Enterprise Chat App Challenges in 2022 : An Evolutionary period in the field of communication

Published On April 6th, 2023 Product News & Updates

1. The role of APIs in the changing landscape of Chat apps

Chat API is on the rise. There are multiple reasons why digital communication and chat SDK are now at the forefront of running businesses. Consider this – According to a stat, the world benefited from 3.3 billion smartphones. Within a span of 4 years, 2014 – 2018, the prices of cellphones dropped from $20 to $0.75. Yes! That instant access to communication at low cost with high end-technology is empowering people to do more things in less time… and that includes instant connectivity and technological affordability. Real-time chat has become the primary form of communication. With almost 7 billion conversations taking place daily globally, it is time to fully harness the power of chat apps by integrating the best of API with an efficient technical team for support. 

But on one hand, there are some challenges of create ios chat app or android chat app that one needs to pay attention to. Let’s discuss.

2. Business Chat App Challenges That Businesses Might Face

  • Scalability – Scale is a challenge with a gargantuan number of users. Network connectivity issues, global distribution and administration of users, chat message complications – all of these factors make glitches and errors as an everyday guest. That is exactly why a dedicated offshore should handle the software infrastructure, and turning to a scalable chat app solution is a favorable step.          
  • Security – Apps are prone to data theft, user information fraud, and several other issues – and discussing the security challenges in chat platform becomes even more crucial. Now that chat applications play a significant role across many industries, it is imperative to beef up on chat security. There are security compliance standards like HIPAA for healthcare, AES 256 encryption, Privacy Shield for US-EU transmission.
  • Integration – Well, Chat app integration challenges are something unavoidable. But, in 2021 these In-app chat APIs & SDK’s Solution has proven its worth by connecting billions of people across the globe regardless of them being communicating through any platform. Being a unique remedy for the biggest In-app chat challenge, they are too flexible to get integrated with any existing iOS, Android, and web application software. However, you can perform the integration without any coding knowledge, which is one among the highlight features.

3. Chat APIs & SDKs that Helps For Different Industries

A) On-Demand apps

The rise of on-demand apps has brought forward a new demand for chat application development. Anything from gifting your beloved a cake on specific dates, or voice-calling your cute pet german shepherd at home can now be done through such on-demand applications. The requirement for custom tools/features and a personal touch can be fulfilled by chat SDKs without having to spend much time or resources. 

B) Educational platforms

Chat app features like video-calling, voice recording, and screen sharing are transforming online education. It is ensuring more scale, access, and inclusivity of people from all over the globe. Integrating the platform (can be an educational website) with a chat API makes this easier. A chatroom for a physics lecture can host about 200 students chatting, sharing, and discussing the lecture at the same time. There can even be user profiles with distinct features and themes for additional customization. But do not forget the e-learning in-app chat challenges like translation issues, storage issues, and connectivity issues of course. They can be effectively solved by deploying a third-party chat API developer.

C) Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is completely, from the roots and the skies; changing its face. One can consult a doc, schedule appointments, monitor health, and create dosage reminders inside these healthcare apps. APIs for healthcare apps are easily available today and can be instantly integrated. Features within healthcare APIs like video calling, remote monitoring, user profiles, secure medical records, doctor profiles, and emergency services play a significant role. Though there are HIPAA compliance challenges like employee negligence, technical safeguard problems, and the forever evolving regulatory, the possibility of overcoming that is greater.

D) Social Community Platforms

Building your own social platform might be a challenge – but not with a trusted API provider. Modern chat APIs and SDKs are built to include modern features like creative emojis/stickers, chatrooms, themes, typing indicators, voice recorder, and several more. In-here too chat service provider challenges exist. You need to have a cloud platform to record and store chat messages with top-tier security. There needs to have end-to-end encryption to chat platforms because of the general consumer behavior patterns in this industry. 

E) Banking and Finance

Today one can pay, receive, or schedule payments within a click. Now the most important pillar of digital finance is security. It is, without a doubt, most necessary to have security and HIPAA compliance chat api for the banking app you develop. APIs can be built to be more secure and impenetrable. Sensitive things like account details can easily be prone to theft. Only a powerful, experienced, and trustworthy team of API providers must be given this task. Another important element here is trust. You can have a modern platform that instils more trust and increased goodwill from customers through this app.

4.  Some top growth stories of brands using chat solutions

  • Spotify (famous for unstoppable ads) communicates to users with its Facebook chatbot to instantly search and listen to music. 
  • Wall Street Journal pulls in more eyebrows by having its own chatbot that keeps people updated and sends relevant big news every day. 
  • Pizzahut maximized its business by allowing customers to order or even re-order through Facebook or Twitter.

Be it any industry, including a personal communication wing is only going to benefit the business and not the other way around. Even temporary issues like video-chat app challenges and difficult hurdles like HIPAA compliance can be tackled by an efficient digital infrastructure provider. The challenges of chat solutions exist and might be bitter to solve, but the promises are even greater and sweeter. The only way here is upwards. Hone your business today by integrating a chat platform with the best features.

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