How to use real-time chat to improve Brand Engagement for retailers

Published On June 6th, 2024 Insights, Tech Talks

The coronavirus pandemic has been an unpredictable period over the past year and so does the retail market! It has forced retail brands to rethink the way they conduct business overnight, shining a huge spotlight on improving customer experience.

So how can you do it? 

The key to customer engagement is to not just provide products and services to people, but to also provide them with content that will keep them connected with your brand.

Recently, a lot of apps are evolving day-by-day for the information to act to make our lives smart.  And so does the real-time chat for communication between retailers and customers. It is a stress free medium for the retail brands to communicate with their customers who visit their websites.

How In-app Messaging can help retailers?

In-app messaging principally helps the retailers to send their messages to the users while they are active in the mobile app. It typically boosts Customer Engagement and is considered as a vital strategy for retailers. 

The demand for in-app messages is increasing and proven to be valuable as it produces more than eight times the direct response rates generated from the push notifications. 

In-app messaging can score an average engagement rate of 26 % when combined with the push notifications and an engagement rate of 55% in high servicing apps, according to a study.

Benefits of real-time chat for retailers

Reach Your Entire Audience:

For push notifications, users had to grant permission or authorize to receive the notifications from the app (which is often declined). 

Conversely, in app messages are a part of the app experience, hence there will be no need to neither accept nor decline. 

It thus provides retailers with the advantage of expressing the opportunity to reach their audience, whenever there is any critical information or update without any hindrance.


Real-time communication can be personalized to the smallest detail and targeted for a specific audience. This level of personalization significantly enhances product branding and customer loyalty.

And that too with the CONTUS MirrorFly real-time chat tool, customers can translate the retailer’s messages to their native language by just double tapping it.


With deep-linking, retailers can customize the links so that it will assign a destination anywhere within their mobile website or app. It will thereby help you to customise the link destination of your message.

Easy to Create:

In-app messages are easy to create, just like the push notifications. They provide a lot of options like the straightforward text-focused banner messages to large HTML5 full page displays. 

Marketing teams can make use of this advantage and communicate with the customers without any language barrier and the need of creating a code update.

Direct In-app Access:

In-app access makes it easy for the users to interact with your product and also keeps them engaged. 

It offers the best experience, mainly if it’s built in the design and feel of your retail app and also proves as a technique for driving customers to purchase your products.

Implementations of In-app messaging in retail business

On Boarding:

Bringing new users to the app is a crucial requirement for a successful app experience. The process involves the retailers to guide the users on how and why they need to get started.

It is made easy with real-time chat; it will be easy to welcome them every time they visit your website.

Introduction of Features:

New users can be acquainted with the essential features of your app with the help of real-time chat. 

In-app messaging offers you guaranteed means of alerting your users if there is any update or added improvements that provides an excellent medium of calling customer or user attention.

Customer Service: 

A well-built real-time chat can incorporate a sublime customer service campaign for the retailers. 

Retailers can speak directly with the users and get valuable feedback and improve customer service as the retailers can help users with their queries in real-time.

Transactional Messaging:

The app with this feature delivers real-time updates about the user’s details of their recent purchases, account details and so on. It also helps users to interact directly as well. 

The retailers will be valued by the customers if they are updated with what’s happening on the finances and it increases customer trust and keeps them engaged better.

Promotional Messaging: 

In-app messaging can be used not only for promoting content but to create conversations as well with its excellently crafted implementation. 

For instance, Nike and the US open have used a lot of in-app messaging on their platform to their advantage.

The US open used the prior in-app behavior and location targeting to locate the users near the event that recently showed intent in purchasing.

The company also received a 32% conversion rate with the user engagement.

How CONTUS MirrorFly can help retailers?

Integrating messaging services can go a long way to give your customers users a better brand experience, especially when it comes to retail business. The requisite to reach the customers online and the probability of future e-commerce business are changing the infrastructure of retailers. 

A rapid shift in online retail might increase access to many customers across the globe. Therefore, investing in real-time chat is much more required than ever before. And CONTUS MirrorFly assists you to accomplish, just the way you need it.

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