Why Online Learning Platforms Need In-app Chat?

To make online education easy, technology has presented multiple unique solutions.

Whether it is video conferencing, attendance tracker, email communication, and more, technology has come around to help the movement of physical classrooms into online ones.

However, conducting virtual classes isn’t as easy as it sounds. 

With numerous doubts and other related issues, how can e-learning continue to cater to such hassles?

Hence here is when a chat app for online tutoring can help. Imagine a small in-app messaging tool present during the online classes? Wouldn’t it solve half of the engagement-related issues experienced during e-learning?

To help you understand better the impact and purpose of in-app chat for education, this blog will be your guide.

The Story Behind Education Blending With In-app Chat in 2022

Education has always been categorized as a four-room classroom until 2019. The last few months of 2019 changed the way multiple industries operate due to the pandemic.

The pandemic increased indoor living and shifted physical obligations with it. Overnight, the education system changed its traditional practice of physical teaching into a modern approach, online learning.

in app video calling api  elearning apps

To assist the educational sector better, technology became their go-to tool. From conducting online classes to keeping a track of students, every step was taken care of by the touch of technology. 

Today e-learning has become home to education in the country. There are multiple e-learning platforms created to conduct two evident actions, conduct normal classes and semester exams.

Technology will continue to evolve and with this evolution will appear multiple other unique solutions. 

Out of those many unique solutions, there is one efficient technology solution that will prove to enhance the approach of e-learning, ‘chat for education. 

Impact Of A In-appChat Integration Platform In E-Learning App

Integrating in app chat for online tutoring has several benefits. 

When you visit a website with the intention to purchase something, you’ll have certain doubts such as what are the offers, discounts, and more. 

At that moment, if you see a chat window pop up addressing you to clear your doubts, you would continue with it.

Online learning is also the same. You could have virtual classrooms, but when it comes to connecting with your students, what are you doing? 

in app messaging api learning platform

Email communications are great for reminders but when it comes to enhancing online learning with regards to meaningful engagement, creating an in app chat SDK is the better option. 

Chat is a modern and efficient solution that is compatible to conduct any kind of engagement. 

While we are all aware that the pandemic is here to stay for long, investing in an in-app messaging API for education apps is a wiser decision

How Can An In App Chat SDK For Tutoring Apps Benefit the Latter in 2022?

Having an in app chat platform can improve the e-learning efficiency with its single presence.

When teachers and students engage in online sessions, there are multiple issues which are being faced such as doubts not being cleared etc.

To resolve such issues, having an efficient communication platform is a feasible option.

That is when in app chat platforms serve their purpose.

They bridge the gap between teachers and students and make online learning a simple process just like how physical classrooms were being conducted initially. 

1. Eliminates The Engagement Issue Between A Teacher & Student

Wouldn’t it be great if you could clear doubts and teach at the same time? 

While this is a possibility for physical classrooms, this now is possible with in-app chat solutions as well. As you continue to teach complicated topics, create an in-app messaging SDK to engage with your students simultaneously. This will enhance online learning and help students to clarify all related doubts instantly.

2. Build Better Learning Process Between Students & Teachers

How many groups do you have on your smartphone?

Build a video chat app, chat groups for different subjects along with the respective teachers in them can be very fruitful. 

For instance, clearing immediate doubts, having study sessions and more can enhance the process of e-learning even better. This action can also contribute to better grades and improved study productivity.

inapp messaging sdk for learning app

3. Eliminates Physical Data Sharing

Previously, how would teachers share data or important questions for the exam?

Textbooks or photocopies of papers would be present. 

Now that e-learning is the new classroom, in-app chats can help to make data sharing easy. 

chat api for learning app

As stated earlier, creating chat groups allows you to engage and also serves the purpose of sharing data.

From important questions to sharing relevant textbook data, with the in-app chat this is all possible.

4. Make Use Of Virtual Whiteboards

When you click on Youtube, you’ll see certain experts drawing on the screen to help you understand a topic better.

The action he is conducting is done on virtual whiteboards. 

The best part of these whiteboards is teaching becomes a whole lot convenient, especially when you add an app chat along with it.

whiteboard chat api for learning platform

For instance, a teacher can reply to your queries over chat by exhibiting the same on the whiteboard. 

Such visuals capture attention quickly and stay on your mind for a long time.

5. Create Efficient Classrooms

With the online classroom option, technology has provided multiple ways of conducting. 

