What is a Voice API?

A voice API is a tool built for software developers to make and receive phone calls using simple Application Programming Interface (API). The voice APIs act as a bridge to connect the internet-based application to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

The use of voice API, lets the developers avoid the need for any telecoms expertise to build their voice application, as here they themselves can integrate these voice APIs into their existing application and build their app easily.

Extensive Functionalities of Voice API

These voice APIs are highly advanced with the functionalities to execute all the telephony functions, so that the developers can have their focus on designing an engaging customer experience.

Moreover, the developers are enabled to build call logics that can extend the users usage across multiple devices, around the world. It also permits the developers to add a fully functional VoIP into the app to make and receive calls over the internet alone without a PSTN interface.

Our voice APIs offer the developers with a wide range of facilities, starting from basic phone to phone calling, app to phone calling, interactive Voice Response (IVR), SIP interfacing, and much more., and all these with complete control over their calls.

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