Amplified SDK Advancement – Get the Latest Upgrade to Seamless Communication App in a Strike! 

Published On June 12th, 2023 Engineering

Upgrading the feature potentialities along with its innovative aspects is undoubtedly the cue to improvise development team’s experiences especially while they encounter with in-app communication deployments with chat, voice or video calling experiences on various apps. 

While being the self-evaluative in-app chat provider, MirrorFly has expanded its feature set of their eminent SDKs across all mainstream platforms like Web, Android & iOS as well. This exigency demand has infused the scope of ensuring seamless integration experiences

Moreover, furnishing a complete in-app solution paired with unique features for frutified innovations can elevate the path of creating flexible conversational capabilities on any application regardless of thier business acumen. 

Get a glimpse on how the entire developer and entrepreneur circle can undividedly leverage from this latest app upgrade

Feature Revamp – Why to Include in the First Place? 

Definitely, the highly scalable and all-rounder application is inevitable for boosting in-app experiences through robust deployments amongst various industry niches. 

Comparing its pivotality, our internal teams have put their most valuable efforts at incorporating a handful of essential enhancements into our in-app solution in accordance to level up ease of use along with its performance degree at a length. 

Consequently, the wide array of enhancements added to the application provides a fortified structure for professional developers & large-scale businesses to reap high-node of value from a comprehensive communication experience all in a single go. 

What’s New in the Innovative App? 

There has been a set of holistic improvements in the application of MirrorFly which includes a rundown of superlative feature enhancements along with bug fixes. Some of these key factors sheds light on XMPP real-time messaging protocol which includes status methods to connect, reconnect & disconnect in SDK. 

Alongside, to decrease the number of code feed in many steps there has been an amalgamation of many frameworks into a single framework using CocoaPods. As a result, developers can make sure of a single code, instead.  

And to top it all, there has been a vital upgrade on IDE compatibility to a progressive version 14.1. In addition to that, the process of making new calls has been optimized further, aiming at superior call quality and unparalleled performance of the application. 

Apparently, the bundle of features added to the app ranges from the addition of user metadata to enhancing call quality & to mention users in a group chat, & more – Here’s a quick view of all-new features that are included within the app on all platforms: 


  • Inclusion of user metadata  
  • Addressing users in a group chat 
  • Improvising Call Quality 


  • Inclusion user metadata 
  • Addressing users in a group chat 
  • Backing up & Restoring chat in another device
  • Improvising Call Quality 


  • Backing up & Restoring chat in another device
  • Addressing users in a group chat 
  • Metadata support in the register & get user list functionalities

To have indepth knowledge on all feature enhancements, please look into our documentation

Going Along: 

In its entirety, the pack of communication capacities added to the in-app solution fosters feature-rich initiation of chat or calling experiences on customized apps on the move

In a nutshell, the meticulously engineered app in addition to the high-end infrastructure, irresistible features, backed up with geared up agility and rigid-fix security metrics attributes developer-friendly implementation of various interactive functionalities across industry niches. 

With this scrupulously engineered updates, we are aiming to headstart the initializations by virtue of including several streaks that bolster hassle-free deployment.

For more insights on the update, get on-going inspiration from our documentation and demo apps. 

  1. Android platform:
  2. iOS platform:
  3. Web: 
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