Top 10 Flutter Packages for Real-Time Communication

Published On May 6th, 2024 Tech Talks

Explore our hand-picked flutter packages for enabling real-time communication in your apps.

Real-time communication (RTC) is a key component in mobile app development since it lets you add communication features easily and quickly. From days of long-distance phone calls via landlines to the present era of video conferencing and instant messaging, RTC has played an important role in the evolution of online communication. 

When it comes to RTC, It can happen in 2 modes:

  1. Half-duplex 
  2. Full-duplex 

While full-duplex RTC allows for simultaneous data transfer in both ways, half-duplex RTC allows for data transmission in both directions but not simultaneously.

Now, you may ask which question is best for building RTC for your business. 

Evidently, the market for effective real-time communication packages has expanded as Flutter’s popularity as a cross-platform framework continues to grow. Yes, developers around the world consider Flutter as a reliable technology to improve their apps with highly interactive communication features.

In this article, we will look at the top 10 Flutter libraries that are used for real-time communication. With the wide range of features these libraries provide, Flutter developers can design dynamic and captivating apps easily.

Let’s take a look at the Flutter package list.

1. mirrorfly_plugin/mirrorfly.dart:


mirrorfly_plugin/mirrorfly.dart is a Dart plugin built to add in-app messaging capabilities to Flutter apps. The highlight of the mirrorfly-plugin is the ability to integrate chat features into any app in just 10 minutes. The plugin is also known for its reliability and scalability to expand its functionalities with the growing user base of an app.

mirrorfly_plugin tops the list of real-time communication packages due to its ease of use and smooth messaging capabilities. Above this, you can also avail of 24/7 tech support or hire a tech team to build your Flutter app end-to-end. 

What You Need To Know About MirrorFly Flutter Plugin?

Protocols & StandardsMirrorFly uses its proprietary protocols for real-time chat.
Data FormatsSupports JSON for structured data exchange.
SecurityImplements end-to-end encryption for secure messaging.
Error HandlingMirrorFly provides robust error handling mechanisms.
Communication TypeSupports both synchronous and asynchronous messaging.
Connection ManagementEfficiently manages connections for real-time chat.
Concurrency & ThreadingHandles threading for concurrent message processing.
CompatibilityCompatible with Flutter, providing cross-platform support.

Where can you find mirrorfly_plugin for Flutter?

Get >> mirrorfly_plugin

2. firebase_messaging:


firebase_messaging makes the integration of Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) easier. For iOS, Android, and web apps, FCM makes it possible to send push notifications, cloud messages, and data messages.

You can manage user interactions with notifications, process data payloads, and handle push notifications with this plugin. It enables real-time updates and alerts by enabling communication between the app and Firebase Cloud Messaging.

What You Need To Know About Firebase Messaging Package?

Protocols & StandardsUtilizes Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) protocols.
Data FormatsSupports various data formats for push notifications.
Error HandlingFirebase handles errors through its messaging service.
Communication TypeAsynchronous communication for push notifications.
Connection ManagementFirebase manages connections for reliable messaging.
Concurrency & ThreadingHandles threading internally for concurrent operations.
CompatibilityCompatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

3. socket_io_client:


socket_io_client is a Dart/ Flutter package that uses the Socket.IO protocol to enable WebSocket communication. It is perfect for real-time apps like gaming and chat because it allows bidirectional data sharing in real-time between Flutter apps and servers. 

The package makes it easier for developers to handle real-time events and data in their Flutter apps by simplifying the integration of WebSocket connections.

What You Need To Know About Client Package?

Protocols & StandardsImplements Socket.IO protocols for real-time communication.
Data FormatsUses JSON for data exchange.
SecurityUtilizes secure WebSocket connections.
Error HandlingSocket.IO provides error handling for communication issues.
Communication TypeAsynchronous communication for real-time events.
Connection ManagementManages persistent connections efficiently.
Concurrency & ThreadingSupports concurrent event handling.
CompatibilityCompatible with various server implementations.

