10+Best Live Streaming Platforms (Best 2024 Reviews)

Published On April 29th, 2024 Tech Talks

The moment you search the term “live stream” or “the best live streaming platform” on Google, a list of sites will pop up in your window.

But did you find the right platform that fulfills your streaming needs without needing to go through each and every site, If the answer is no, then you are at the right place to find that out. A compiled list of the top 10 live streaming platforms is listed with features, pros, and cons; read further to learn more.

What Is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is broadcasting a real-time event or a pre-recorded video through a streaming platform without any delay. It’s more like watching a live sports event or TV show over the internet. Concerts, gaming, presentations, and educational classes are some of the popular streaming events.

What Is A Live Streaming Platform?

Live streaming platforms are websites, software, or apps where one can broadcast live video content to online viewers. Streaming platforms are now enabled with AI to ease the task; read further to learn about them.

The Rise of Live Video Streaming for Business

Broadcasting in businesses is evolving in its own way to generate multitudes of revenue and viewership, especially when they opt for professional live streaming platforms. Multi streaming, on the other hand, made it easy for businesses to stream their products in various social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch etc.

Independent streamers and broadcasters don’t have any restrictions in terms of budget as it all falls under one roof, Customization and branding have become simple in just a click of few features. 

Countries like China are taking digital live streaming space to next level by utilizing it for live shopping and their turnover is huge.  Industries like gaming, edu-tech, live shopping and fitness are taking a stand on professional streaming solutions.

It is predicted that the future of many businesses are going to be live streaming and in the current state, most of the top businesses are utilizing them to the core.

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Live Streaming Platform?

There are few things to be considered when choosing a streaming platform; they are listed below:

  • Streaming platform
  • Tech features
  • Pricing
  • Marketing tools
  • Gadgets and internet connectivity
  • RTMP support
  • Cloud Storage
  • Video Recording Feature

What Are The Most Popular Live Streaming Platforms?

Here’s a list of 2024’s Best live streaming platforms in mobile & desktop, like OnTheFly, VPlayed, Gudsho, Kaltura, etc.

1. OnTheFly 

Best Suited For Content Creators

live stream solution

OnTheFly is a prominent live streaming platform with all streaming tools in one place. Its unique capabilities make it user-friendly for creators and business people.

It also comes with flexible pricing plans that suit the needs of the client and bring in more engagement when compared to its competitors.

In the live streaming industry, if there is one space to solve all your needs, then it is OnTheFly

Key Features of OnTheFly

  • Studio grade recording
  • Professional edit suite
  • URL embed feature
  • Online storage

Pros of OnTheFly

  • Branding logos and overlays
  • Marketing
  • Embed URL

Cons of OnTheFly

  • No mobile application

What Is The Pricing Plan Of OnTheFly?

To know about the pricing in detail, contact their support team at OnTheFly.stream.

Build Live Streams That Work For Any Use Case, Any industry

2. VPlayed

Stream Smart, Monetize Flawlessly

streaming solution

VPlayed stands out as one of the leading live streaming solutions, captivating users with an unmatched streaming experience. Committed to delivering top-tier content, VPlayed asserts its prominence in the competitive online video streaming market.

As users explore the top live streaming platforms for delivering content, VPlayed earns noteworthy recognition among others. Notably, when it comes to revenue generation, VPlayed presents diverse monetization options to content creators and business owners.

Key Features of VPlayed:

  • High-quality video streaming with minimal latency.
  • It comes with a number of revenue-generating options.
  • Effortless data migration without quality compromise
  • Uninterrupted playback experience using a HLS player

Pros of VPlayed:

  • A white-label video solution is available.
  • Creators enjoy in-depth analytical insights.
  • Scalable infrastructure for uninterrupted performance.

Cons of VPlayed:

One drawback is the absence of free trials.

What Is The Pricing Model of VPlayed

For a detailed pricing model, visit vplayed.com and connect with their sales team.


