Best AI Chatbots To Elevate In-app Conversations

Published On April 22nd, 2024 Tech Talks

“On a journey to explore some of the best AI chatbots? We have a curated list of ChatGPT alternatives in the guide below that may be of your help.

Bit by bit, technology evolved so fast that a type of machine- an AI chatbot started to revolutionize the communication sector by simulating human-like interactions. Kudos to that first. 

Secondly, if you are a business aiming to boost customer satisfaction by adding chatbots to your application, then we aim to do that through this blog by taking you into the diversified world of highly responsive AI chatbots, their working, and their features.

So, What is an AI Chatbot?

AI (Artificial intelligence) chatbots are software applications that are built with NLP and NLG algorithms to engage in human-like conversations with users. 

And they are brought into the market and deployed across different platforms to boost user experiences, automate tasks, and streamline communication.

Did you know?

Currently, 23% of companies are using AI chatbots, in their customer support sector, learning the benefits it offers in retaining customers.

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Now, let us see the two different types of chatbots below:

1. AI-based Chatbots- These types of bots are built using neural networks and machine-learning algorithms for communicating with users.

2. Pattern-based Chatbots- These bots are fed with responses based on frequently asked queries so when a user asks, the bots respond instantly.

How does AI Chatbots work?

AI chats seem to be so human-like. How do the tech experts make it happen? Well, the NLPs and NLGs help bots to improvise on their conversational skills, and give the feel to users as if they are talking to an agent.

Not only this, NLPs are also used in virtual assistants for speech recognition. Further, let us see what this programming language is,

1. NLP (Natural Language Processing) is used to understand what the user is saying.

2. NLG (Natural Language Generation) is used to display human-like texts.

Here’s How Chatbots Work:

  • AI chatbot collects the data through the NLP and analyzes it.
  • This data is segregated into varied categories based on machine learning algorithms.
  • So, when a user posts a request, it is directed to that specific entity.
  • Finally, the chatbots respond to user queries using diverse models or rules.

There you have it, how easily a bot replies to a query. Next up is,

Ready to Integrate Our All-in-one Chat API!

What to look for in an AI Chatbot?

Before you start testing any ChatGPT alternative or any bot in specific, below are a few factors you must step on.

  • Accuracy and responsiveness- Because of the numerous availability of GPTs in the market, most of the chatbots deliver the same type of content. So check for input accuracy very promptly.
  • Quick access- Your users must feel comfortable getting responses to their queries via different platforms.
  • Additional features- Check whether there exist any extra features like multimedia support or automation that will enhance the usage of chatbots.

List of Best AI Chatbots and LLMs of 2024

1. MirrorFly’s AI Chatbot

The next one on the list is the MirrorFly AI chatbot that helps you to seamlessly add live chat solutions into your web/mobile apps and drive stronger engagements.

And by implementing live chat into your website, your customers can get prompt responses without any waiting time thus elevating user experiences.

Great is it not? But MirrorFly is not known for its chatbot alone! It is recognized globally as a leading in-app communication provider of video, voice, and chat SDKs with a rich feature set, quick integration capabilities, and twin communication models – SaaS and self-hosted. So, with our 500+ customizable communication features, you can make your chatbot work more smoothly, and simply best.

What are its Strengths?

👍. Improves retention rates

👍. Enhances engagement levels

👍. Multiple features

👍. Simplified UI

What are its Pitfalls?

👎. Major features are still in the beta stage

Pricing Plans

  • Talk to the support team to learn more about pricing details.

2. ChatGPT

Built by OpenAI, ChatGPT became quite a famous word last year for its contextual conversations, prompt responses, and abundant resources, thus making it easy for businesses and individuals to gather information on any subject.

Besides generating human-like responses, it is responsible for providing creative content, educational content, and more. 

What are its Strengths?

👍. Versatility and easiness

👍. Content retention

👍. Language learning

👍. Automation

What are its Pitfalls?

👎. Lack of personalized experiences

👎. Real-time data lags

👎. Inaccuracy

Pricing Plans

  • Free to use
  • ChatGPT Plus plan starts at $20 per month

3. Bing Chat

Bing Chat, developed by Microsoft is an AI-assistant chatbot that has the same work nomenclature as that of ChatGPT. Meaning, you can ask questions, and they would give you conversational responses citing the original sources.

Plus, its selling point is that it helps to compose poems, music, creative images, and more using the Bing Image Creator. 

What are its Strengths?

👍. Advanced usage of technologies

👍. Integration capabilities

👍. User-friendly UI and UX

What are its Pitfalls?

