8 Best APIs To Reinvent Your Telehealth APP in 2022

Are you ready to build telemedicine app and confused to choose which APIs and SDKs are best suit to your software?

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The start that was limited to online appointment scheduling alone, has now turned over to explore limitless aspects of healthcare with live chat, alerts, tracking patient data from other third-party apps, etc., to acquire the best doctor-patient experience.

However, when it comes to competition with the telehealth industry, it has always been the heated one to be looked out for. 

So, before getting into the clear picture of telemedicine apps let’s get to know some insight on the real-time needs – APIs & SDKs, for better clarity to make a start.

APIs and SDKs – The Key Drivers for Any Telemedicine App!

Instead of getting into the main subject of real-time communication providers, It is integral to have some idea about the features, in technical terms well-known as APIs and SDKs. Let’s see.

What is API? 

Application programming Interface (API) is a tool that simplifies software development processes and enables the application to have an exchange with their data and functionalities in the most easy and secure way.

Moreover, It also allows the companies to explore their application’s data alongside features and functionalities with other external third-party developers and business partners. This is so as the services and products can interact with each other and leverage each other’s data using a documented interface.

What is SDK? 

Standard development kit (SDK) enables the business to build their real-time communication application from scratch more quicker and in a more standardized way. 

They come with a set of software-building tools meant for a specific platform which includes building blocks, debuggers, framework and group of code libraries that suits any operating system. SDKs mostly ease the developers task by giving access to the constituent parts and instructions for software development with easy integration.

Now, let’s see how these proactive tools contribute to the entire healthcare application building.

How Telemedicine APIs & SDKs Contribute in Telehealth App Development?

Where the main goal of real-time APIs and SDKs is to launch effective interaction capabilities among people. These telehealth apps create a personalized environment for the patient to have direct attention of a doctor for better comfort and personalized care.

Be it a consultation or surgery assistance, online telemedicine application empowers doctor-patient communication regardless of geographical location using instant messaging, voice, and video calling features.

On the whole, these telemedicine platforms deliver their healthcare services remotely that includes consultation, evaluation of symptoms, analyzing diagnostic reports, follow-up visits, etc., all under a single telecommunication infrastructure.

Although telemedicine is known as an essential need to survive through the crisis, we can not deny it to be a critical one. Where the telehealth benefits and advantages count from enhancing access to human resources and reducing the pressure on the physical offices, the disadvantages also speak for itself with lag, higher latency ratio, and security issues that must be taken care of in the first place while building a healthcare app.

That being said, it’s time to give an end to your thrive by exploring the list of a few top most telehealth API & SDK providers.

Build your Own Telemedicine App?

Modern Technology to Boost Health System for Better Outcomes

When this real-time communication has stepped into all other fields, it’s the medical industry which has appreciated it’s need, the most when it comes to patient medical health condition and confidentiality in records. They support healthcare with an extra layer of security with modern technology – HIPAA and compliance.

HIPAA compliance is a vital protocol on which the entire healthcare sector basically relies on. It describes the current standards where the security and privacy over patient’s sensitive medical information are of high priority.

Moreover, here the developers aim that patients and doctors can utilize these telemedicine apps without any barriers of fear of hackers when it comes to patient’s data and their financial repercussions.

So, after a brief understanding about the modern healthcare app, let’s have a look at some of the top API and SDK providers who offer the utmost telehealth app’s features for better patient healthcare experience.

1. CONTUS MirrorFly APIHighly compatible APIs for any every industry

telehealth api

The biggest success of healthcare relies on security and privacy with trust. CONTUS MirrorFly with real-time communication APIs & SDKs, always look out for the best way to connect the doctor and patient. 

It’s powerful features and functionalities makes the communication more clear and transparent, allowing the doctor to connect and share medical records like diagnostic images, prescriptions, etc. for more personalized patient care.

CONTUS MirrorFly is always ahead when compared to other API providers, as it offers end-to-end customization with over 150+ chat, voice and video calling features. It also facilitates the treatment with live streaming capabilities wherein, the doctor can create online sessions, counseling’s, etc., with a large group of participants. 

Moreover, It’s API’s are very flexible to integrate into any third party device like iOS, Android and web apps, helping the developers to build their perfect telehealth platform. On the whole, it is a perfect fit for patient-doctor and doctor-doctor engagement activities.

2. ChironHealth APIEliminates duplication work for practice staff/patient 

how to build a medical app

ChironHealth telemedicine API can seamlessly perform many healthcare related services for patients simply by integrating into any third party device. It enables the patient to get connected online with the doctor and schedule appointments, manage medical devices, insurance reimbursement, and much more using instant messaging. 

This API permits the developers to simplify the billing process by adding reimbursement codes to the videos. 

