How MirrorFly Bridges Human Connections for a New-age Family Driven Platform

Published On December 14th, 2023 Insights

Uplifting the quality of communication & strengthening familial ties are precisely the two prime factors that our coming-of-age client drew inspiration from. 

Predominantly, the overwhelming complexities in fostering care and companionship for the elderly incentivized into the creation of an on-demand family driven platform that goes all out to put an end to loneliness prevailing across households. 

Perhaps, bringing a sense of ease into this background through establishing powerful interactions unsurprisingly takes a lot to pull off. 

Hence, fulfilling this dire commitment of bridging human connections with conversations meant relying on a tech expert who intuitively understands the challenge and simplifies them with the power of robust technologies at all costs. 

The Challenge: Seamless Familial Connect in Clicks 

In an era of blended households, enabling effortless connection of senior folks with other members of the household is an obvious gap in itself. 

More so, the spur caused by the pandemic has created the need for eliminating real-world distances and mending the lines of loneliness with omni-channel communication capabilities across platforms. 

And being a value-driven app, the client was diligently hunting for an integrated messaging experience that puts a halt to the isolation woes and gets people connected instantaneously on applications. 

Solution: Interactive Experiences Built at Scale 

Understanding the evident lag in the setup, the client pursued the process of incorporating powerful communication features within their app in a leaner, user-friendly fashion. 

Thus, after discerning the vitality of in-app messaging for deepening connections within their app, their team went ahead with MirrorFly bearing in mind the stellar implementation capabilities on all use cases. 

Families experience

1. Forging Family Ties With Chat & Calls

In tune with this ideal, the client embarked on the journey of integrating interactive capabilities like chat and calls with the help of MirrorFly in under 20 minutes across platforms.

Detaching stress and anxiety from the ecosystem of elder care and fostering seamless chat and calling experiences was the core value proposition of our new-age brand.

Evidently, the compelling features supported by these SDKs paved room for hassle-free deployment of powerful messaging features with enriched UI, security and agility options right from the start. 

Limitless Conversations & Customization: 

The white-glove contact, group, sub-group customization alongside the core chat and call features rendered by our suite, enabled families to connect with their loved ones quite easily within their app. 

Simply put, every person within the app is termed as a member. And these instant messaging functionalities make it effortless for members to create specific groups/sub-groups, automate calls with scheduling options for easing interactions and helps to keep isolation and loneliness at bay. 

Besides, the app also provides exclusive personalization abilities like profile, group creation for users relying on tablet devices in view of enabling convenience all along. 

Raising The Stakes With In-App Communication

The resilient video, voice and messaging SDKs with proven ability to scale up to 1B+ conversations has helped the brand take a giant leap forward on all fronts. 

In short, the diverse in-app messaging capabilities aided by the platform has proved to be extremely pivotal for the client in the following aspects, improving the overall experience in manifolds – the results do speak for themselves. 

  • Brings families together with secure messaging
  • Caters easy video calls for the elderly 
  • Streamlines conversational needs in clicks
  • Enhances the care experiences with real-time voice & video 
  • Build a close-knit group for seniors 

2. Mending 50K+ Familial Contacts With Chat 

The one-of-a-kind app was driven with the sole intent of fortifying strong human connections and relationships beyond geographies. 

Comprehending this basic need, our product teams fixated on curating an agile chat experience for their fast-expanding community of elders and household members. 

Consequently, by virtue of proven agile mechanisms, our SDKs supported the deployment of rich interactive experiences viz chat and calls across all major platforms and devices

  • Android (Mobile and tablet)
  • iOS (Mobile)
  • Admin panel

Plus, the good news is that these demonstrated integrations has helped them scale upto 50K+ familial connections using full-fledged in-app messaging within their apps in one go. 

3. Bringing Conversational Security To The Table

The overlying influence of security implications on apps has urged our client to seek out a reliable chat infrastructure in the first place. 

Having well understood this prime need, our tech experts prioritized the incorporation of feature-rich conversational experiences in a secure and reliable environment by employing the below security best practices:

  • AES 128 encryption
  • JWT Token validation
  • 2-Factor OTP service and validation

The above key parameters along with the Firebase Crash Analytics integration has helped the client fortify conversational integrity on all fronts.  

Furthermore, the focus was also laid on deploying the features in a cloud-first environment with the help of AWS server for upping the ante in terms of performance, speed, uptime and overall security. 


Long-Lasting Relationships, Merrier Families – Exciting Prospects!

All in all, a stable and intuitively-built in-app chat & calling experience has been a massive turning point for our niche brand. 

Precisely, the enhanced agility, ease of deployment, user-friendliness of the diverse communication SDKs has not only helped the client build and nurture meaningful relationships but also has led to the creation of happier households for the seniors over time. 

Going forward with MirrorFly, the brand intends to curate a cohesive user experience for its fast-expansive community and is all set for exploring newer avenues that improve communication experience for the elderly folks at all walks of life. 

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