What is a Voice Chat API?

A voice API is a technology that allows software developers to integrate voice calling capabilities into any app or service. By doing so, users can make and receive phone calls via the Internet.

Powerful Voice API Features
That Make Communication More Easier

A voice API is a tool built for software developers to make and receive phone calls using simple Application Programming Interface (API). The voice APIs act as a bridge to connect the internet-based application to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

How Voice API enables Real Time Communication?

  • Integrating voice SDK into any existing software or app can elevate customer interactions by providing them with multiple calling options to connect with agents.

  • You can also add chatbots to your apps to improve on-call efficiency, engage human agents to resolve complex issues, or simply add a click-to-call feature for customers to connect with your business.

  • Therefore, with voice chat SDKs, you can take your customer support process to the next level.

How Does MirrorFly Custom Audio API Work?

MirrorFly's customizable APIs and SDKs are turning out to be a great fit for building communication apps with 1000+ call and chat features that users expect. Plus, benefit from lifetime ownership of our source codes, 100% customization capability, and flexibility to deploy apps anywhere you prefer with our self-hosted voice solution.

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