Ranked🥇: 2024’s Best MultiStreaming Platforms for Creators!

Published On April 16th, 2024 Tech Talks

Multistreaming is a process of live streaming video content to different social media platforms simultaneously.

If you are looking forward to knowing about the top 10 multistreaming platforms, then you are at the right place.

Multistreaming is going live simultaneously on various platforms, and it’s changing the way streams work and expanding the brand. Top businesses are adopting it and evolving along with it. 

Across the globe, Growth of live streaming is phenomenal in every area. A report from blogging wizard states that 23 % of the total viewing time over the internet is occupied by live streaming.

With that being said, live streaming is evolving, and the ticket to taking your live streaming to the next level is multistreaming. For businesses, broadcasters, podcasters, and content creators who are more likely to expand their audience base, multistreaming is a gift.

In this article, let’s take a look at the top multi streaming platforms in 2024.

What Is Multistreaming?

Multistreaming is broadcasting a live video or pre-recorded video into multiple social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, at the same time from a single live streaming platform.

For instance, if you want to stream a live video on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram, you don’t need multiple devices or to face the trouble of logging into all these social media platforms. 

You can live stream them directly from a multi-streaming platform on all these platforms.

Top Reasons To Stream To Multiple Destinations

Live streaming a video is a direct way to reach the target audience, but multistreaming at multiple destinations will broaden your reach by setting foot in various locations.

When you connect at multiple locations, the benefits are huge, and some of the other major reasons for multistreaming are listed below:

1. Expansion with new audiences
2. Targeting multiple places at once
3. Identifying the new from old

1. Expansion with New Audiences

  • The multistreaming platform builds a new set of audiences by default. By live streaming in one single platform, businesses can only reach a specific group of audiences.
  • But if you multi-stream it on different social media platforms, the scope to increase the bandwidth of your audience increases gradually with each stream.

2. Targeting Multiple Places at Once

  • Live streaming through one platform will only reach a specific audience group. 
  • But multistreaming helps you connect with various platforms while targeting new areas and audiences.

3. Identifying the New from Old

  • Traditional live streaming will get you the existing set of viewers on one platform.
  • Whereas multistreaming exposes you to a new set of viewers from multiple platforms,.
  • Streamers can get to know on which platform your content works and where to target more.

Is Multistreaming Worth The Money?

Since the world is bound and interconnected by the internet, multistreaming has enormous benefits. 

There is no doubt that the time we live and the interconnection we have globally are over the social media platform. Whereas multistreaming interlinks them all, favoring even small-scale businesses and startups to express their products and brands. 

For example, if one of the social media platforms collapses through multistreaming, you can still connect with the viewers on other platforms using a multistreaming platform.

Why should you multistream?

Why not! Live streaming media content in different platforms involves different accounts and different procedures to follow, whereas multistreaming provides a simplified solution where one can market all on one platform, Multistreaming minimizes your workload, increases your viewership, reduces monetisation cut-downs, and creates branding awareness globally.

How to Choose the Best Multi Streaming Platform?

Choosing the right platform that suits your needs and makes your brand stand out from the crowd is a tough task. 

So here we have listed a few multistreaming platforms that are worth your investment.

1. OnTheFly

The Premium Multistreaming Platform

free multistreaming platform
Image Source: onthefly.stream

OnTheFly is the best multistreaming platform,  with features that boost live streaming across social media sites for businesses and content creators. Its premium live streaming solution supercharges your content by enhancing the quality of your broadcasting and video experience for a viewer. It also has recording, editing, and other top-notch features that support multistreaming to the maximum.

What are the Key Features of OnTheFly

OnTheFly has value-added  proficient features, find them below,

  • Simulcasting: Simultaneously broadcast live or pre-recorded videos
  • Branding: Establish your brand with add-on overlays and titles within the stream
  • Editing Suite: Post streaming trim and edit your videos professionally.
  • Studio-grade Recording: Record like a pro with the in-built recording tools to enhance the streaming experience
  • Interactive Chat Communications: Enable interactive chat and communicate in the most responsive way

Other Key Specifications 

You can also find the other prominent features that will increase and meet  your business and marketing needs.

  • Use CasesContent creators can conduct webinar, schedule meetings, make presentations and present seminars through the simulcasting feature.
  • Corporates – If you are fed up conducting back to back seminars, inductions, events and interviews with different sets of employees round the clock,  simulcasting is the best way to reduce the burden.
  • Security – SSO login is enabled to strongly protect your content from unauthorized entries.
  • Technology – It’s a web-based platform that’s hassle free to use in both pc and mobile devices via web making it user friendly and easily accessible 


  • Stream to multiple platforms 
  • Live recording and editing tools 
  • Overlay add-ons, headers, and background filters can be added to increase brand awareness
  • Invite multiple guests to host shows, meetings on multiple platforms


  • No in-house application. 

What is the Pricing Plan in OnTheFly?