Online Video Platform for Brands and Businesses

Live Streaming Platforms

GUDSHO is a premium live streaming platform to host, stream, market, and monetize all your live videos online. Digital content creators, brands, podcasters, enterprises, and media companies can leverage live streaming to level up their reach and increase revenue. Its marketing tools, such as video analytics and email marketing, help you track user engagement behavior and promote your videos and channels, respectively.

Key Features of Gudsho:

  • Schedule & record live streams
  • Live with low-latency streaming
  • Convert Live to VOD
  • 5+ monetization models
  • Host digital webinars, workshops, podcasts, etc
  • Accept donations during live streams

Pros of Gudsho:

  • Start Live Streaming in seconds
  • Take your streams to 60+ countries
  • 100+ currencies accepted
  • Get Buffer-free streaming

Cons of Gudsho:

  • Need to contact Sales Team for Pricing

4. Kaltura

Most Sought Streaming Platform In New York

live stream solution

Kaltura  is a professional live streaming platform for conducting webinars, virtual online classes and online training.

Kaltura is one of the platforms with complete access to cloud and a video API integration, it also has AI tools to support marketing features.

It has video CMS with intuitive search options to support video access. 

Key Features of Kaltura

Pros of Kaltura

  • Full website view
  • Good for educational online streaming

Cons of Kaltura

Few trial for selective courses

What Is The Monthly Fee For Kaltura?

Free trial is available for Kaltura but for selective plans, by selecting the necessary plan monthly fee is determined.

5. Dacast

Europe’s Top Live Streaming Platform

free streaming

Dacast is a creator focused  live streaming platform that lets creators share videos of excellent quality with viewers all over the world.

It has video monetization options to help creators earn for their content and streaming security features that’s high end password protected.

Token security makes it even more secure.

Key Features of Dacast

  • Customizable HTML5 video player with paywall,
  • Powered by Premium Akamai CDN
  • Module for social streaming:
  • Comprehensive analytics

Pros of Dacast

  • Complete API access 

Cons of Dacast

  • Only USD and EUR accepted
  • High commission costs

What Is The Free- Trial Period of Dacast ?

14-day free trial period.

6. Vimeo Livestream

Highly Secure Live Streaming Platform In Us

live video platforms

Vimeo livestream is a secure and most interactive live streaming platform it supports custom branding, analytics tracking, and highly password-protected streams.

Even with limited bandwidth you can get the best streaming and ad-free viewing. 

Private streaming is provided by Vimeo making it more scalable and secure for business owners to safeguard important documents.

Key Features of Vimeo Livestream

  • High resolution Full HD 1080p
  • Ad-free streaming.
  • Multistreaming
  • Live polls, Q&A, audience chat
  • Brand overlays.

Pros of Vimeo

  • Wide customization options.
  • Storage facilities

Cons of Vimeo

  • Registration limitations. 

What Is The Trial Plan of Vimeo?

Free trial is available only for 7 days. 

7. JW Player

End-To-End Video Streaming Solution For Streaming And Monetisation 

host live streaming

JW Player is a monetization based HTML5 JW video player with MPEG-DASH playback, CSS skinning, DRM with adaptive live streaming for large scale businesses.

It also offers AVOD, SVOD & TVOD based monetization for creators to add a new source of income.

And when it comes to security, your content is safeguarded  with Studio DRM.

Key Features of JW Player

  • Multi-bitrate and adaptive streaming
  • Global content delivery, but the Great Firewall 
  • Video API access
  • Monetization-AVOD
  • Stream live events to web players, mobile apps, OTT apps, and social media platforms

Pros of JW Player

  • Simple and easy to use

Cons of JW Player

  • Basic security features
  • Only ad-based monetization
  • No China video delivery

What Are The Two JW Players Pricing Plans?

