20 Funny Programming Memes for Everything Software Developers

Published On May 24th, 2024 Tech Talks
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Morning Blues! probably a hectic thing in life to accept. But worries are no more. Dear fellow software developers, engineers, programmers, hardcore coders, product managers, and test engineers, this blog is for you to get rid of morning blues with funny programming memes.

Here, we have curated funny, sarcastic, and hilarious programming and coding memes to make you feel stress-free. Take a look, laugh out loud, and share with your teammates to see them smile with a full heart.

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It’s time to start ROFL with hilarious programmer memes!

#1. Spiders are the only web developers that are happy to find bugs!


#2. Teachers: The quickest way to learn a language is to speak with natives

Me: Learning python


#3. Child: Mom, What are clouds made of?

Programmer Mom: Data… Mostly Linux servers


#4. Hacker in a movie: (running codes……hacking done)
Programmer you: He is just updating the system and installing random packages <0>


#5. Literally, programmers waiting for their code to do something strange while stress testing.


#6. 3 mythical creatures: Unicorn, Alien, Programmer girlfriend


#7. Me: Programming on my PC for one hour straight without saving

My electricity: I am gonna end this man’s whole career


#8. Developer waiting for final approval from the client be like


#9. Me: When I read my code from last month

My brain: I have no memory of this place


#10. My code: When I am inspired by Random Blog, GitHub, and Stack overflow


#11. That moment When even you can’t understand your codes and it gives perfect results.


#12. Me to my app: Don’t crash after this release, I tested everything.

Le app: Fine, I won’t.


#13. When someone says “There is a bug in your code”

Le me: Comeon its a feature to the right eye.


#14. When it’s 2 AM and your code doesn’t work still.

Le me: I don’t need sleep, I need answers.


#15. Client: Your code isn’t working

Me: It runs fine on my browser

Client: Email me the linkMe: http://localhost/test1


#16. When a malicious site downloads a .exe file in my Linux machine

Le me: You have no power here


#17. My brain: Hey are you sleeping?

Me: Yes, now shut up and get lost!

My brain: I know how to fix that bug on line 723

Me: Okay, Lets do.


#18. Govt: Don’t travel, Don’t socialise, Stay inside: Corona virus lockdown rules

Programmers and others:


#19. Me while coding without mental existence


#20. Designer 1: Look we have similar ideas

Designer 2: No, you stole my ideas

Programmer 1: Man, I stole your code

Programmer 2: It’s not my code


It’s a wrap!

We hope you enjoyed these memes and smiled heartfully. Don’t be selfish; share these memes with your fellow software developers, programmers, engineers, and coders.

And if needed, you can create your own meme from any free meme generator and make it memorable amongst creators.

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