from scratch, which typically takes a few months. 
  2. Integrate chat in 10 mins using MirrorFly Flutter chat API

Why MirrorFly Flutter Chat SDK?

  • Customization: MirrorFly provides 100% customization options, allowing you to personalize the chat experience to your app’s unique requirements.
  • Security: Protect user data with End-to-end encryption protocols and industry-grade regulations including GDPR, HIPAA & OWASP.
  • Topic-based chat: Segregate the conversations on your messaging app based on specific topics/ interests.
  • White-label your app: Use your own logo and brand elements, although you build your app with MirrorFly Flutter chat API.

There’s more!

Above this, Integrating SDK In 10 mins, yes it is possible! Interesting right?

Let me explain the quick steps:

  1. Create an account with MirrorFly
  2. Download the Flutter chat SDK/ plugin
  3. Install the SDK
  4. Go live! 

Yes, it is as simple as that. Want the source-code? Access our plugin here
Note: You can get in touch with MirrorFly tech experts for 24/7 support with the Flutter SDKs. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I keep my Flutter chat app secure with MirrorFly?

There are 3 ways to secure your Flutter chat app with MirrorFly:
1. HTTPS: Make sure your application uses HTTPS to communicate with the MirrorFly servers in order to encrypt data while it is in transit.
2. Token-based Authentication: To make sure that only authorized individuals can use your chat service, you need to implement token-based authentication.
3. Data Encryption: MirrorFly protects your messaging app with End-to-end encryption using AES-128 and SSL.
4. Industry-grade Privacy Regulations: The Flutter chat APIs offered by MirrorFly are built to be compatible with regulations like GDPR, HIPAA & OWASP.

What are the best third-party packages for Flutter chat app development?

Popular packages for developing chat apps in Flutter include:
1. MirrorFly Flutter Chat SDK: The package consists of 150+ messaging features and 100+ UI elements.
2. Firebase Cloud Firestore: For user authentication and real-time database management.
3. Supplier: For government administration.
4. Dio: For sending requests over HTTP.
5. Socket.IO Client: A package to manage socket connections may be required if you’re developing a real-time chat app.

How can I handle user authentication in my Flutter chat app?

To handle user authentication in a Flutter chat app, use the firebase_auth package. Implement user sign-up, sign-in, and sign-out procedures.
Create an AuthService class, for example, with functions like signUpWithEmailAndPassword, signInWithEmailAndPassword, and signOut.
To safeguard user identities, use Firebase’s authentication providers, such as email/password or OAuth.

How do I implement push notifications in a Flutter chat app?

To implement push notifications in your Flutter chat app, you need to carry out the following steps:
1. Integrate Firebase: Add Firebase to your Flutter project and enable FCM.
2. Install Dependencies: Add firebase_messaging to your pubspec.yaml and run flutter pub get.
3. Handle Notifications: Initialize FirebaseMessaging and implement a message handler.
4. Test Notifications: Send test notifications from the Firebase console.
5. Update UI and Routing: Integrate notification handling in your UI for seamless user experience.

How to make a chat app on Flutter?

There are 2 ways to build a chat app using Flutter: Code from Scratch: Set up a Flutter project. Implement a backend (Firebase, Node.js, etc.) for user authentication and real-time message storage. Use packages like firebase_auth and cloud_firestore. Build a chat UI with Flutter widgets and manage state with Provider or Bloc.
Using MirrorFly Chat API: Create a Flutter project. Integrate the MirrorFly SDK following their documentation, typically involving authentication, message handling, and UI integration. Utilize their API for real-time chat functionality. This approach allows quick implementation without building a custom backend.

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      Sure, here’s a guide to getting started with Flutter for chat app development:

      • Setup Flutter: Install Flutter SDK and set up your development environment.
      • Learn Dart: Familiarize yourself with Dart programming language, Flutter’s primary language.
      • Explore Flutter Packages: Research chat-related packages like Firebase, Socket.io, or MQTT for backend connectivity.
      • Code and Test: Begin coding, experimenting with UI, integrating backend services, and testing your chat app iteratively.
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      Flutter enhances chat app UI by offering customizable widgets, facilitating dynamic UI updates, smooth animations, and consistent performance across platforms. Its widget library, hot reload feature, and rich UI components allow developers to create visually appealing, responsive, and interactive interfaces, elevating the overall user experience.

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