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In-app chat is an interface that has been designed to chat within an app or product, enabling the users to communicate in-person or in a group. The main purpose of these in-app chat features is to allow the messages to be sent between the users but some of the advanced chat features like user profiles, typing indicators, user lists, and push notifications, are used to enhance chat experience.

Usage of In-App Chat in Multiple Industries

  • Customer service chat in an E-shopping site : The customers can clarify their queries by having live chat with the service representatives.
  • In-game chats : The gamers can interact with other gamers directly and get the guidance and further clarity on their next move.
  • In-app chat to collaborate businesses : The team can connect and communicate with their fellow team members despite geographical location anytime.
  • Chat during any live streaming event : Now, the audience can watch the live event and have chat with other participants about the event in the group.

Why to Implement In-app chat for Mobile and web apps?

The instant popularity of in-built chat apps has opened its gateway to businesses, and have offered a variety of ways for businesses to engage with customers within the app via web, mobile or progressive web app. However, these in-app chats have also made room for innovation and improvement using the advanced features of chatbots, push notifications, etc., and made people not leave the app.

In-app Chat vs In-app Messaging - The Difference

Myth floating around in the mobile world - “In-app messaging and In-app chat are the same”

No! Not a true statement at all.

In-app chat refers to a two-way live conversation that the user can have within their app with a live person “customer representative.” This conversation is initiated by the users in need of support or help regarding an issue. Here, the information will be given by the representative in person to assist the user to work accordingly.

On the other hand, in-app messaging is a rich, visual notification that appears automatically as soon as the user asks the question. Here, all the messages are fed by the app developer into the system to appear at key points of interactivity depending upon the query raised by the user. The main concept of these in-app messaging is to nurture the users and provide them with the guidance through the app without keeping them on hold for longer.

In short, in-app chat is for real time connectivity whereas, in-app messaging is to improve user engagement for better growth.

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