Push to Talk – How It Acts as a Walkie-Talkie Connecting 1000+ Workers in Business Services

Push to talk solution

Do you remember the long-range two-way radios used for the longest time to get connected between the field and in-house workers?

“You’re right! It’s most commonly known as “Walkie Talkies”

The long-range walkie talkies are no more productive and outdated due to the massive leaps in technology. Connecting employees or workers have seen more intuitive ways right from real time chats to scheduled messages.

As the technologies are emerging, most of the business services should WORK SMARTER AND NOT HARDER to save time, increase efficiency and productivity of the workers. Some of the enhanced approaches have devised to replace the outdated two-way radios mostly the walkie-talkie that meets today’s business landscapes.

Due to the technology down or inability (Walkie-talkie applications or hardware for team communication) of not performing up to expectations of today’s business value, so you’re having a negative impact on the collaboration among the workers.

Does It Sounds Like You? Then Probably you Have to Look at This

Here comes the list of disappointments that harden your worker’s collaboration and stops your team from excelling in productivity.

best push to talk api & SDK
  • It’s so bulky & clumsy during peak priorities
  • It’s a hell of cost to repair & replace
  • The infrastructure is quite stagnant & No updates
  • Outreach of workers isn’t sufficient(No scalability)
  • Making efficient communication more complex
  • It is so dump on effective customer service
  • It’s not futuristic enough for today’s business
  • It doesn’t give an opportunity for heightening your revenue

1. It’s so bulky and clumsy to handle during priorities

As far as you go deep into business or anything, everything is turned to be online and said to be the best fit into your pocket. They are bulky, heavy and cumbersome to handle. It’s so hard to take the walkie-talkie with you everywhere you go. To put it simply, everything is designed to make your neediness into a mobile solution. On top of it, simplicity is the solution where your entire team is no longer to carry a piece of hardware (walkie-talkies) around them.

2. It’s a hell of cost to Repair and Replace

It’s quite unbearable that your company is investing a huge amount in two-way radio technology which is costly to purchase than modern technology. Replacement of any hardware part is much costlier than obtaining a new one, so your company is struggling to make use of the technology and forced to bill a huge amount on it which in response doesn’t give any cost-cutting improvements or revenue.

3. An outreach of workers isn’t sufficient(No Scalability)

With so many reasons to put, the inability of your two-way radio to reach your workers on the go is not going to help out your business. The more your business reach, the more your growth. Your business needs more resources to propel your on-field performance, so scalability is what makes your business more reliable and successful. A reliable and scalable communication tool can skyrocket your business service growth.

4. It’s not futuristic enough for Today’s Business

It’s so hard for you that your competitors are enhancing their workflow right from the base to top line to stand out in the crowd, then still if your team or company are using the same two-way radios to communicate between the on-field and off-field workers, it’s going to be hard for the business to propel. Upgrading your communication to the next level of a modern solution, then the future market will stand with you.

Now, you would have come to an assumption that your long back best walkie-talkie is no more a significant tool to keep your workers’ communication stable and push your business stronger. It’s time for a farewell to your beloved outdated walkie-talkies.

Say a Big Goodbye to Walkie-talkies, Welcome our Futuristic
Push-to-Talk Technology

1. Give Way to Modern Real Time Solution – Push-To-Talk

Push-to-Talk is a one-way stream with digital data engineering used with codec and half-duplex communication technology allowing instant voice messaging on the push of a button.

The Push-to-talk technology is based on the implementation of WebRTC and the Socket layer where the entire messages carry from one app to another. The feature can be integrated into any of your service apps or standalone apps by approaching any enterprise-level Push-to-talk service providers like MirrorFly in the market. It’s a Push to talk API/SDK integrated into your Android, iOS apps where a worker can engage in real-time with any number of users across the globe.

With this modern technology, one can talk and other(s) listen(s). The communicator is “always ON” where there are no necessity dialing numbers and wait for the other person to pick it up. It’s basically of two types;

  • One-to-one
  • One-to-many

The one-to-many is applicable for any number of groups, communities, channels, and broadcasters.

2. The Major Benefits of Implementing Push-to-talk Software into your Business Services

  • It reduces all the costs and saves an average of $17,250 over three years of using a secure Push-to-talk application.
  • The potentiality to connect with multiple workers at one time and anytime.
  • You can use it on any platform and irrespective of devices.
  • Maintaining better call management during crises and emergencies.

3. The Industries You Can Propel Your Service Communication With Push-To-Talk
Platform Instead of Walkie-Talkies

Best push to talk software for Transportation

Transportation Service

  • Reduce the risk for heavy drivers during distractions.
  • Connect with the crew right away wherever they are without hold times.
  • Ensuring the safety of drivers.
  • Improve efficiency, productivity, and accountability.
  • Navigate drivers to destinations in real time.

Construction Industry

push to talk solution Construction Industry
push to talk software for Field Service

Field Service

  • Get real-time updates for better decision-making.
  • Connect with the crew right away wherever they are without hold times.
  • Convey critical safety information to the workforce any anytime without back-and-forth calls.
  • Enhances communication in clear audio on harsh & noisy environments.
  • Optimize enough resources and increase the productivity on off-fields.

Action Time – Unified Communication In Any Industry Can Improve Workplace Efficiency by 25%

Apart from these industries, there quite a huge number of industries and sectors like Hospitality, Education, Logistics, NGOs and education gets benefited from these modern walkie-talkie apps. The most important part of businesses to rely on the best Push-to-talk provider in the market to improve the overall communication by replacing the outdated Walkie-talkies. Choosing an enterprise-grade PTT provider would fit the sublime to take away your struggling workers to the next-level of communication over smartphones or Apps.

If you already have an idea about creating your communication app, contact us and we’ll help you implement it!

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