MirrorFly Launches Flutter chat Plug-in in pub.dev for Next-Level Chat Experiences

Published On February 1st, 2024 Engineering

We’re truly elated to let you in on our magnificent engineering milestone: the release of our Flutter chat  plugin in pub.dev supercharging in-app chat integration in under 10 minutes.

As a value-driven organization, we quite understand the heavy lifting that software development teams do to help build seamless chat, voice, and video integrations. 

In fact, in most cases, maintaining a structured repository with adept version control and minimal code intervention quite easily falls into the top bucket of challenges faced by every in-app chat developer today. 

Gauging these present-day turbulences, our product team at MirrorFly set out to simplify the process of in-app chat integration with an intuitive approach using Flutter push to talk in the first place.

Need for pub.dev:

From a development perspective, managing the appropriate version history for all releases is one of the most crucial aspects of accelerating implementation across platforms. 

Especially in terms of in-app chat integration, nitpicking the right version helps maintain a seamless integration and also paves the way for enabling planned upgrades in the future as well. 

In tune with this burgeoning demand, our team has resorted to taking full advantage of pub.dev, an open-source repository management tool supported by Google that offers a new-age platform for storing and maintaining the right version of the code, thereby simplifying the deployment of Quicken Chat on all platforms. 

Flutter Chat Plug-in in pub.dev:

Fostering a developer-friendly vision within the realm of app development is instrumental for all thriving brands. 

And as a conscious effort, MirrorFly, the in-app communication provider, has unveiled its encrypted Flutter chat, voice, and video plug-in in pub.dev with the aim of cutting down the integration time from a whopping 1 hour to 10 minutes

This meticulous incorporation of the add-on component into the package management tool facilitates developers with quick access to a multitude of reusable components, libraries, and a channelized version control repository, thereby bringing ease to the comprehensive process of integration on the whole. 

These niche messaging features, equipped on a resilient infrastructure, built-in security aids, and flexible hosting options, pave a solid bedrock for businesses eyeing to get started with an in-app communication experience across verticals

By virtue of this endeavor, project teams can gain access to a deck of powerful messaging features from the get-go. 

Here’s a sneak preview of the core features:

  • Single/group chat
  • Forward messages
  • Message attachment
  • Document sharing
  • Group creation
  • File & media transfer, and more 

All in all, this carefully curated update helps software development teams refine their in-app chat integration proceedings within the shortest time possible across Android and iOS platforms. 

Build in-app chat in 10 minutes:

With this new enhancement in place, developers and businesses can get started with an in-app communication experience in under 10 minutes. 

Here’s presenting the 3-step integration roadmap for compounding successful developments.


  • Visual Studio Code or Android Studio
  • Dart 2.19.1 or above
  • Flutter 2.0.0 or higher

Get the process going by 

Step 1: Integrating the plug-in for Flutter 

  • Extract license key from MirrorFly console

Step 2: Install packages in the project 

  • Add below code to build.gradle
allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven {
            url “https://repo.mirrorfly.com/snapshot/”
Add following dependencies in pubspec.yaml
mirrorfly_plugin: ^0.0
Run flutter pub get command in your project directory 

Step 3: Import the plug-in with the below code

import ‘package:mirrorfly_plugin/mirrorfly.dart’;

Precisely speaking, the in-app chat integration roadmap has never been this easier. 

Follow this process to the tee alongside the initialization and sandbox registration process to help get started with sending and receiving messaging on apps in no time. 

And for more information on the update, feel free to check out our documentation and sample app

Onwards & upwards:

Well, this is truly a feather in our cap in terms of the accentuated agility and ease of use that this recent enhancement supports. 

And this significant upgrade puts us back on the map in terms of enabling resilient & agile implementations at every step of the way and with further developments underway, we are looking forward to turbocharging innovation on all fronts.

In essence, by reason of this meticulously planned engineering upgrade, MirrorFly will continue to facilitate groundbreaking developments on the lines of in-app messaging deployments across pivotal industry segments worldwide. 

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