How the Messaging Applications Revolutionize the Business Growth of Big Brands

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The distinct application bubble has burst!

A handful of years ago, most of the brands expected to have their own mobile applications to handle the businesses. Ranging from toys to potato chips, from cola to customer support, all these factors have changed a lot.

Messaging apps are creating a symbiotic relationship between brands and customers. The communication tool is the prime resource for globally recognized brands to evolve their business value. Nearly 70% of the major businesses demand messaging functionalities (Video, Voice & Text) are the key signature to communicate with the consumers.

Thus, messaging apps are provided with advanced features, tools, and functionalities from chatbots to payment methods, that businesses can use to reach consumers and monetize with it.

As we know that some top messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat have grown to draw a monthly active users base of around 4.1 billion in 2018 and is expected to tower higher by 18% in the upcoming years

In order to depict the revolution that Messaging apps have created so far, we have come up with some strategies and use cases of chat apps that helped some brands to leverage in the businesses.

Top Brands That Propelled Its Business Value with Chat Applications

Twitter Strengthened It’s Global Office Voice Connectivity & Saved 72% of Total Expenses on Voice Calls through SIP Trunking

  • Twitter, a top social networking platform gives voices to more than 310 million users across the globe have integrated SIP trunking for effective connectivity of voice call communication to its 35+ global offices.
  • With the Voice integration, Twitter simplified and enhanced it’s corporate telephony infrastructure to scale up voice networks in dozens across the countries.
  • With highly scalable API voice calls, Twitter built a scalable and flexible voice network that enables to connect 3,800 employees around the globe instantly.

Reddit Grew High with Person-to-person and Super Group Chat Features

  • The social networking app has 542 million monthly visitors utilize the chat functionality as the major factor for drawing a huge number of users and engagement.
  • Through In-app functionality, the user-to-user chat, community chat, chat rooms are amplifying the social app’s credibility that worths $1.8 billion.
  • The 3rd most visited website which provides direct messaging and supergroup chat functionality that connects millions of users in real-time with the integration of chat API.

Uber Enhances Ridesharing Experience With Real-time Call Functionality

  • With given 1+ billion rides, Uber runs in 58 countries. To amplify drivers’ connectivity with the rider, It introduced voice call integration with the Uber App.
  • The voice connectivity between the rider and driver drives the business ahead than the actual business value. The voice call feature also drives to make high-quality voice calls instantly to stay informed about the ride and diminishes the leaving of customers.

Instagram Towers It’s Growth of About 15% of Facebook’s Ad Revenue by Introducing Enriched Video Chat Feature

  • The only social -networking application experienced exponential growth from 1 million users to 800 million users within 7 years. The user can go in Live with any of the users in the high-quality video chat which puts Instagram at top of other social applications.
  • With chat integration, Instagram acquired 200 million visits every day. Thus, the enhancement in chat functionalities generated ad revenue of about $2 billion.

PUBG Maximizes the Collaboration & User Engagement 3x times of It’s actual Through Text & Voice Call Integration

  • The top most game which has over 3 million players since the establishment in 2017 which had less than 1 million active users. The chat functionality integration was considered as the major factor for its’ increasing of new players and concurrent users.
  • The mobile revenue of PUBG rose 365% which earns $6.1 billion gross worldwide. With it’s VoIP and chat integration, the combination generates high user-experience and engagement over 125%.

Behive Enrolls Chat functionality That Connects 1 Million users Globally

  • The US-based social community app empowers social interaction with concurrent users that uplifts the app’s engagement by 150%. The Chat API integration enriches the collaboration and discoverability of the community channels by reaching every user within the geographical area.
  • The successful integration of chat functionality amplifies the business value among local providers to easily access the entrepreneurs, social activists, and consumers.

Flipkart’s Ping In-app Chat Acquires 2.5 Million Users To Make Shopping a Social Activity

  • The chat app allows users to talk, chat with sellers in real-time in order to augment decisions on buying possibilities.
  • Ping drove 50 million registered users within 59 minutes which was considered as the highest user engagement. Thus, the engagement would bring 200% growth in Flipkart’s revenue Map.
  • Currently, the Ping is shutdown followed by the close-down of Flipkart’s image search feature where users can browse for specific products based on similar image upload.

Tinder Ignites 26 Million Matches with Real-time Chat

  • The world’s top dating app is equipped with a chat feature which enables the user to make one-to-one chat and meet new people. The 50 million users strong dating app is worth $4.8 billion market cap.
  • With chat integration, Tinder is expected to double its business growth more than $800 million in revenue in the coming years.

MirrorFly: The Frontier in the Messaging Application Market Simplifies Messaging & Improves Business Value

As time goes on, more and more brands understand how messaging apps are powerful and effective to their business growth. Before jumping into the world of a fine-sounding chat application, drive the communication strategy you opt to create. Being as a top-tier messaging solution provider in the market, MirrorFly empowers enterprises and individuals in building a chat application on Web and Mobile that adapts to any of the business purposes. We at MirrorFly, provide text, voice and video chat functionalities with futuristic features that expand the user experience your business demands.

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