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Published On June 21st, 2023 Product News & Updates

Applozic has recently announced that they’ll be shutting down their chat platform in April 2022. We know this is shocking news for their customers, as now they need checkout for some better alternative to applozic.

Well, here is the CONTUS MirrorFly team to help in an easy shift.

1.Supportive Migration

We take care of the entire migration process on behalf of our customer and migrate their account data over to our system.

2. Supportive Implementation

A dedicated team that’s ready to help all time! Our technical team has create a guided documentation on migration that ensures every Applozic customer to get with us easily.

How CONTUS MirrorFly can help

We want to first address our dedicated team of developers that’s available for you to answer all your queries – starting from backup, importing data to migration, you are guided with each and every step to move from Applozic safely.

Let’s have a look at some of our highlights that makes us standout in the crowd

1. SaaS (Cloud) or SaaP (Self Managed)

SaaS or SaaP? – To your surprise we offer both, all you have to do is make a choice on your business needs.

SaaS (Cloud) – here’s what we offer

  • Pay-as-you-go (monthly subscription)
  • 21-Days free trial
  • Easy migration/integration
  • Dedicated cloud
  • Get know more about at MirrorFly Pricing

SaaP (Self Managed) – here’s what you need to

  • Onetime Payment (no hidden charges)
  • For unlimited scalability and complete ownership
  • Unlimited voice call & video calling
  • 100% customizable
  • Dedicated cloud (Oncloud/onpremise)

2. Privacy & Security

We offer end-to-end security and real “PRIVACY” in policy. Our top most enterprise-grade security protocols ensure complete protection over all your conversation data. These security measures include AES-256, Spam flood protection, SSL security, TURN server, Two-way deletion, and much more.

3. Developer Friendly Platform

Our solution is highly compatible with all kinds of platforms like iOS, Android and web apps, that allows you to integrate our APIs and SDKs easily even if you migrate to us from some other provider.

With technology and programming languages, we are open to all – our simple and fully accessible source codes can get you everything you want in your app with simple changes.

4. High-end Reliability

Our real-time APIs are collaborated with the most advanced technologies to acquire world-class security, features, scalability and reliability ensuring high-end compatibility with low-latency, high-resilience and perfect bandwidth.

Comparison between CONTUS MirrorFly and Applozic

Here, let’s get to know more of CONTUS MirrorFly in terms of features that will make you pleased.

Chat FeaturesCONTUS MirrorFlyApplozic
One-to-one & group chatYesNo
Share files and multimedia animated GIFYesNo
Message status visibilityYesNo
Smart reply YesNo
Thread messages with instant Response YesNo
Proactive chat YesNo
Language translation YesNo
Cross-platform messaging YesNo
Chat room YesNo
Tabbed messages YesNo
Multiple login YesNo
Voice/Video Calling CONTUS MirrorFlyApplozic
One-to-one video & voice
Video conferencingYesNo
Video mirroringYesNo
PIP mode & call reconnectingYesNo
Option to switch to video call YesNo
Call monitoring & reportingYesNo
VOIP & SIP callingYesNo
Speech to textYesNo
Integrations & APIs CONTUS MirrorFly Applozic
UI kits & componentsYesYes
Chat widgetsYesNo
Custom integrationsYesYes
Client SDKsYesYes
Migration APIsYesYes
Push to talk APIYesNo
Security Protocols CONTUS MirrorFlyApplozic
End-to-end encryption YesYes
SOC 2YesYes
Spam flood protectionYesNo
Two-way deletionYesNo
Secure TURN serverYesNo
OMEMO encryptionYesNo
Support CONTUS MirrorFlyApplozic
Implementation assistance YesNo
Custom add-onYesNo
Service level aggrementYesNo
Custom feature developmentYesNo
Emergency supportYesYes

Hope, the above comparison table would have given you a better clarity with our all modes of communication. So, if you are ready let’s move across.

Ready to Moveon!

That’s Great! You can refer to our Migration documents for more details.

Of course, Our supportive team will always be your back to resolve all your queries straight away.

So, what are you waiting for!

Talk to us about your next step – We are just at your reach!

All the Best!

Start your migration over to MirrorFly today

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