How a California Based CRM Platform Increased Enterprise Business Leads By 225% To attain 15x ROI?

For over 3 years, a California state-based CRM provider has been a significant tool for businesses to streamline their production, inventory, and asset management. Now, the CRM app has enormously transformed into an enterprise-grade application with increasing customer experience.

California based CRM app offers (SaaS) ready-to-use solutions for major industries construction, Manufacturing, Medical devices and Hi-tech where the field service status is pretty much essential to assess the business performance. The CRM application software journey was quite easy at the initial stage, later the faster-growing enterprise software introduced several CRM applications into the industry which gradually slow down their CRM market share.

It was a Do or Die Situation

The CRM application has to stack up against the competition to stay alive. As a SaaS company, the California based CRM application offered the basic features to its B2B customers which wasn’t much appreciated. The Saas company has to come up with a better version of its application to attract enterprise customers that would benefit their business needs.

“ Creating an opportunity to increase the app’s retention and offering multiple communication ways within the field service software application was the typical idea to increase the application growth ”

Organically expanding the CRM User’s count

The CRM company was sharp in increasing potential lead count to their software and they initiated to integrate MirrorFly’s communication APIs to make it happen. The Saas based field service software successfully integrated text, video, and voice chat channels into their application to test within their internal team interactions.

The product testing went on smooth, there were small bugs which was resolved in the perpetual beta stage.

It was time to turn a solution based application into SaaS-based to market it to their potential customers.

In the Middle of success, California based CRM application looked to the future

The number one challenge (was) balancing the multi-tenant functionality within our product that connects our 1000+ clients with their 10000+ customers”Stated CEO of the California based CRM application.

The communication API integration was a successful one on Android, iOS and Web applications.

California based CRM platform rolled out the new platform to their B2B customers with interactive features (text, video and voice calls), security encryptions.

Seizing New Enterprise Opportunities With Single API

  • The value of the CRM platform increased which in result acquired45,000 companies, both small scale, and big scale.
  • Increased CRM software application’s retention rate by 64%.
  • Increased the Demos of the product by 335% with the integration of communication channels.
  • Connecting more than 100000 users through chat, video and voice calls within the application.
  • B2B customers were able to achieve real-time interactivity with their customers which increases customer support 5x times the actual.
  • The Monthly CRM product subscription rate increased from 55% to 225% over a span of 6 months.

Final Thought: Always Be Optimizing Your CRM Application

In today’s world, the B2B buyer expectations are higher than ever. They expect everything in their CRM application just more than inventory, calendars, reports, and analytics, it’s the collaborative platform that connects them with their customers. MirrorFly lets the California based CRM application has been able to upgrade the product value by integration chat channels into their applications.

In-app Chat Into CRM Software
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