Email Vs IM: Is Instant Messaging Platforms Are The Next Big Replacement For Emails?

Published On April 18th, 2024 Insights

This blog is to the people who still battle to get the inbox zero!

Aurora is fed up with the uncountable spam mails, phishing, and follow-up emails to get her work done. Countless people like others, Aurora uses email on an everyday basis where all the business, tasks related interactions take place.

Just like us, Aurora weeds out unimportant emails and fishing out one worthful (probably appreciation from her boss) mail through the enormous amount of pesky chain of mails.

Email vs chat - The Future communication tool

Literally, this is what happens on a Monday morning when you try to reply to all the threaded mails.

With so much to do with digital and instant conversations, 
We and Aurora still battle to get our inbox zero!
I sure hope we don’t battle against email anymore. 

Getting into the Subject Line:
I hope that Aurora and her boss aren’t aware that the new communication channels will replace email by 2020.

new communication channels of Email vs Instant Messaging

An email has become less important across organizations. Large groups of people and employees tend to contact someone on their social media rather than email. Although, most of the businesses have started to move away from email and shift to instant messaging as their primary form of digital communication

Email is on the verge!

You might be knowing it, many companies have started using instant messaging solutions like MirrorFly over email to create project discussions where one easily gets into the discussion and understand the entire objective and updates from the threads.

On the other hand, consumers would love to hear from you, if you’re on their track

Email Will be Obsolete by 2020!

I know you won’t believe this, anyway I have something to show you. 

Email vs Instant Messaging solution difference

We don’t simply blame emails, the purpose of emails relating to today’s business needs is much different.

Email is at best only for discussion when people have more time to think about an issue and respond to it. 

The scenario here, Email vs Instant Messaging for business or communication covers quite a huge topic. Email vs instant messaging debate is nowhere easy where each one has its own pros and cons, but when it comes to digital communication for today’s consumer needs, the on-demand solution stands out

Some worthy points to consider why Instant Messaging over Email is better for businesses?

What If we have a solution to end this Email vs Instant messaging debate?

With the increase in instant messaging services across all the business sectors, Email has worn out its grant welcome this year (2020). It won’t be the primary mode of communication for all the businesses, but to increase productivity and stay in the loop to reduce its purpose gradually, combining both the worlds would create much better results. As technology and the digital world evolves, consumers expect instant(or)on-demand solutions.

After all, in the next five years, we won’t even bother to add an email address on a business card.

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Email vs Instant Messaging

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