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In the 1990s, Business Communication became easier with Email. Mail conversations were helping organizations to keep a record of any official, internal and work-related communications. Mail communications eased the difficulties of businesses and led people to stay connected. The only inconvenience of using emails was the delay time of response by the recipient. The lack of email realtime communication did push the technology to emerge. That is why chat messaging came to existence.

With the emerge of instant chat conversation applications such as WhatsApp, FB messenger, Google Hangouts, Viber and Wechat, Slack exchanging of information is fast and more efficient.

Additionally, the progress of real-time technologies like WebSocket, MQTT, BOSCH, COMET, and other protocols led to adapt new features such as real time messaging service with feeds and push notifications. Chat conversations are facilitating communication at a higher pace.

Real-Time Communications (RTC)

Real-time communications refer to any live telecommunications that occur without transmission delays. With negligible latency of real time messaging, there is no need to store any RTC data and messages between the transmission and reception.

RTC is generally a peer-to-peer, rather than broadcasting or multicasting, transmission.

Few examples of real time communication include

  1. VoIP and IM (Instant messaging )
  2. Live Video and teleconferencing
  3. IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
  4. File sharing and Screen sharing
  5. Robotic telepresence

Real-Time Communication, a critical need of the hour

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, web Real-Time Communication is creating new modes of communication that are changing communication habits. Web-based RTC delivers in real-time as it uses peer-to-peer connections to enable plugin-free communication over a browser.

The key trend responsible for the growth of Real-Time Communications is mobility. Having access to the same information, features and functionality across all devices allow one to complete tasks and communicate from anywhere at any time. The wide use of smartphones urges immediacy as something important which everyone needs.

When the need for real time communication software is spiking high, building a real time messaging service is need of the hour.The service providers must think how to set up real time messaging adhering to secure the communications to benefit the users.By embedding the communications with Session Borders Controllers(SBCs), Service providers offer more reliable and standardize real-time communication.

Significant growth of RTC

The multiple group chats, Live video and voice calls, and video messages are the replacement to many email communications.

A survey by Statista reveals in 2019, 2.52 billion mobile phone users accessed over-the-top messaging apps to communicate. This number will grow to three billion users in 2022.Industries that have a marketplace business model use real-time chat to constantly connect with customers and service providers.

Now a question may rise, What is real time messaging app offering to its users?

Here is what Business2Community survey reports, 79% of customers are more likely to prefer live chat and 77% of customers won’t purchase if there’s no live chat support. Most of the e-commerce and m-commerce business model offers a 24×7 Live chat support.

The real time chat is a powerful tool for businesses to stay in touch with customers, irrespective of the business model. It offers users quick and personalized answers to queries.

Implementation of Real-Time Communication Across Industries

Several industries are incorporating chat apps with built-in security and scalability embedded with Web-based RTC to establish live communications.

Here are 5 major industries that rely on real-time communications.

Online Educational Platforms

real time communication software for education apps

Online learning and Online tutoring are growing at a rapid scale. Teaching Professionals, students and parents can now stay in touch and communicate through text, real-time voice & video calls to enrich the learning experience.

In live Virtual Classrooms, it is much easier for teachers to share the materials and conduct tests and share the student’s academic progress and presence in real time communication. Students get notification about every session and receive broadcast messages instantly enabling them to track their classes all time.

Institutions prefer service providers who offer Web-based real-time communication with a single dashboard to monitor chat, groups and community and enabling secure Live video classes.

Digital Healthcare Industry

real time communication api & sdk for healthcare apps

The increase in the use of Telemedicine services by individuals is rising drastically over the years. With the new normal of social distancing, people prefer telemedicine services over an in-person visit to hospitals.

Healthcare communications depend on real time communication API & SDK that enable responsive one-to-one chat with familiar feel UI. Sending and receiving of messages with no delay, notifying people about the online presence of doctors, helping users to read the prescription or receipt and facilitating a real-time video-audio call and conferencing is what additionally health care providers look in a telemedicine app.

Social & Community Platforms

top real time communication api & sdk for social community  apps

The social community platforms rely on apps that come with real time messaging APIs & SDKs. The real time communication in the mode of varieties creates a stronger connection between you and the audience.Setting up Instant Messaging in these platforms will help users to interact over video or voice call,broadcast messages. User engagement will increase with real-time push notifications and regular updates.

The social media platform has been proven to be a great practical as well as creative way that connects businesses to the customers via real time communication. Well, it’s really far more difficult to imagine social media without a live video. Nowadays, Live broadcasting moves along with a buzz that isn’t most possible with pre-recorded footage. Apart from this the audience also gets the notification informing over followers that you’re broadcasting. Another fact about this live video app is its being highly interactive.

On-Demand Mobile Apps

best real time communication api for on-demand apps

Mobile apps have become the primary destination to find any service, solution, information. On-demand apps covering various sectors ranging from grocery, laundry, food delivery, car rentals like Uber, use realtime messaging apps to communicate the orderstatus locate stores/driver locally and constantly update on service. Let’s have a brief look over some of them,

Food delivery: with this app we can witness it’s highest demand for online food delivery across the globe. This app provides the people with their food at the comfort of their home. Thus, can say that on-demand mobile app give a long lasting opportunity to stay connected with the customers in the long run.

Taxi booking services: It reminds us about Uber and Ola that has empowered their presence by utilizing the on-demand mobile app. Nowadays, people prefer to get connected with fingertips. These apps help the drivers to get connected to the users.

Enterprise Organization

The availability of realtime communication tools and the integration of real time messaging SDK & API, organizations find it easier to launch a project and complete it with a team working from remote locations. A company with real time communication achieves higher employee engagement and growth rate.

In the current prevailing situation and remote working method, we see an increase in dependency on real time communication platforms across all industries. The business use case for real time communication is expanding with the use of collaboration tools and solutions to other commercial segments.

Every industry such as production companies, customer care services, financial services, legal firms, healthcare, car rentals, education and retail can all benefit and improve processes with MirrorFly’s Real time Chat as it is customizable and can integrate on any device.

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