4. agora_rtc_engine:


agora_rtc_engine helps you connect Agora Real-Time Communication Engine with your Flutter apps to add real-time audio and video communication features. 

This package helps you add capabilities that are highly scalable, low-latency, and supports the installation of video calls, phone conversations, and live broadcasting.

What You Need To Know About Agora RTC Engine Package?

Protocols & StandardsUtilizes Agora’s Real-Time Communication (RTC) protocols.
Data FormatsSupports audio and video data formats.
SecurityEmploys end-to-end encryption for secure real-time communication.
Error HandlingProvides comprehensive error handling during RTC sessions.
Communication TypeEnables synchronous communication for real-time audio and video.
Connection ManagementManages and optimizes connections for reliable RTC.
Concurrency & ThreadingSupports concurrent audio and video streams.
CompatibilityCross-platform compatibility for iOS, Android, and web applications.

5. twilio_programmable_chat:


twilio_programmable_chat is a Flutter package that lets you integrate the Twilio programmable chat service to your app. 

This package helps you build interactive and collaborative Flutter apps with ease by using real-time messaging features, such as group and one-on-one chat.

What You Need To Know About Twilio Programmable Chat Package?

Protocols & StandardsAdheres to Twilio Programmable Chat protocols.
Data FormatsUses JSON for exchanging chat-related data.
SecurityImplements robust security measures for chat communication.
Error HandlingTwilio provides extensive error handling for chat operations.
Communication TypeSupports both synchronous and asynchronous chat messaging.
Connection ManagementEfficiently manages connections for real-time chat.
Concurrency & ThreadingHandles threading for concurrent chat interactions.
CompatibilityCompatible with Flutter, providing cross-platform chat support.

6. mqtt_client:


mqtt_client is a Dart library that implements the MQTT protocol, making it easier for Flutter apps to implement reliable and lightweight communications. 

It is frequently used to link devices in low-bandwidth or high-latency networks, such as those found in the Internet of Things (IoT). You can create MQTT connections, publish and subscribe to topics, and manage incoming messages with the help of this package.

What You Need To Know About MQTT Client Package?

Protocols & StandardsAdheres to the MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) protocol.
Data FormatsTypically uses a lightweight binary format for efficient communication.
SecuritySupports security features through MQTT protocol specifications.
Error HandlingProvides error handling mechanisms for MQTT communication.
Communication TypeAsynchronous communication for lightweight and efficient messaging.
Connection ManagementManages MQTT connections for reliable message delivery.
Concurrency & ThreadingSupports concurrent handling of MQTT messages.
CompatibilityCross-platform compatibility with various MQTT broker implementations.

7. flutter_ble_lib:


flutter_ble_lib is a Flutter package that is built to support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), making it simple to communicate with BLE devices. 

It is especially helpful for Internet of Things apps. It is mostly used to find devices, connect to them, and share data with them without any hassle in Flutter projects.

What You Need To Know About Flutter Ble Package?

Protocols & StandardsImplements Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocols.
Data FormatsUtilizes BLE standard data formats for communication.
SecurityAdheres to BLE security specifications for secure communication.
Error HandlingProvides error handling for BLE operations and communication.
Communication TypeAsynchronous communication for BLE devices and services.
Connection ManagementManages BLE connections efficiently.
Concurrency & ThreadingSupports concurrent BLE operations.
CompatibilityCompatible with Flutter for cross-platform BLE integration.

8. flutter_blue:


flutter_blue simplifies Bluetooth interaction within Flutter applications, offering a convenient interface for utilizing Bluetooth peripherals and devices. You can easily integrate Bluetooth capabilities into your Flutter apps since it streamlines activities like device identification, connection management, and data sharing. 

This package is especially helpful for developing Bluetooth-enabled apps, including Internet of Things scenarios or projects that need smooth peripheral communication.

 What You Need To Know About Flutter Blue Package?

