Customer Persona

The Thailand-based super app is a meticulously crafted platform to deliver a comprehensive entertainment experience for customers in the Bangkok region and beyond. They provide a diverse range of digital services that include movies, TV, news, music, sports, travel,etc. The app, developed by the country’s #1 telecom provider, today has over 10M+ active users who consume quality content on a day-to-day basis. Enhanced user experience was our client’s key objective and was constantly looking out for innovative ways to achieve the same.

The Challenge

To foster increased engagement among users, our client chose to implement chat and calling features into the app alongside its other digital services. The brand wanted to initialize SIP / VoIP calling for both app and non-app users while minimizing user disruptions with proper cross-platform support, security, and compatibility. However, building an exceptional in-app communication channel and a world-class user experience with the intended features remained a tricky chore without an ideal Video, Voice & Chat SDK suite.

“Enhanced communication and conversational ability is what makes the digital services of a super app beneficial in reaching, converting, and retaining users with a humanized touch”
The Solution

MirrorFly was chosen for its simple yet robust chat and call integrations to offer seamless one-on-one chat, group chat, voice and live video calling into the super app. For efficient and HD in-app calling, an SIP-trunk-enabled setup was embedded. Similarly VoIP-powered calls that let app users make calls to non-app users were also included into their Android and iOS apps. And, on the security front, a fully-encrypted messaging infrastructure was put in place.

The Results

Today, our client’s super app has amped up its user engagement 10X more with interactive avenues of communication such as native instant messaging, voice / video calling for 30K+ concurrent users. Moreover, they were able to establish uninterrupted connections among 10M+ active telecom users not only within the app but also with users outside of the app. This opened up better promotional opportunities for the brand, including cross-selling and upselling prospects while skyrocketing its conversational and user satisfaction rates.

  • 2K+
    Concurrent Users for Calls
  • 30K
    Concurrent Users for Chat
  • 10M+
    Active Telecom Users

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“We are happy in working with CONTUS TECH Team for over 3 years. I could say that the success of this service (TrueDigital Communication) is the result of our hard work between our TrueID and the CONTUS TECH Team.”

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Rattamont Teekavanich

“We are making very good progress on the media side of things and the entire thing was built the team at CONTUS TECH in collaboration with the team at MYn..wherever we have reached now would not have been possible without the team.”

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“I’m thrilled to express how MirrorFly has helped Weilla to convert massive users into customers. With their extensive feature set, smooth integration and commitment to our success, they’ve truly made it a fruitful partnership.”

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Nicolas Bouris
mirrorfly support team
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