3. Eligible APIMakes your way easy for better insurance billing experience

online doctor instant messaging

Eligible offers the patient as well as insurance billing with real-time APIs to make the medical payment processing easy and comfortable at both ends. It supports the developers to get a detailed report on over thousand insurance companies to ease the further application process.

Eligible API is found to be a unique one that streamlines insurance verifications, claims, and payment process by assisting the patient while accessing healthcare services.

4. Nanthealth Eviti Web APIA web-based oncology decision supportive platform

top telehealth platforms

Nanthealth offers a Eviti Web RESTful API that supports the developers to build an app which allows access to patient’s medical data like procedure codes, diagnostic reports, etc.

This API assists the healthcare professionals to make perfect decisions when it comes to providing treatment, considering the patient’s health condition and type of health insurance.

5. Human APIA consumer-controlled health data platform

best telehealth platforms

Human API is a digital self-health platform that enables the healthcare industry to build better patient healthcare services. It allows the users to sync all their medical information into a single platform. 

It connects the doctor with patients, healthcare specialists and insurance providers using the healthcare app where the doctor can view and share the patient’s medical records, prescriptions, lab reports, and much more., to proceed further with the treatment and other related services.

6. MDLIVE APIEasy to access electronic healthcare records on demand

telemedicine api

MDLIVE offers an easy and convenient healthcare service through a telehealth platform. They provide the API that has made the prescription management much easier but still with a down wherein, the prescription management system has to be put together to get integrated into health records. 

Therefore, when these two features are paired with secure instant chat, video calling, or mobile payment option, only then you will be able to access a fully comprehensive telehealth system.

7. DrChrono APISecret token and events to access medical and health features

telemedicine api and sdk

DrChrono API is a REST API that enables HIPAA compliant texting apps users to create as well as make changes in the scheduled appointments in their doctor’s calendar. As with every other API, even here the treatment is very transparent and secure – doctors can view the patient’s health symptoms before proceeding any treatment. 

After the treatment, doctors can keep monitoring the patient’s health using automated alerts and notifications on follow ups, exercise routine, etc. Moreover, if needed, doctors can create vaccine orders too.

8. Patient360 API Easy to retrieve medical records electronically from over 65000 care sites

telemedicine api

Patient360 API is designed for developers using FHIR-based APIs with easy integration facility. So when it’s added into any telehealth app, the user can retrieve medical records and clinical data instantly. 

It also enables the developers to retrieve medical records from around thousands of health and wellness care websites instantly. Since it is a part of Health Gorilla’s platform, it provides a highest certification standard of security for data, privacy and integrity, by keeping the data safe and secure. 


However, from the above listing most of the top API providers deal with a REST-based platform, which eventually makes them more compatible to get along with a variety of programming languages and existing frameworks. 

But, before making up your mind to build your best telehealth app, it is essential to give attention to privacy regulations and HIPAA compliance laws. If you are done with that, then for sure you can go ahead with a clear thought as to whether you want to build something from scratch using telehealth SDKs or just want to integrate the APIs for your mobile and web app. 

Whatever, be the case we are here to support your healthcare apps needs with guidance. So, just feel free to contact our most skillful and proficient developers team for further clarity to build your own best telehealth platform.

All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Telehealth app provides a user-friendly interface that works on the internet that connects and communicates using video, voice, and text messaging allowing the patients to get immediate hand-on care despite geographical location. Moreover, the patient can share their health condition with injuries and symptoms directly over the video call for future treatment.

The telehealth app provides several advantages that includes,

  • Getting treatment at patient’s comfort of home 
  • Avoid traveling related expenses
  • Easy to access specialist doctors
  • Reduces the overall treatment cost
  • Enhances patient engagement at remote monitoring
  • Improves the clinical workflow for doctors
  • Encourages more practice revenues for doctors
  • Reduces overhead practices

You can get to know more in detail here for further clarity.

To build a telehealth app the cost varies as per the requirement concerning features, functionalities and complexities. If you are planning to build your app from scratch then it will cost you more, but if you go for readymade HIPAA compatible APIs and SDKs the cost will be comparatively lesser will less time consumption to launch the market.

The telehealth appointment is as simple as any other doctor appointment. The only difference over here is that you need to see and describe your health issues to the doctor via video-conferencing. Moreover, this technology takes your treatment to the next level of comfort with cost-effectiveness.

The concept of telehealth and telemedicine are different where there is an intersection of medicine and technology. Telemedicine refers to more personalized healthcare services/treatment alone whereas telehealth is all about treatment as well as the interaction of patient/doctor in general terms (non-clinical services ‘education’ with healthcare), wherein the patient will be provided the healthcare treatment/services as well as fitness training sessions, administrative meetings, and continuing medical education for overall healthy future.

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