How Real-time Chat Can Help Businessmen Deal With Language Barriers?

overcome Language Barrier in real time messages

Nowadays, even the smallest companies are serving global customers and therefore the need to communicate in different languages is growing high. As the cross-context communication is difficult and expensive, many things can be lost in translation due to some errors or through different interpretations while translating the content.

Clear, accurate and effective communication is an increasing priority between languages, cultures, disciplines and industries.

In the tech era of globalisation, every entrepreneur is entitled to day-today communication in different kinds of languages as the communication acts as a frontline in every business. What if your potential customer speaks Mandarin, French or even Latin and how are you going to respond to them? The answer is, You lost them! 

How to rectify language barriers?

The relationship between an entrepreneur and global stakeholders is based on the sharing of requirements, regular interactions, transaction, business dealing that will lead to a good will of long term relationships with them.

But if there is any error in language, you will end up miscommunicating with the client and miscommunications are more expensive than you think, it is!

Almost half of nearly 600 executives find that language misunderstandings are the key reasons for unsuccessful international business deals. It can be rectified only if you build a real-time chat app that supports all kinds of languages.

Significance of real-time chat in Language translation

  • Creating a real time chat platform for language translation saves a lot of time and money as the messages can be translated with a double tap
  • Companies can support their clients only if they have their resources to translate and thus can expand their businesses globally
  • If your real-time chat service supports different languages, it will build a shield of increased trust from your global customers 
  • Language translations will provide you with a consistent brand experience across all markets by supporting in-market teams, distributors and partners 
  • Translations in a Real-time chat website aids you with SEO benefits that can drive increased local search results and also helps in testing new ventures and markets

Advantages of language translation in real-time chat application

  • Increase sales online with prompt replies through their native language
  • Companies can deliver translated information and support with real-time chat APIs
  • Quick addressal of the queries of customers, requirement and demands in any preferred language
  • Instantly communicate with the client in their own language
  • Enhance the customer care and experience of customers through real-time chat SDKs
  • Easy and instant chat response to improve customer base

Enable your users to keep up with any language in real-time chat

The traditional method of translation model has been broken as the companies hire an experienced and well versed translator every time for discussions, meetings and even to greet the client and moreover they are quite costly too!

A lot of unexpected things happen as well since you have to mind the language while talking to a client. And above all, the translator should possess a special understanding and training of the client language.

The world has changed to digital now and most of us work in our own homes and it is very critical to have the process done by translator personnel every time.

Hence, the business communication has crossed the border, with a difficulty in the language translation as people find it hard to copy paste the message in a translation app such as the Google translate and need to verify the information whether it’s right or wrong. Roger that!

Instead, a real-time chat application can be enabled to your website and if you set a particular language, it will translate all the other language messages within quick-time.  

With CONTUS Mirrorfly’s language translation feature in its real-time chat platform, customers can permit their users from different countries or regions to converse through messages with anyone regardless of any language concerns.

To make multi-lingual chatting easy and convenient, our new Real-time chat Language Translation feature offers users to translate messages in their native language within the chat screen by tapping twice on the messages.

Let’s wrap up

With the digital evolution in the global market, businesses have started to surge immensely. Nothing can stop the online sales of products as the companies kick-started to serve the countries across the globe irrespective of the geographical boundaries or borders of a large enterprise. The increasing number of smaller companies into the foreign market has made a major change in the presence worldwide and therefore the need to overcome the language barriers has grown higher than ever.

To solve this, users can keep up with any chat conversation in any language through real time chat services. CONTUS MirrorFly’s language translation feature supports various languages in its chat interface and also lets your users chat in their local language with ease.

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