👎. Limited NLP understanding

👎. Limited chat window sessions

👎. Comes short in creativity 

Pricing Plans

  • Free to use

4. Google Bard

Coming in close competition with ChatGPT, Google Bard is an innovative AI assistant that uses the upgraded LamDA model (Google Language Model For Dialogue Applications) for generating responses.

And do you the best part of it, it can be directly connected to the internet, displays images in the chat window, allows edits on searches, and can be integrated with your Google account. 

It is these positive aspects that make it a selling point.

What are its Strengths?

👍. High-end language models

👍. Robust integration with Google services

👍. Uses minimal computing power

What are its Pitfalls?

👎. Limitations based on use cases

👎. Lacks data on citations

👎. Falls short in codes 

Pricing Plans

  • Free to use

5. Claude 2

Claude is an AI model launched by Anthropic, and since its inception, which was hardly a year ago, it has gained a secure spot as one of the best and most reliable chatbots in the creator’s space.

They can answer anything you ask for, from coding, math, research, and writing. Plus, the model accepts document uploads to analyze and gives summarizations. 

It is a free tool and in the beta stage so there exist limits on messages. 

What are its Strengths?

👍. Supports document uploads

👍. Provides summaries on any topic

👍. Prompt responses

What are its Pitfalls?

👎. No window on usage

👎. Limited resources

Pricing Plans

  • Free to use
  • Claude Pro- $20 per month

6. Jasper

Jasper is a unique AI-powered content generation tool that has templates for writing content for YouTube, blogs, LinkedIn, and About Us sections. With these, the Jasper Chats can effortlessly create documents of your chats.

And those needing visual experiences, Jasper comes as an image-generation tool as well. So overall it is the best tool to opt for at the best fare. 

Because, if we compare its output with ChatGPT as both use OpenAI’s GPT models, Jasper stands out. 

What are its Strengths?

👍. Highly customizable

👍. Used across different use cases

👍. Integration with IoT devices

What are its Pitfalls?

👎. Need learning curve

👎. Limitations on words

👎. Expensive

Pricing Plans

  • Creator: $39 per month

7. YouChat

YouChat AI resembles more to a Google search page that includes tabs for news, videos, images, and chat AI. And like using Google, when asked a query, the bot responds to it by displaying various results on the right side of the screen.

Additionally, it also displays Reddit posts at the bottom of the screen for reference. Now, if you don’t want results from this page, you can set your preferred source by up or down-voting. 

And, YouChat also has a history tab for sharing your searches. 

What are its Strengths?

👍. Great and intuitive UI

👍. Supports integration across platforms

👍. Less expensive 

👍. Quicker search

What are its Pitfalls?

👎. Limited customizations

👎. Outdated links

👎. Still in the beta stage

Pricing Plans

  • Free

8. Chatsonic by Writesonic

Built by Writesonic, Chatsonic is a great and sturdy tool with the power to deliver quick data, images, and speeches to users upon request. Additionally, with just a few query words, it can generate a full-length blog post or any text-based activities.

Now if we see what it offers, it includes voice-to-text and text-to-voice conversion capabilities, image generation, the ability to chat from Slack, and more. 

What are its Strengths?

👍. Great tool for marketing

👍. Instant content generation

👍. Advanced language learning capabilities

What are its Pitfalls?

👎. Limited Versatility

👎. Lesser word count

👎. Subscription model

Pricing Plans

  • Free up to 10k words
  • Pro: $12.67 for 100,000 words/month

9. Llama 2

While there are plenty of commercial chatbots in the market, Meta decided to build its own AI model that businesses can use, modify, and generate revenue from it until they reach the set threshold.

The threshold limit is very high, thus making it feasible for small budding companies and developers to use this model without any financial barriers. Along with this, the AI also offers some of the controls like context window, system prompt, and temperature control. 

What are its Strengths?

👍. Supports cloud hosting

👍. Developers can create, and edit copies

What are its Pitfalls?

👎. Only 3.5k word limit

👎. Still in a primitive stage

Pricing Plans

  • Free

10. Pi LLM

Built by inflection, Pi is an LLM that comes to users as a more curious-to-know chatbot, because of its availability to ask more questions and then proceed with conversations.

And if we compare it with ChatGPT, it comes as a more powerful solution when enquiring about recent events. However, it takes time to answer your queries. 

So put together, it is a great AI tool to try.

What are its Strengths?

👍. Curious and conversational chatbot

👍. Quite fast

👍. Aesthetic interface

What are its Pitfalls?