OnTheFly offers two types of pricing plans.

  • A free trial plan- for a period of 21 days is available for beginners
  • Monthly and yearly subscription plans are  available for businesses and entrepreneurs 

And to know more about their pricing, you may need to contact their support team. 

Broadcast Your Live Video Content on Any Social Platform!

2. ReStream

Popular Multistreaming Platform

multi platform streaming
Image Source: restream.io

Restream is a multistreaming solution that connects and live streams over 30 social media platforms and supports content creators to reach more extensive viewership.

It has communication chat feature and customisable features in-built to it

Highlights of Restream

  • Space Sharing – Invite and share space with guests.
  • Stream Monitor Check the FPS, bitrate and frame speed.
  • In-built Studio – To engage and create powerful interactions.


  • Reasonable pricing plans with customizable paid plans 
  • Stream to multiple platforms
  • Group chat support 


  • Low storage volume for starter plans
  • Key features are supported only in entrepreneurship plans

Subscription Plan of Restream:

  • Packages start from $16/month.

3. Streamlabs

Renowned Multistreaming Platform

multistreaming service
Image Source: streamlabs.com

Streamlabs is a live streaming platform that also supports multistreaming, and it’s free with some basic features.

It has pro overlays, podcast edit suite and talk studio within the web browser.

Main Factors in Streamlabs

  • Podcast Editor Expand your podcast in different platforms by editing them into clips.
  • Video Editor Upload edit and trim the unwanted from the VOD online
  • Recording Record live and store them for future reference.
  • Custom Viewer TippingYour viewers can help you generate money by tipping.


  • Multistream to platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Trovo.
  • Webinar supporting chat 
  • Web-based multistreaming platform


  • Supports a lesser number of social platforms.

Monthly Pricing Of Streamlabs

  • Streamlabs multistreaming begins at $19/month.
  • Streamlabs highly supports content creators and know more check their website.

4. Flutin

multistreaming Software
Image Source: flutin.com

Flutin is a web-based Multistreaming platform that enables users to host their virtual live events and stream them to multiple profiles on different social media platforms without any hassle. With Flutin, you can simultaneously stream your virtual events to your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube,Twitch, Linkedin profiles and 30+ other destinations.

Main Features in Flutin

  1. Instagram Live – You can connect Instagram directly with Flutin with no support of third-party tools.
  2. CTA for Live Streams – You can add CTA to your live streams and generate leads.
  3. Free-Flow Studio – To freely resize, rotate and move elements on your live streams.


  • Multistream to platforms like Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitch and Youtube.
  • Simple to use
  • Free-flow studio to enhance your live streaming experience.
  • CTA for live streams


  • Unlimited Streaming is only available on Agency Plan


  • Monthly plans start from $15 and Lifetime Plans start from $99
  • For more details on Flutin multistreaming platform and pricing plans, check out their website

5. StreamYard

Simple To Use Multi Streaming Platform

stream live to multiple platforms
Image Source: streamyard.com

Streamyard is a professional platform that supports multistreaming in its high-pricing plans with all the top features.

You can also share your screen, invite guests, and show comments on screens.

Main Features in Streamyard

  1. Professional Studio – to build overlays, banners.
  2. Chat Functionality to communicate with the viewers.
  3. Recording – separate audio and video recording feature for quality stream.


  • Simple and direct 
  • No third-party streaming app.
  • Create your own banners, overlays, logos, and more branding options. 


  • Supports more than three platforms with higher pricing plans

Paid Plans Of Multi Streaming

  1. Paid plans start from $20/month.

6. OneStream Live

stream on multiple platforms
Image Source: onestream.live

OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming solution that streams pre-recorded videos or live video content on more than 45+ social platforms with more than 2 million+ multistreaming users.

Major Features of OneStream Live

  • RTMP Source – External RTMP encoders using OBS and Xsplit to go real-time live.
  • Hosted Live Pages – Stream from your own websites without external sources.
  • Monetization – Monetise your content with One stream as you live stream


  • Pre-recorded streaming
  • External RTMP Streaming
  • OneStream Studio to customize logos and backgrounds.
  • 24/7 customer support


High priced pro-plans

Monthly Charges For Onestream

  • The free trial is up to 20 streaming hours, and paid plans start at $10/month.

7. Wirecast

Powerful Broadcasting Platform

best multistreaming service
Image Source: telestream.net/wirecast

Wirecast is a live streaming and video production solution with multi stream support, enabling customizations to create powerful broadcasting.

 It is mainly used for high quality webcasts and professional streaming for businesses.

Wirecast live-streaming Aspects

  • Post-production – pro audio, camera control and overlays can be done.
  • Media Library – It has a stock library of more than 500,000 media files.
  • Compatibility – Compatible with both IOS and windows devices.


  • Professional broadcasting features. 
  • Unlimited inputs and outputs.
  • In-built encoding tools.


