MirrorFly Vs Layer API : Why It’s Necessary to Migrate To MirrorFly From Layer Chat

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We know that every chat solution has its own features and functionality while compared to others but selecting the ideal one that fits for our communication need is what matters. The same factor implies when it comes to MirrorFly and Layer, both the chat solutions help to integrate chat possibilities into an app or website.

The infrastructures used in both the solutions which powers the chat application is where the real similarities begin. In this article, we’ll walk through why MirrorFly is quite surpassing over Layer chat and remains as Layer alternative.

What is Layer?

The Layer is completely an end-to-end chat platform for mobile and web applications, more or less a Sass-based chat solution provider. The Layer chat tool focuses on customer care chat and other industrial-based chat requirements such as Marketplace, Ecommerce, Retail, Airlines and so on. Layer focuses on Enterprise chat applications with templated UI frameworks. The Layer API providing company is headquartered in San Francisco.

What is MirrorFly?

MirrorFly is absolutely a customizable chat solution provider headquartered in India and Regional offices in California and Atlanta. The chat solution offer feature-enriched Chat API and SDK for developers and enterprises to integrate chat features into mobile application or web. MirrorFly solution has 300+ in-house team experts to build a standalone chat app whatever the sector and industry it takes to.

Explore Some Premium Product Differentiators

Messaging – an Instant platform connecting millions at a time

Both the solution provides the core messaging functionality but when it comes to Group, MirrorFly has the potential to scale 2000+ users in a group across the web and mobile applications. Layer chat tool can withstand not more than 25 for a group and 250 for a web application. On the other hand, MirrorFly is designed in such a way that it can handle more than 1 million concurrent users across all the platforms. This makes MirrorFly more surpassing when it comes to scalability. Moreover, MirrorFly offers all the necessary features for businesses such as Direct, Private, Channels, etc.

Video Chat API – Real-time Communication Anywhere, Anytime

Being as the customer-centric chat solution provider, Layer chat tool focuses only on messaging and lacks in offering Video chat APIs. On the other hand, MirrorFly makes it more comfortable for enterprises and individuals to add video calling feature with its advanced Video call API product embedded with WebRTC. MirrorFly, alternative for layer API provides video conferences up to 50 participants where the user can host conferencing across the globe in high-quality interference.

Voice Call API – Sought-after Platform for Businesses to Market Overseas

As referred, Layer API doesn’t offer voice call APIs which is the prime feature for businesses to market and sell across the globe. MirrorFly offers its own Voice APIs to add voice call and conferencing feature into mobile apps and web. With VoIP and SIP integrations, MirrorFly lets enterprises to make clear and high-quality voice calls from app to carrier networks.

Channel Groups – Reach Thousands of Users Within a tap

Both the chat solution offers this unique platform to reach bulk users. Layer API supports distinct channel participation to deliver information to global communities. When it comes to curating open channels, MirrorFly stays ahead of this feature where Layer lacks in offering open channels.

Interactive Broadcasting – Heighten the engagement with high video, voice & live channels

With a single programmable interface, MirrorFly lets to add engagement factors into any platform irrespective of the industry to drive user retention. Layer lacks in offering such interactive broadcasting APIs. Layer Alternative, MirrorFly provides broadcasting APIs for voice, live video engagement at low latency at an average level of 200-600 ms.

Screen Sharing – Enhance the GoTo meeting and discussions for More Productivity

The Layer alternative, MirrorFly offers Screen sharing APIs to share the screen with other participants while handling the online meeting, webinars for more effective productivity in business. Layer API fails to produce such APIs which is more significant for any enterprise-level business.

Security – Prime Factor for Businesses

Layer offers quite outstanding security features and privacy certificates such as GDPR, HIPAA and about to implement SOC2. On the other hand, MirrorFly is built-in with end-to-end encryption and several authorizations to fortify the chat application from third-party penetrations. MirrorFly also offers HIPAA compliance to save the patient database when it comes to healthcare industries.

Pricing – Last but the Prime Resource

As the Layer platform doesn’t reveal the pricing but it’s expected to be based on Pay-per-usage. MirrorFly offers completely a one-time payment for the entire application with customization of features and functionalities irrespective of Web, Android and iOS. The Major benefit in MirrorFly, it believes in offering Unlimited usage of voice and video calls would increase the communication efficiency and productivity of the businesses.


With insightful information on both the solution providers Layer and MirrorFly, it’s quite understandable with Proof-of-concept that MirrorFly stands ahead of Layer API. MirrorFly, layer alternative surpasses Layer compared with Technologies, Scalability and Communication features that stand as the premium factors for enhancing your messaging experience irrespective of the industries.

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