Customer Persona

Established in 1997, this brand stands as Cambodia’s most long-serving telecom provider distinguished by its extensive record of pioneering innovations in digital entertainment, infotainment services, and more. Regarded as a renowned player in the industry, our client caters to a vast customer base exceeding 4M offering nationwide coverage through an extensive network of distributors. They wanted to ace their mobile networking operations with a quality real-time communication solution.

The Challenge

As a growth-oriented company dedicated to customer satisfaction, our client wanted to keep user engagement at the forefront of their commercial application. They required uninterrupted, quality, and mobile-friendly messaging and calling features integrated into their super app with personalized language facilitating tools. Thus, enhancing connectivity across app users in the Cambodian region who consume the company’s digital services.

“Telecom providers of today focus on humanizing their offerings with increased user engagement to convert and retain its customer base amongst steady competition”
The Solution

MirrorFly created a cloud-first conversational ecosystem within the super app with exclusive chat and calling features. The SDKs were integrated in a matter of minutes to boost user conversion rates almost instantly. Features like private / group chat, voice and live video calls were implemented for their virtual community to stay connected and for service providers to be able to address queries with faster response times. And most importantly, branding was given utmost importance to, with additional white labeling capabilities to enhance their existing mobile super app.

The Results

The efficacy of MirrorFly’s Video, Voice & Chat SDKs alongside great branding steered the super app with heightened user engagement. The integration resulted in quickened native message support across platforms and improved user experience and satisfaction on a branded interface. In-app operational costs were brought down by 50% and customer support efficiency was enhanced 10X more. In short, the partnership ideally supported the super app to expand globally, establishing various customer touch points.

  • 10K+
    Concurrent Users on Chat
  • 1000+
    Concurrent Users on Calls
  • #1 Branded
    In-app Chat

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“We are happy in working with CONTUS TECH Team for over 3 years. I could say that the success of this service (TrueDigital Communication) is the result of our hard work between our TrueID and the CONTUS TECH Team.”

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Rattamont Teekavanich

“We are making very good progress on the media side of things and the entire thing was built the team at CONTUS TECH in collaboration with the team at MYn..wherever we have reached now would not have been possible without the team.”

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“I’m thrilled to express how MirrorFly has helped Weilla to convert massive users into customers. With their extensive feature set, smooth integration and commitment to our success, they’ve truly made it a fruitful partnership.”

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Nicolas Bouris
mirrorfly support team
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