12 Popular Gaming Chat Apps to Bring Gamers Together Worldwide

best chat app for gaming

Do you know that there’s a fun way to increase your physical, cognitive and social skills at the same time? Gear up! the best chat apps for gaming listed in this article is about to stimulate your thinking skills and spirits high!

Where the COVID pandemic lockdown has made everybody’s lives stagnant, it’s the gaming apps that have sparked the lives of millennials globally. 

Yes! Gaming, the Booming Industry of the era, has acquired an undeniable growth during this period with the usage of real-time video gaming APIs and SDKs.

According to statistical data in 2020 the gaming industries have been valued at USD 173.70 billion, and expected to be valued at USD 314.40 billion by 2026, which has certainly turned the attention of all the other global industries.

Anyhow, the above ratio has grabbed a lot of attention with the developers eyes on it.

Thus, I have posted this post to know more about this world of gaming chat apps. So, let’s start over!

The 3 Categories of Gaming Chat App that Speaks

When it comes to video games, there are many types of games available to play in the market, some can be played on computers, smartphones, consoles, and some on tablets, all depending upon the games and their targeted set of audiences. 

To be more specific about categorizing these games. They can be specified into three categories

Real-Time Chat Apps and Services With Inbuilt Game Playing Option

To retain these audiences these social media apps have created a set of in-built games like Facebook live games, Houseparty games, etc., wherein their users can play and interact with other fellow users within the community and stay for longer.

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2) Absolute Gaming Apps With Chat Option While Playing Games

Gaming apps under this category can be played only if they were directly downloaded from Google play stores in the case of android users, whereas, for iOS users they need to approach the Apps store.

Here in-order to retain their audiences, these real-time chat app for gaming and their development companies have launched these gaming apps which are particularly meant to play and chat. This includes PUBG, Fortnite, etc., wherein these gaming apps are built with live voice chat features, to add up more fun and entertainment for the gamers with better gamer engagement.

3) Exclusive Gaming Communities to Play, Discuss, & Learn (A Complete Package) 

The gaming community is meant for dedicated gamers where the gamers can build their global gaming network and get more in tuned with both the gaming industry as well as with the specific gaming segments and related issues. 

These discussion threads focus on reviewing games, news or guides for every gaming topic, and also help you improve your gaming ability allowing you to learn from other gamers by picking up their tips and tricks. 

Gaming communities retain their gamers by offering a list of exciting online video games that the gamers can dive in and play anytime during the discussion including Discord, Twitch, etc.

Since, the above categories have given a great idea about these games and their communities, let’s have some more detailed discussion about the variety of games.

As of today, the market has introduced so many video gaming apps but among them only a few are mostly loved by the users for a variety of reasons – the type of app, player’s preference, the revenue model, the engagement tactics, and much more. 12 Top Most Gaming Apps in 2022

Therefore, Let’s have a look at some of these apps,

12 Best Gaming Apps Comes With In-built Chat Functionalities [2022]

Real-Time Chat Apps and Services With In-built Game Playing Option

#1. Houseparty Video Gaming App

best gaming chat app
HouseParty Video Gaming App

Houseparty is the video calling game app that was released in 2016, but later in 2019 it was acquired by Epic Games, which in further run collaborated with Fortnite in November 2020, and launched the portal allowing the players to see each other during the multiplayer gaming sessions. 

Houseparty has obtained more of global popularity at the start of the coronavirus pandemic but in March 2020, its reputation has been shaken due to some false rumours. But, still was able to make a minimal revenue of $1,55,000 in March 2020 alone.

Interesting Features

  • Free for users globally in the beginning level.
  • Available for in-app purchases.
  • Some games in this gaming platform are free for the first three attempts, and after that will be charged at minimal cost of $0.99 per game.

#2. Facebook Gaming Chat App

best gaming messaging app
Facebook Gaming Chat App

Facebook gaming app was launched in 2018 by Facebook. In the beginning it has been started as an independent hub “FB.gg, which has given Facebook Live streamers a landing page to find streams and start a live stream. 

It is a dedicated game streaming hub that has been later moved into the video game streaming world just like Amazon’s Twitch and YouTube’s Gaming.

Interesting Features

  • Provides an incredible and amazing network and reach
  • The online game and chat rooms has been designed and set within Facebook’s networking set up.
  • Enables live streaming access to users for their gaming contents to build a voice chat app games.
  • Go Live feature that allows the users to upload their live videos directly from their devices.

