How MirrorFly Keeps Front-Line Workers Engaged With In-App Communication?

Published On February 28th, 2023 Product News & Updates

Facilitating resilient infrastructure support and maintenance that improves the overall quality of business experience has been the prime focus for our pivotal client right from the offset.

The brand’s holistic service spectrum entails provisioning, monitoring, migration and management of reliable infrastructure services on the whole.

Besides, given their proven track record of providing successful communication offerings, keeping up with this lineage across platforms and their huge customer base became all the more challenging with easy passing day – that’s no small feat to achieve! 

And in order to sustainably cater services that maximize productivity of front line workers, enhance internal collaboration amongst teams, meant going the extra mile in the form of incorporating personalized conversational experiences on apps. 

The Challenge: Scaling Demands Of Better Real-Time Communication

Reliable and effective communication is key to enabling synchronization and bridging gaps across businesses.

In the context of our client who deals with high-profile customers on a daily basis, empowering their field workers with secure and scalable messaging experiences on applications was their main objective.

However, the process of creating an application that is customizable to add new features and equally user-friendly within their stipulated timelines indeed is no small task right now.

And having found no luck with their tried-and-tested third party development, they were seeking out for a tech partner, one that offers simple in-app solutions to complex problems, in their journey. 

That’s when MirrorFly stepped in!

Solution: Enriched Chat Experiences, Delivered At Scale

As a brand transitioning to the new-age communication demands of this digital era, they knew that building apps that enable better collaboration in the form of chat, voice, and live video calling interactions was the rational way forward. 

Considering all the factors in play like features, integration, platform support etc, the brand found MirrorFly to be a perfect fit for creating immersive conversational experiences in no time.

In-App Chat Suite That Makes Communication Easy!

The client’s infrastructure service, primarily, was supported by GSM call-based communication all throughout. 

The lack of instant messaging support and versatility within these aids prompted our client into the process of creating applications embedded with conversational features across web, Android and iOS platforms. 

In fact, the client wasn’t able to pull this off even with the help of several other leading third-party integration service providers, however MirrorFly’s internal teams did! (with utmost perfection) 

Ideally, the suite’s no-fuss voice, video & chat SDKs get the job done in seconds thanks to enhanced agility, robustness and low latency.

And by virtue of these secure in-app integrations, the company seamlessly deployed these fully-functional experiences via a cloud-hosted setup to

  1. Arm fieldworkers with contextual communication capabilities 
  2. Enhance collaboration amongst operation, admin and workers 
  3. Ensure in-sync operation of projects and deliverables

In short, with personalized & relevant messaging and calling features in place, they were able to better streamline process workflow and operations handling 50K+ concurrent users via chat, 2K users via calls for a smoother journey ahead. 

Active-Directory Integration For Seamless Onboarding 

Prior to getting started with a conversational app, they were reliant on a backend system to schedule field working sessions, project timelines, resource mapping and other updates.

Yet, this outdated system proved ineffective in enabling better synchronization across teams which was vital for business continuity.

In this case, our in-house experts along with other IT support teams came up with an ideal solution – active-directory integration.

As a result of this integration aided by our suite, the client seamlessly secured their backend system to their in-app messaging setup, enabling better synchronization of onboarding events & projects amongst front-line workers, project managers, administrators & operations heads. 

Shift Management To Ease Day-to-day Operations

The incorporation of voice, video and chat experiences within the client’s app have transformed their on duty management setup.

With real-time notifications setup on their apps, workers can conveniently delegate their ongoing itinerary to their peers at the end of the day without any delays or communication gaps.

Furthermore, cross-platform interaction is also enabled to help workers, project heads and teams exchange crucial information at all times. This comes handy especially in remote locations where network connectivity impacts productivity.

Result: Building Secure Connections With Powerful Messaging

Our client’s association with us started way back in 2019 and they haven’t looked back ever since. 

Certainly, the enriched messaging features embedded within apps helped the client to keep their closed-knit ecosystem of front-line workers, managers, and other team members, the ability to stay connected at all times. 

In essence, with MirrorFly as their technology partner, the client has leveled up their business with immense conversational capabilities and is looking forward to unlocking newer possibilities, no matter the venture.


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