The popular options are live broadcasting or live streaming and more. 

With such options, you can create an in-app video calling API to conduct any broadcasting classes. 

video conference api for virtual learning platform

You can also create a voice calling SDK to engage with students better. 

Currently, live broadcasting is a great way to teach students, and the best part during the sessions, creating an in-app chat for e-learning app is possible.

5 Powerful Reasons To Refrain Using In-App Messaging in Online Learning Apps

You could use the top social applications such as Whatsapp, Instagram and more.

But did you know that when it comes to measuring the efficiency, they fall short.

To improve the efficiency of e-learning you require a tool that can enhance the process.

To help you understand the importance, we have listed the top 5 reasons why making use of popular communication apps aren’t feasible for e-learning. 

1. Control Over Communications Isn’t Possible

During an engagement, there can be the use of words that might not be allowed.

External apps allow you to engage how you like no matter the language.

With in-app chats/voice or video, there is a possibility to filter them and make them moderate.

Thus keeping the engagement platform more respectful.

in app chat api for learning platform

2. Disrupts A Focused Mind When Learning

Having multiple apps to simply engage isn’t a feasible option for students.

With these external apps used specifically for engagement, students can lose their focus and this can impact their studies.

Hence, with the choice of communication selected to be placed on the e-learning platform such as chats, video or voice, this practice ensures all related engagements can take place in one place.

Thus driving better focus reduces the distraction of students.

3. User Experience Will Be Poor

If you have a great online classroom and no engagement tools, the student and teacher experience will be poor. 

Hence if engagements are not present, students might even consider missing a class.

However, with communication platforms such as chats, video and even voice, they make the process of e-learning better.

From clarifying doubts to engaging with teachers on similar related issues, this tool plays a vital role in enhancing the e-learning experience.

4. Distractions Will Increase

If you’re conducting an online class via a popular tool, say Instagram or Whatsapp video calling, you also have the option to engage with your peers. 

This causes more room for distractions that results in poor academic performance.

By placing efficient communication channels during live studies such as voice or even audio, students will have to engage using that one platform.

These distractful engagements will be less and students can focus better on improving their academic performance. 

5. No Data To Understand Students Better

There might be some students who are going through multiple things during these online classes.

They might be overwhelmed or find it difficult and so on. 

With the in-app communication solution, you also have an option to collect reports or analytics on how your class is performing.

You can identify the frequently absent students, understand their issues and find solutions to cater to them better.

How Can E-Learning Platforms Add In App Messaging For Online Learning App?

Adding in app chats or video or voice solutions in online learning apps is now possible with multiple business ready solutions available in the market.

With SDKs, creating applications for the type of communication required has become easy.

in app video chat sdk for learning software

Also, with APIs, one can create their preferred type of communication be it in app chats, video or voice solution anywhere and at any time. 

As stated earlier, there are multiple in-app chat/video/voice solutions available, you need to invest in the one that will suit your type of needs well.

Why MirrorFly Is The Perfect In App Chat Platform To Choose Your e-learning App ?

CONTUS MirrorFly aims to help e-learning platforms enhance their experience by providing a convenient solution like in app chat.

The tool gives you the ability to conduct multiple actions such as connect with multiple participants over audio or video conferencing, record every online class, and more.

mirrrorfly in app chat solution for online learning app

Apart from this, they also let you create communication APIs such as chat for any of your e-learning platforms based on your needs. 
To unleash the potential of MirrorFly, you can get started right away here.

MirroFly offers tons of in-app chat related features such as

  • Self Hostings.
  • Digital Whiteboard
  • Conduct Live chats on any e-learning session.
  • Live broadcasting
  • SIP/VoIP Calling
  • Broadcast classes or sessions in real-time
  • End to End Analytical Tools.
  • Insightful Dashboard
  • AES 245 bit with SSL for secure connection
  • Host unlimited virtual learning sessions
  • Record online classes and set them as playback for future references
  • Create engagement tools (polls, etc.) to improve the e-learning experience
  • Unlimited sharing of documents, images, or other study materials


You are now aware of how you can enhance your next e-learning experience. 

With tools like MirrorFly, enhancing e-learning has become easy. This instant, simple and convenient communication API solution provides tons of dedicated features that are proven to assist you well in your next e-learning session.

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Parthiba is a Product Marketer, helping providers of the various industries like healthcare, education, etc., to elevate their conversation value with the help of powerful communication solutions to drive better communication experience.