Absolute Gaming Apps With Chat Option While Playing Games

#3. Free Fire Gaming App

best gaming chat platform
Free Fire Gaming App

Free Fire is a battle royale game exclusively built for mobile platforms that was released initially in 2017, but has obtained a global reach in 2019, by being downloaded by most of the gamers. According to the statistics, Garena’s Free Fire is one the second most downloaded gaming app in 2019 after PUBG chat app, which is with over 250 million downloads. 

Moreover, Free Fire seems to be like a free online game, but it is not. And also it is considered to be another avatar of the banned PUBG ingame chat app when it comes to the shooting and other exciting and interactive features.

Interesting Features

#4. Call of Duty (COD) Gaming App

  • It is available at two kinds of subscription – weekly and monthly.
  • It provides the all-time best chat features – where the gamers can interact with other gamers while playing the game.
  • Players can top-up their in-game currency using their weekly pack
  • The players can utilize their in-game currency to buy skins, tools and enhance their gaming experience.
best gaming app
Call of Duty (COD) Gaming App

Call of Duty is a free video game chat software that was launched in 2003 by Infinity Ward with the first-person shooter designed for iOS and Android. It was based on World War II, almost like a game that is meant to fill the gap that has been left by the banned PUBG.

COD has been recognized as the best free voice chat games among all other games around the world. As per a report in 2020, it had over 250 million downloads and made a revenue of around $327 millions.

Interesting Features 

  • It is based on a freemium business model
  • Available with many levels of premium Battle pass such as Fortnite – 800 COD points, etc.
  • Its COD points can be considered to buy a loot pass too

#5. TeamSpeak 3 Gaming Voice Chat App

group chat apps
TeamSpeak 3 Gaming Chat App

TeamSpeak 3 is an advanced voice chat and communication app that was developed in 2004 and later the advanced version was released in October 2019. It is meant for the group of people to interact and share documents and information across multiple channels using the internet or any other private network.

TeamSpeak 3 has obtained some of the unique features of voice chat that includes voice detection modes – automatic, volume gate, and hybrid. It has an amazing volume gate controller you can use a slider to tweak all its thresholds to have a track of everything. Its other advanced hybrid features implements both automatic and volume gate voice activity detection mode which performs the high end features of detection with security measures.

Interesting Features 

  • Quick to perform file transfer
  • Provides various permission controls
  • High-end AES encryption throughout the data
  • Offline/LAN functionality
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#6. Mumble Gaming Chat App

best gaming communication apps
Mumble Gaming Chat App

Mumble is a free open source voice over IP platform highly meant for gaming. It is well known for being the finest and highly tuned one that every gamer must get an urge to go for. It’s somewhat similar to the TeamSpeak 3 gaming app. It uses a client-server architecture which tends to be highly protective over it’s user’s data across the server. Mumble also provides support with low latency audio streaming with minimum lag during conversation. 

Its supportive positional sound is so effective as it provides the gaming with the most realistic presence accompanying immersive touch. Besides exciting features, Mumble offers its players to use “Ice” middleware option, to get more additional features in their Mumble servers that includes web interface, authenticators, channel viewers, etc.

Interesting Features

  • Provides the server admin with various permissions
  • Supportive to positional audio
  • It’s an open source platform
  • End-to-end encryption

#7. Fortnite Gaming Chat App

gaming video chat app
Fortnite Gaming Chat App

Fortnite is a multi-gaming platform just like PUBG where the gamers challenge the battle, building and surviving against 100 players at once. It is considered to be the best online game that comes with microphone chat. It is the perfect app for gamers that allows the gamers to get partnered with friends to play together. 

Just like other top games, Fortnite lets their users play the game for free – but do ask for money to create a fortnite experience, the more amazing one using the strategies of in-app purchase, battle pass, and in-game currency.

Interesting Features

  • Updates and timed events are intimated to the players to keep the game get going
  • It’s free-to-play structure with light-hearted graphics is highly appealing for players
  • Highly secured app with end-to-end encryption

8. Blizzard Battle.net Gaming Chat App

gaming community chat
Blizzard Battle.net Gaming Chat App

Blizzard Battle.net is an internet-based online gaming platform that’s pared-down version of Blizzard entertainment. It is the platform where the players can install and get into the games with voice chat, text messages and live streaming for iOS and Android. Moreover, the mobile format here is very valuable to a social environment where the gamers can have their gaming profiles and strategy aligned to stay connected with other players. 