👎. Does not provide code snippets

👎. Has only a text-based interface

👎. Limited Python code available

Pricing Plans

  • Free

11. Grok AI

Yet another LLM (Large Language Model) is Grok AI which was founded by Elon Musk. Trained on a proprietary dataset, it is known to display to users real-time data with the right information.

However, people have found the tone to be a bit witty and rebellious thus making it less engaging. And currently, it is in its beta stage so cannot judge its performance to any extent. 

What are its Strengths?

👍. Premium plans available at affordable prices

👍. Makes interactions interesting 

👍. Accurate real-time information

What are its Pitfalls?

👎. Reliability issues

👎. Still under development

👎. Limited availability

👎. Available only for a select group

Pricing Plans

  • Basic – Subscription fee of $3.99

12. HuggingChat

Hugging Chat is one of the most powerful AI chatbots known to create a very emotional conversation with users. All thanks to its usage of NLP and sentiment analysis, which gives a more personalized experience.

Plus, as the tool is powered by GPT-3 Open AI, it is useful for enterprises that deal with apps that require emotional intelligence. So, users can open up about feelings and satisfaction. 

What are its strengths?

👍. UI and UX intuitive

👍. Responds to all use cases

👍. Faster responses

What are its pitfalls?

👎. Inaccurate responses

👎. Unorganized structure of data

👎. Citations or links get expired

13. Zapier Chatbots

Zapier chatbots are majorly designed to automate tasks on their apps or software services by connecting them to the Zapier platform. To do so, users can just zap it and set up an automated process.

Plus, this tool comes of great help for businesses or individuals who are looking to automate their daily tasks and simplify their work process. 

What are its strengths?

👍. Integration with other platforms

👍. Automated tasks

👍. Aids connectivity with other apps

What are its pitfalls?

👎. Need learning curve

👎. Must know Zapier’s automation workflow

Pricing plans

  • Free

14. Chat by is purely a text generation platform that writes copies quicker and more accurately using different AI templates. While this is happening on one side of the screen, you can also chat on the other screen’s side.

Now, if you are happy with the content generation flow, you can edit them and organize them into apt project folders. However, this tool is helpful only if you are generating content occasionally. 

What are its strengths?

👍. Great UI

👍. Simplified content creation process

  • What are its pitfalls?

👎. Can’t handle complex queries

👎.Limits specific searches

Pricing plans


15. ChatSpot

Next up is every business’s favorite ChatSpot which mainly focuses on conversation analysis by gaining insights on customer inputs and their sentiments through different analytics. And then responding to what they actually require.

Now if we talk about the technical part, it is introduced by HubSpot, as an AI assistant to its users that can carry out sales outreach, content building, and keyword search capabilities. It achieves this by clubbing the GPT-4 text model with the DAL-E2 image model.

What are its strengths?

👍. Integration support with HubSpot CRM

👍. Easy UI

👍. Makes dependencies lesser

What are its pitfalls?

👎. Takes time for answering

👎. Repetitive commands

👎. Dull template

Pricing plans

  • Free

16. Snapchat My AI

Snapchat has launched its own AI- yup and it’s My AI bot that will be made available for Snapchat Plus subscribers alone. Well, that’s a not-so-good part to talk about.

Users can see this AI pinned to the app’s chat tab right above their conversations tab, and start using it with their friends and families. Plus, it is powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology, so users can derive answers promptly and across genres.

However, a few have complained that the information the bot delivers is inaccurate and of divisive topics. 

What are its strengths?

👍. Promotes engagement

👍. Acts as a virtual friend

👍. Gives enjoyable experience

What are its pitfalls?

👎. Privacy-related issues

👎. Data breaches

👎. Inaccurate content

👎. Still under development

Pricing plans

  • Basic – Subscription fee of $3.99

How to choose which AI chatbot is right for you?

I do get the fact that the list of AI chatbots goes endless and choosing the right one for your business may seem impossible.

Therefore, prioritize your business needs or requirements based on on-premise solutions, accuracy, customization options, easy and quick integration capabilities, and use cases.

Then see which of the chatbots meets all the criteria above. Tada.

What is the difference between an AI chatbot and an AI writer?

Well, both AI chatbot and AI writer uses machine learning to understand user inputs and enhance their experience. While the chatbot is designed to handle interactions or queries in real time. 

The latter AI writer is used to generate content and create stories, blogs, articles, or any text pieces.

Concluding Notes

To wrap up, these were some of the best chatbots in the market that are making conversations smarter, quicker, and more useful. 

And if you are in deep search for bots that could automate tasks, make contact center support useful, and skyrocket user experiences, we would suggest you go ahead with MirrorFly, Zapier, and Jasper AI chatbots.

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