MirrorFly – Entitled as #2 Leading IM Solution In Global IM & Chat Software Market For Enterprise Businesses

Published On January 17th, 2024 Product News & Updates

The use of instant messaging for business has escalated ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic across the world. After offices pulled down their shutters and teams moved to active Work From Home setups, instant messaging apps saw a rise in use and downloads. The growing demand makes complete sense– chat and messaging software play a vital role in connecting people across borders in near real-time. Instant messaging software facilitates the quick and easy sharing of information, files and knowledge between teams and professionals in general.

Most importantly, instant messaging services and chat apps connect workforces no matter where they are physically, as long as they have a smart device and a working internet connection. This is invaluable for companies hoping to weather the storm and continue being productive during a sluggish economy. 

MirrorFly Named Top Market Player in Instant Messaging

We are proud to announce that MirrorFly is #2 on the list of top instant messaging software as researched by the Global Instant Messaging and Chat Software Market 2020 report

MirrorFly has been named alongside other global players including Skype, Slack and Zoho. The list was developed based on a number of indicators including market share, revenue, marketing and new investments. It provides insights into the market landscape, potential threats and strategies used by the best instant messaging software providers to remain engaged in a steady competition that is beneficial to the growth of the industry.

About Acquire Market Research 

The company behind this exhaustive report, Acquire Market Research, is a leading provider of industry insights, market reports and data-driven analyses that benefit scores of industries and hundreds of companies. 

Their market reports are timely and chock-full of interesting insights and in-depth research into existing market trends and future potential. They are constantly innovating when it comes to research techniques and quality of analyses, and recognize the role of quality data in the growth and expansion of business empires. 

Market Report Research and Key Points

The research encompasses both a quantitative and qualitative study of the demand for instant messaging business communication software and chat apps throughout the projected period. It provides visibility into industry risks or hurdles and the business effect of regulatory systems around the world far into the future.

The study primarily analyses the market size of chat technology and instant messaging from 2020 to 2026. It delves into recent developments and development progress, as well as investment prospects, market dynamics and general news from the industry, including investments, mergers and acquisitions. 

Readers can benefit from understanding the strategies and tactics used by key players to increase their footprint in the industry, whether by sales, total revenue or investment. It shows just how local or global key players are; in doing so, it helps readers identify Slack alternatives and more customizable instant messaging business software that is more beneficial for them than just going by what is popular. 

Instant Messaging and Chat Software Market Report Scope

It is important to note the segments that the market research report covers:

  • By type: PC and mobile
  • By end-user: large business and SMEs
  • By market: North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa

The report also profiles, in detail, the instant messaging and chat solution providers who are dominating the market today. MirrorFly’s functioning has also been extensively explored, with special attention given to the technology and innovation that goes into the platform.

Research Methodology Followed

The ANOVA Analysis Test and FRAP Approach were used to calculate the potential outcome of rivals’ investments– valuable information that can sway decisions in emerging or current industry participants looking to strengthen their market share. 

Aside from these approaches, other analytical methods such as SWOT analysis, Porters five forces analysis and STEEPLE analysis were used to ensure a comprehensive portrayal of the corporate instant messaging software market. 

MirrorFly’s Rise to the Top

CONTUS MirrorFly secured the second position on the list of key players to look out for– a result of the innovation and investments that go into building a user-friendly end-to-end platform. In doing so, MirrorFly has raced ahead of web-based instant messaging software and apps that have become household names, including Slack, Skype, and Zoom. This is a testament to how ripe the market is for new and improved players to create transformative change and edge out older competitors. 

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