It facilitates offline chat messaging feature where the offline players can read any messages that they might have missed when online. They permit group chats with multiple text, voice chat channels, with an additional option to have a track on with detailed chat history.

Interesting Features

  • Get the notification for messages, download status as well as the new games start
  • Improved navigation and classic layout – that can be arranged and accessed with ease
  • Revamped social pane where everybody can have a catch on with each game tab
  • High-end accessibility improvements – most of the app will have the added ability to navigate via keyboard, with more on screen reader support and improved color contrast

Exclusive Gaming Communities to Play, Discuss, & Learn

#9. Twitch Video Gaming App

gaming video chat
Twitch Video Gaming App

Twitch is one of the best live streaming platforms that was launched in 2011. From then, it has grabbed the attention of millions of users, with a total of around 3.8 million utmost broadcasters in 2020.

It provides an easy interface with the capability to stream their activity allowing them to watch in real-time. According to a survey in 2019, Twitch has made a revenue of around $1.54 billion. 

Interesting features 

  • It’s free membership plan provides access – content, chat, and broadcast gameplay, to bring in more subscribers
  • Allows their subscribers to watch gamers play games as per their choice 
  • Allows their gamers to have live chat, broadcast gaming content and earn money

#10. Discord Gaming App (Real-time Chat, Voice and Video)

best video game chat room
Discord Gaming App

Discord is a popular group-chatting app launched in 2015 by Discord Inc., which was mainly built for gamers to build their gaming community and talk. It provides it’s video chat app with voice, video and text-enabled features to connect their gamers at livestream to play games in real-time. 

It is a free game chat software with over 87 million users, and is moving forward to reach the top most position among the $1.7 billion voice chat app market.

Interesting Features

  • It allows the users to access add-ons like custom emojis, HD screen shares, personalized avatars of emojis, etc.
  • It has been valued at around $700 million
  • Discord is splitted into servers, each of which will have its own members, rules, topics, and channels

#11. Band Gaming Chat App

best gaming chatting app
Band Gaming Chat App

Band is an up-and-coming app with a group chat tool that enables the gamers to stay connected with smart play. In simple words, a free secure group chat app development similar to Discord where the  gaming group is organized on both desktop and mobile. Band allows the users to create chat groups, invite friends and enjoy the exciting features of integrated calendar to plan game nights. 

Whether you want to make group voice calls and upload video clips or memes, everything is simple with the band. Its robust advanced features includes live streaming, file sharing, special privacy settings for users with custom profiles and much more for the gamers to enjoy.

Interesting Features

  • Have quick group call with remote teams and share files
  • Plan your activities and food options using poll
  • Easy to use group calendar to plan all events
  • Use multiple chat rooms to find groups, manage recruitment and share strategies

#12. Guilded Gaming Chat App

online gaming chat app
Guilded Gaming Chat App

Guilded is one of the up-and-coming free gaming chat apps for gaming with friends, guilds, communities and teams. It offers a free upgrade of the group chat with an equipped server through integration of event calendars, forum and more. 

Its amazing features of voice chat, broadcasting (streaming), video chat and threaded conversations provides a comfortable environment for community-minded gamers to play. Guilded is a bit smaller of an operation, of course a downside – might get to have occasional bugs and lags. 

Interesting Features

  • Always be on-time with calendar events and scheduling
  • Stay organized with documents, media files and announcements
  • Manage recruitment app and forms
  • Threads to keep conversations upto date on-point

Well after a deep dive into the gaming world, Now let’s have some understanding about the in-app game chats – the foremost part of the post you must be aware of before building your video chat game app.

Wrapping Up

I hope this article would have given you much clarity about the video gaming apps and of course, its reach among the current generation. However, all this is because of the hidden key reason behind its success – the in-app chat integrations

Anyhow, this is one among the reasons for most of the developers to look upon to build their own video gaming app. 

So, now if you are interested in pulling up more revenue with these in-app chat platforms then I suggest you to go for building your own video gaming app by approaching the market’s best video game chat app providers, and spread your reach across the world.

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