Is WhatsApp really Safe for Enterprise Business ? Get to Know more about on WhatsApp New Privacy & Policy

whatsapp new privacy and policy update

WhatsApp! The social messaging application that has been taken over by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion is recognized to be one of the fastest growing communication app with amazing user friendly traits. Wherein now by the end of 2020, this statistics of WhatsApp has grown up to over 2 billion users

Well, in the beginning this app was introduced worldwide as a personal messaging app but later people started using it for their business needs. Although WhatsApp keeps us connected to our friends and family with great communication, there are certain drawbacks that come with this great deal – “PRIVACY” with regards to whatsapp security issues 2020 that is being hacked within the policy. 

This seems to be shocking right! Let’s get to know more.

whatsapp security issues

Enterprise Businesses: CEO’s Say “No” to WhatsApp! Know Why?

However, as per WhatsApp terms and conditions it is strictly prohibited to be used for professional use. But, still people are making use of it. The statistics ratio shows that over 500+ million people are using WhatsApp for their professional use.

After all, it has been a flexible mode of communication solution for a long time! But I guess, professional entrepreneurs, pioneer business leaders may not get accustomed with Whatsapp now! 

But I guess, professional entrepreneurs, pioneer business leaders may not get accustomed with WhatsApp rules and regulations now!

1.Our Founder Sriram Manoharan, shares his valuable thoughts over WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, encouraging B2B enterprises to have their own business messaging solution.

Even, these views moves across with other professionals entrepreneurs too,

2. Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla & SpaceX tweeted that, Privacy-centric instant messaging app just like Signal app has been made for more stable and better user experience

3. Sameer Nigam,the co-founder and chief executive of PhonePe responded to this whatsapp new rules 2021 with a tweet: “In terms of a complete product, Signal has arrived. We have moved 1000+ PhonePe-rs to Signal. Now all my work groups have been recreated. Have moved family groups too.

The above statement ensures us the flexibility of having improved application usability provided by entrepreneurial businesses who facilitate an uncompromising privacy security! 

Mostly, enterprise businesses think that WhatsApp is good to go with when it comes to communicating with their customers or clients for promoting their services and products, taking orders, clarifying their queries, and much more. Of course, eventually, this has refined their business statistics too.

But, here’s the actual catch!

They have missed out some of the key hidden risk mitigation under the table that they might face in near future. Exactly! You must be wondering what are they?

To answer that here are some factors to consider

The budding risk may include:

  • Security Issues
  • Compliance
  • Tracking
  • Mismanagement of Workflow
  • Data Administration
  • Overall Productivity

Next Move! WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy update 2021?

Nevertheless now, WhatsApp is not that safe comparatively right from the start, but still,  businesses are making use of it deliberately since there are lesser chances for hacking of their data.

Here are some key listicles that can enlighten your current business use of Whatsapp

  • Non-existence of organizational-data encryption
  • Confidential business talks being compromised
  • Non-Supportive of document-sharing options
  • Non-availability of Work Management Tools
  • Lack of restricted accessibility within groups

Today in 2021 WhatsApp has revealed shocking news for all the businesses by updating their new Privacy Policy.

Previously, WhatsApp has been criticized for not maintaining the security measures with regards to data as it can be hacked easily. But today, WhatsApp has come up with some new privacy policies that take users permission to share their personal data with its family of companies such as Facebook automatically.

Now like I said before, data exchanging has been already taking place earlier too. But, having said that, as business big shots there are some pivotal points for you to know…..

What kind of Data Will be Shared Round the Clock in Facebook?

In some countries data exchange is allowed while in other Western-European countries, there is limited choice for the same. 
Whatsapp integrates with facebook for its customers to have access with following information in order to enhance its effective communication.

But, looking into the brand new whatsApp security policy, I’m afraid I have a different viewpoint about them! 

Generally,for major businesses to operate around the clock some vital pieces of collected data might help to enhance the customer experience. Primary data like account registration information, transaction history, mobile devices data and for that matter revealing IP address might directly pose a security breach! In addition to that, more hardware system information is tentatively collected.

Key changes in WhatsApp’s privacy policy

That can make it highly information-sensitive! isn’t it! 

Moreover, as major digital communication industry players may address this concern, since strategic enhancements to satisfy customer needs doesn’t look that simple!

WhatsApp adds to this with a comment that only those will be reachable to them whoever accepts their new privacy policies that are about to be in effect from 08th Feb ‘2021. List of data that will be collected automatically are,

  • Mobile Phone Model, OS
  • Mobile network, signal strength
  • Battery Usage
  • IP Address
  • Precise device location information, time zone
  • WhatsApp Usage
  • Payment & Transactions
  • Status Updates
  • Group Details
  • Profile Pictures
  • About Information

Impact of WhatApp privacy policy over Personl & Enterprise Businesses

WhatsApp Slams over Personal chats

WhatsApp says “individual chat to remain ‘private’ even after update.”

WhatsApp new privacy and policy update in 2021

Know how WhatsApp is Banging Over Enterprise Businesses App

The new WhatApp security policy has impacted the recipients globally in both personally as well as professionally, but it comes to Professional the impact is undeniable, Let’s try to understand with a real time instant of RedBus app,

Impact of whstapp policy for enterprise business app

  1. RedBus uses WhatsApp platform to communicate with their customers
  2. WhatsApp policy can share data with third party enterprises, i.e., the other competitor market players
  3. These third parties can flash advertisement and brainwash your customers
  4. With exciting offers and regular approach of these third parties, you customers can sway over to give it a try
  5. Then what? Now your customer is their customer

When it comes to WhatsApp’s, it news has created a great impact over the other related market platforms like signal, Telegram, Viber, etc.

  1. Telegram adds 25 million new users in 72 hours, surpasses 500 million active users
  2. Statistics reveal – 38% from Asia, 27% from Europe, 21% from Latin America, and 8% from MENA.
  3. Planning to raise focus on security and privacy of their users

Do you Think Other Platforms are Safe on Further Run?

The next thing that arises in your mind would be to migrate to some other third-party platforms such as Telegram, signal, etc. It’s not a bad choice, but what if the same thing gets repeated by them in future. Moving from one to another chat communication app can get your business an inconsistency with respect to growth.

Well, the expertised professionals have suggested that instead of clinging around other apps, it is always best to go for your own brand value and build a strong foundation. If you are interested you can go and explore with CONTUS MirrorFly and create your own business chat solution for your business communities with end-to-end security and ultimate “PRIVACY” in policy. 

However, to overcome this situation where WhatsApp privacy policy Update which is unreliable now has threatened enterprise business leaders in revealing personal and official information that makes us hunt for a rigid alternative. It is better to have a note of it at least for communicating with friends and family.

Parthiba is a Product Marketer, helping providers of the various industries like healthcare, education, etc., to elevate their conversation value with the help of powerful communication solutions to drive better communication experience.