  • JW Player comes with 2 pricing plans
  • Video platform
  • Enterprise level

8. Streamyard

Set, Stream, gain and market

unlimited live streaming

Streamyard is a simple yet productive live streaming platform with less than 10 steps to start your first stream. It comes with unique features.

StreamYard On-Air is a space where you can host webinars and it allows you to brand with overlays, headers etc.

Key Features of Streamyard

  • Brand overlays
  • Marketing
  • Multistreaming

Pros of Streamyard

  • Simple
  • Low pricing

Cons of Streamyard

  • There are a few free versions available.

Does Streamyard have free plans?

Free and paid plans are available 


Streaming Engine with a unified streaming media server software

live streaming platform free

Wowza is a cloud based streaming service which is ideal for developers, event producers and people who are looking for streaming services with third-party integration.

Low-code integration is one of the major factors to choose JW player and it also has monetisation plans alongside to support creators.

Key Features of Wowza

Pros of Wowza

  • High- end security
  • Video Looping

Cons of Wowza

  • No Multistreaming, analytics 
  • Zero Monetization options

What Is The One Month Fee of Wowza?

One Month fee of streaming comes for 149$.

10. IBM Cloud Video

Best AI Based Live Streaming Platform

live stream online free

IBM is a cloud based enterprise level streaming solution, which has robust security and API integration. It also has AI capabilities to produce video highlights.

It offers mobile compatible video players and an AI driven video search, CDN,  and security rich solutions.

Key Features of IBM Cloud Video

  • AI-driven captioning
  • CDN distribution and End-to-end encryption 
  • Live polls feature

Pros of IBM Cloud Video

  • Compatible with smartphones and smart TVs
  • Highly Customizable pages
  • Live chat and Q&A section for engagement

Cons Of IBM Cloud Video

  • The UI is not so user-friendly.

What Is The Fee Structure Of Ibm Cloud?

Free trial comes for 30 days and pricing starts at $99 per month .

11. Brightcove

Highly Suitable For Large Scale Streamers

online broadcasting platform

Brightcove is best suited for large enterprises and it comes with cloud integration, the analytics and security features of brightcove are right on top.

It’s one of the most trusted streaming platforms with a high-speed video player and an insightful analytics integrated for business and data for constant improvement. 

Key Features of Brightcove

  • CDN services
  • Adaptive bitrate 
  • APIs and SDK integration
  • Geolocation

Pros of Brightcove

  • Analytics tool
  • Customization options. 
  • Enterprise-level security, with RTMP, end-end encryption

Cons of Brightcove

  • Limited options for small scale streamers and beginners in streaming

Does Brightcove Have Free Trial Plans?

  • No free trial plan is available for brightcove.
  • Make sure you understand your business needs and compare the features to find the right live streaming platform.

Wrapping Up:

Live streaming is a booming space, with feature-rich platforms taking advantage of the online viewership space, but the right provider will understand and customize according to the needs of a client. So take time and find out the best and our suggestion would be the top 3 platforms mentioned on the list above, to know more details about them, click here 

Make it Easy For Influencers or Content Creators To Go Live To Their Fans

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the top live streaming platform?

Based on this three criterias

  • Increased viewer engagement
  • Top live streaming features
  • Spot-on viewership analytics, OnTheFly stands at the top as the best live streaming platform.
Which platform is best for video streaming?

OnTheFly is the best streaming platform for videos as it comes with top-notch video CMS, video recording, editing and branding tools to ease the tasks of a video creator.

Is Livestream still free?

No, Live streaming is not completely free as it comes with multiple features to support your live streaming, it costs few bucks and investing on a top level live streaming platform will increase the reach of your content.

Although some platforms offer a trial period to understand the platform and its process.

How to do a livestream with OnTheFLy?
  • Simply Sign up and provide the necessary basic information.
  • Enter the studio and present the data of your social media accounts and content material.
  • Put your stuff like logos, banners to brand your business/ content and now you are all set to launch your live stream.

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