What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is a technology that communicates with web applications and sites to obtain and exchange stream voice/video media data between the servers. The voice, video and generic data supported by WebRTCs can be easily integrated into any web and mobile-based application using intelligent network optimization and AI to provide unsurpassed quality with low latency.

Implementing WebRTC, allows the users to join voice or video calling sessions on a single click across any platform, any browser. It supports all coding languages like React Native, Node.js, PHP, Kotlin, Python, and much more. CONTUS MirrorFly built on WebRTC technology, benefits your video chat app with ultimate features like low-latency media relay, signaling, security, etc.

  • # Easy Configuration
  • # Browser Abstraction
  • # Quick Interaction
  • # Session Management / Signaling
  • # Audio Capture / Render
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  • Easy
  • Browser
  • Quick
  • Session
    Management / Signaling
  • Audio
    Capture / Render

Countless Benefits of WebRTC to Engage Your Audience

Enhance your video chat capabilities with WebRTC secure technology to build your interactive audience engagement

webrtc group video call
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Let’s Build Smart Connection using WebRTC

Build your full-fledged video chat app using WebRTC's video and voice SDKs and get privilege to:

  • # Avoid server-relayed media
  • # Reduces low latency
  • # Signaling negotiated for size & format
  • # Increase video/voice quality
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WebRTC-based Communication for Enterprise-grade

WebRTC introduced a wide range of connectivity, security, and control challenges for corporate IT planners. It’s session controller functionality is specially designed to accelerate WebRTC initiatives for better enterprise-grade quality for web and mobile-based communication.

CONTUS MirrorFly collaborates with WebRTC video call APIs to provide a highlights like:

  • # Scalable platform
  • # Global Security with reliability
  • # Interoperability
  • # Perfect bandwidth optimization
  • # Pricing model - pay-as-you-go, have to pay for what you use
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Video Codecs Supported by WebRTC

Three WebRTC video codec that are assisted by any browsers makers:

  • # VP8, supports temporal scalability
  • # H.264 AVC, Used by legacy video compression technology
  • # VP9, supports both temporal and spatial scalability

Build Webrtc Chat with Any Languages & Browsers

Deploy your very own, purpose-built video calling platform into your webrtc apps using any Programming languages.

webrtc video chat in browsers webrtc video chat in browsers
android webrtc video call android webrtc video call
webrtc group call in iOS webrtc group call in iOS
webrtc video call javascript webrtc video call javascript
websocket video chat websocket video chat
react native webrtc video call react native webrtc video call
webrtc video call in python webrtc video call in python
webrtc video call in angular webrtc video call in angular

Webrtc in Browsers

Supports for obtaining UsersMedia API interface to process WebRTC without the need of plugin.

Webrtc in Android

Provides peer to peer WebRTC communication between browser and android devices using signalling server.

Webrtc in iOS

Lets you build your own iOS app that can publish and play WebRTC broadcasts with a few lines of simple coding.

Webrtc in Javascript

Allows to transfer video/audio files, initialize and close interactions, reporting errors in connection, etc., in real time on the web.

Webrtc in Socket.io

Run the application on port and handle the Websockets messages used for signalling by creating a classic express server.

Webrtc in React Native

Establishes real-time communication over the web with modules that support making video calls.

Webrtc in Python

Makes your web apps to transmit video, audio and data streams between the client and server.

Webrtc in Angular

When transits to an SPA, allows the users to enter into the site and load the plugin once, making the user to call instantly with better performance.

One-Stop Solution for an Innovative Video Experience

The most advanced WebRTC standard protocols to engineer your platform and create the best video calling experience with no call drop-off.

WebRTC Multiparty Video App

WebRTC enables the fundamental web application with building blocks to have data exchange among browsers to create video chat apps. To build a multiparty video chat requires employing a peer to peer multiparty server to collaborate the participants with a limitation of 3-4 participants. WebRTC’s server-based solution enables better flexibility with scaling but still is complicated comparatively.

CONTUS MirrorFly employs a server-based multiparty architecture for routing the core. Our SDKs are prebuilt with WebRTC technology that allows you to directly make any call to be a multiparty call.

Cloud Based Peer-to-Peer Video Call

WebRTC's peer-to-peer video conferencing softwares with simple infrastructure provides many advantages. It's cloud-hosted solution enables you to route video calls to any off-site server and connect. CONTUS MirroFly with WebRTC technology provides instant, efficient and secure video/audio and messaging for peer-to-peer and group communication among the employees.

Our solution also allows the app users to communicate and share the files instantly with zero downtime and lag.

Video Call API Developer Resources

WebRTC technology - avoids the need of building something from scratch, integrating its voice and video calling APIs can build better performance for any web and mobile app.

CONTUS MirrorFly APIs and SDKs builds your in-class application instantly with developer center resources including sample codes, video API documentation, SDKs, for both voice and video. Our Solution enables you to track and monitor the performance and quality of any video calls in real-time with enterprises-grade level of tools and technology.

WebRTC Work Well Through Firewalls

WebRTC is highly compatible to work with firewalls and demands some network infrastructure to traverse firewalls and NATs. It relies on the TURN server to communicate, connect and negotiate among firewalls/NAT and TURN. WebRTC with TURN server delpoys at scale and provides localized connections to manage low latency.

CONTUS MirrorFly enables these core functionalities with automatic geolocation capabilities, and ensures that it automatically gets routed to the next nearby available server when the endpoint connects.

One Solution Limitless Industries to Build

Build a refined communication exploring the several ways of voice and video calling

Social Events Arrow Arrow

Social Events

Collaborate with your family members, employees, users or customers globally by integrating our expert services to your app with video chat capabilities.

  • Multi-channels Supports
  • Creating Communities
  • Broadcast Events
  • Express views with Emojis & Stickers
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Future of Work Arrow Arrow

Future of Work

Make a rich-video interaction with your candidates during a mass hiring event and identify the appropriate qualified candidate virtually.

  • Virtual Interaction
  • Video Recording
  • Multi-party
  • Document Sharing
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Online Studies Arrow Arrow

Online Studies

Enable teachers and students to stay engaged by making their conversation more focused and productive through virtual classrooms in real time.

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Video Call Recording
  • Screen Sharing
  • Online Tutoring
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Fitness with Experts Arrow Arrow

Fitness with Experts

Let people stay connected to track and monitor their complete fitness activities concerning workouts and diets using virtual video call.

  • Connect With Fitness Coach
  • Share Health Reports
  • Get Alerts and Notifications
  • Get Instant Consultation
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Doctor at Your Reach Arrow Arrow

Doctor at Your Reach

Allows doctor and patient to have direct face-to-face interaction for consultation with follow-ups on track using personalized notification, etc.

  • One-to-one Video Consultation
  • Share Medical Documents
  • Push Notification
  • Track Patient Health
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Gamers, the Creators Arrow Arrow

Gamers, the Creators

Keep your players engaged for longer by allowing them to chat and share gaming strategies among the community and increase their in-game session time.

  • Live Broadcasting
  • Video Conferencing
  • Across Multiple Channels
  • Share Expression With Stickers
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