Protocols & StandardsAdheres to Bluetooth protocols for communication.
Data FormatsUtilizes standard Bluetooth data formats.
SecurityImplements Bluetooth security measures for secure communication.
Error HandlingProvides error handling for Bluetooth operations.
Communication TypeAsynchronous communication for Bluetooth devices and services.
Connection ManagementManages Bluetooth connections effectively.
Concurrency & ThreadingSupports concurrent Bluetooth operations.
CompatibilityCompatible with Flutter for cross-platform Bluetooth integration.

9. web_socket_channel:


web_socket_channel is a Dart package that makes WebSocket communication easier on Flutter apps. It makes it simple for Flutter developers to implement real-time bidirectional communication in their apps by offering an API for setting up and managing WebSocket connections.

What You Need To Know About Web Socket Channel Package?

Protocols & StandardsImplements WebSocket protocols for real-time communication.
Data FormatsSupports JSON and other data formats over WebSocket.
SecurityUtilizes secure WebSocket connections for data transmission.
Error HandlingProvides error handling for WebSocket communication.
Communication TypeAsynchronous communication for real-time events via WebSocket.
Connection ManagementEfficiently manages persistent WebSocket connections.
Concurrency & ThreadingSupports concurrent event handling over WebSocket.
CompatibilityCross-platform compatibility for WebSocket communication.

10. Web3:


web3 often refers to the decentralized third generation of web technologies. It particularly relates to the standards and protocols used in blockchain development for creating decentralized applications (DApps). 

Through the use of blockchain technology and decentralized ideas like smart contracts and peer-to-peer transactions, Web3 seeks to establish a more open and user-focused internet. 

Additionally, libraries with the name web3 in other languages exist, offering resources for communicating with Ethereum and other blockchain networks.

What You Need To Know About Web3 Package?

Protocols & StandardsAdheres to Ethereum protocols for blockchain interactions.
Data FormatsUtilizes JSON-RPC for communication with Ethereum nodes.
SecurityImplements security measures for blockchain transactions.
Error HandlingProvides error handling for web3 operations.
Communication TypeAsynchronous communication for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain.
Connection ManagementManages connections to Ethereum nodes for reliable transactions.
Concurrency & ThreadingSupports concurrent web3 operations.
CompatibilityCross-platform compatibility for interacting with Ethereum in Flutter.


In conclusion, when comparing the list of packages, I’d say that each of them has distinct purposes. Socket.IO excels in real-time bidirectional communication, while Web3 is specialized for decentralized applications and blockchain integration. 

However, for developers seeking to effortlessly add robust real-time messaging capabilities to Flutter apps, mirrorfly_plugin stands out. With its impressive in-app communication features and a quick integration process in just 10 minutes, mirrorfly_plugin proves to be a developer-friendly and feature-rich solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the packages in Flutter?

In the Flutter framework, packages are powerful and reusable bundles of code covering a wide array of features, helping developers to add special functionalities to their Flutter apps, without having to write the code from scratch.

What are third party packages in Flutter?

Flutter has an extensive set of third-party packages to improve the app’s functionality. Additionally, by integrating third-party packages into Flutter projects can promote code reusability and build unique features.

Are Flutter packages free?

Yes, most of the Flutter packages available on the are open-sourced and free to use. Plus, developers who create these packages share them in the community for free. However, before installing a package, it is required to check on the licensing terms as a few may impose usage restrictions.

What are WebSockets for real-time communication in Flutter?

WebSockets in Flutter is a communication protocol that provides a full-duplex, real-time interaction between the server and the Flutter app. Plus, with this protocol, developers can seamlessly implement live chats and other collaborative features into Flutter chat apps.

What is the difference between plugin and package?

A Flutter package is like a repository that contains Dart codes to add specific features to your app. Whereas plugins are subsets of packages that allows your Flutter app to interact with native codes or platform-specific features like camera, sensors, or GPS.

Which package is used for implementing FCM in a Flutter app?

Flutter’s Firebase Messaging package is used to implement FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) into a Flutter app. By using this package, developers can send and receive push notifications into their applications.


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