  • Since it’s a one-time purchase, the price is too high.
  • Doesn’t support some camera outputs.

Annual Fee For Wirecast

  • The ‘studio’ version comes at $599. The pro version is $799; the monthly package is $39 with a full-year contract.
  • Wirecast is for high-volume content that requires high performance, apart from the affordability they offer a quality service. 

8. Switchboard Live

Highly Secure Multistreaming Platform

how to stream to multiple platforms
Image Source: switchboard.live

Switchboard Live is another useful multistreaming platform that supports multiple social forums simultaneously to the extent of as many platforms as possible.

 It’s reliable, safe, secure and, transparent. 

Main Features of Switchboard Live

  • Auto Start Autostart live stream without any trouble
  • SRT Input Reduces lag during streaming
  • SchedulerPre schedule your live  stream in advance.


  • Stream to unlimited channels at the same time.
  • Supports RTMP
  • ‘Streamshare’ feature to increase your viewers.


  • High priced plans

Payment Options Of Switchboard

  • Monthly plans start at $29 for 1,500 minutes.

9. OBS Studios

Best Cross-Platform Application

streaming to multiple platforms obs
Image Source: obsproject.com

OBS is a free, cross-platform screencasting and streaming app. It is available for Windows, macOS, Linux distributions, and BSD.

This open-source software supports community plugins for multistreaming.

Important Features of OBS Studios

  • Multiple Media –  Allows inputs from multiple sources like webcam, camera, cards, etc
  • Audio Mixer –  VST plugin support to enhance audio quality
  • Settings – Tweak and configure streaming with multiple streaming settings


  • Free, open-source software
  • Supports recording
  • Customizable 


  • An additional plugin is required to multistream.

OBS Plan Cost

  • Free of cost
  • OBS is free and has more value-added features, check out the website and start a trial run.

10. Castr

Highly Customisable Platform

go live on multiple platforms
Image Source: castr.com

Castr is an efficient live-streaming platform that supports more than 30+ destinations simultaneously.

It also comes with platform toggling, Facebook streaming, and custom RTMP.


  • Cloud RecordingCastr provides huge cloud space to store the recorded videos
  • Custom RTMP Live stream media from other sources through Custom RTMP.


  • Live stream supported across 30+ destinations
  • 24/7 support for all plans
  •  No self brand promotions.


  • Customization of features comes with a high price tag.
  • The monthly plan is accessible only with a full-year subscription.

Castr Monthly Fee

  • Castr pricing plans come at $14.99/month, and the all-in-one plans begin from $50/month. 
  • You can find more information about Castr on their official website.

11. Boxcast

live stream to multiple platforms free
Image Source: boxcast.com

Boxcast is a stand-alone multistreaming platform that stands apart with unique features in the paid plans. 

It comes in both software and hardware solutions where you can stream from your iOS device, hardware encoders, or through an RTMP.


  • Automated Streaming – schedule events and go hands-free 
  • Encoder – Inbuilt encoder to support quality stream with HEVC
  • Pro Plans Subscription-based pro plans offers multiple tools


  • Rich chat analytics tool
  • HD streaming. 
  • Monetization plans
  • Scheduled streaming.


  • Expensive pricing plans for user-friendly features.
  • Limited free plan.

Free And Monthly Plans Of Boxcast

  • Pricing of Boxcast starts at $99/month with an initial free version.


From the above list of top live streaming platforms, it is evident that the next generation of events, shows, and communications are solidly going to be relying on multistreaming.

So the revolutionizing live streaming solution called multistreaming is the only stairway for video content creators to gain more audiences and to boost their brand identity with few external marketing resources.

The top tier in the business are getting benefited from it, and OnTheFly is one of the top multi-streaming platforms currently. If you want to know more about benefits OnTheFly offers and its key features, click here.

Broadcast on Any Social Platform & On Any Device!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Multistreaming worth it?

Yes, multistreaming is a great solution for content creators, marketers, and business people to generate more viewership, increase engagement, create a new stream of income, and build concrete brand awareness.

Can I multi stream for free?

Multistreaming is not completely free, although most of the top multistreaming platforms allow streamers to stream free for a particular period of time before subscription.

How do you use Multistreaming?

Follow these below steps to go live in multistreaming

  • Go for a powerful multistreaming platform with rich live streaming features (Ex: OnTheFly, Restream, StremYard)
  • Register and fill in the details
  • Set up your streaming settings( Resolution, connectivity etc)
  • Brand your content
  • Give the social platform links
  • Go live
What are the benefits of Multistreaming?

Multisteaming offers enormous benefits, and some of them are listed below:

  • Enhancement of viewership
  • Global reach
  • Multiple sources of income using monetization
  • Brand building
  • Reduction of cost
Can you multi stream on YouTube?

Yes, you can multiview your streaming content simultaneously on four different devices, and for that, you have to be a premium YouTube subscriber.

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