Can Developers Build Communication Experiences in 20 minutes?(Seems Possible With MirrorFly’s SDK)

Published On August 22nd, 2023 Tech Talks

In-app communication, a trend that was prevalent only with a few brands, has now gone mainstream, making it an all-new ball-game for the developer community.

“Still building voice, video & chat experiences on apps? When are we planning to hit the ground running?”

I’m pretty sure that every software developer would have heard this question a bazillion times until now!

In all honesty, regardless of whether you’re a developer eyeing to build/expedite native communication entities or quite the ones who hadn’t planned one yet but are most likely to – in both these cases, jumpstarting efficient in-app deployments evidently is a pressing need today.

So before jumping right in, a little background will help understand the value proposition of in-app communication alongside our practical 20-minute deployment roadmap.

In-app communication – Fancy appeal or Necessity?

Out of first-hand experience I’ve had over the years, I believe native communication is vital for all brands globally.

Quite evidently, most brands right now thrive on the power of community-led connections and the active conversations built within.

Safe to say that, in-app communication is the perfect solution for niche brands (be it social, healthcare, enterprise, marketplace etc) trying to empathize with users in view of augmented conversational appeal and an instant sense of connectivity. 

The Case of Video, Chat Implementations

Back in the day, when the messaging incidents were skyrocketing, we understood what it takes to build one from scratch, considering the many challenges it entails. 

This is exactly when my perception towards developing chat on apps took a giant leap for good.

Ergo, began our journey of simplifying communication capabilities onto apps! 

The ulterior motive to mitigate developer hassles galvanized us to diligently work on simplifying this process via an all-in-one interactive platform.

Presenting MirrorFly! 

An in-app conversational API & SDK suite crafted exclusively for developers to build and manage future-proof implementations on the move.

Engineered upon a rigid infrastructure, the cloud-ready solution upholds robust integration of 150+ features and houses 1B+ concurrent users effortlessly on all fronts i.e Android, web and iOS.

Now, if you’re wondering how effective it is, take it from me, it is as simple as it gets!

Ready to Get Started with Our Self-hosted Video, Voice & Chat Solution?
  • 100% Customizable
  • One-time License Cost
  • Hire Dedicated Team

All you’ve got to do is

Download! Integrate !! Launch !!! 

For building compelling communication capabilities on niche apps!

Hit the nail on the road with the 3-step framework for successful in-app implementations

  1. Download MirrorFly app from the preferred territory – web, Android or iOS stores
  2. Extract the requisite SDKs/UIKit based on your implementation need – video, voice, chat and follow the documentation, tutorials for swift deployment across platforms
  3. Once done, you’re all set to get started with your FIRST in-app call or message in less than half an hour!

Just so you know, building in-app communication is about to become a lot faster, agile and much easier! (with MirrorFly)

In-App Call & Chat Integrations, a <20-minute reality!

Being deeply-rooted to our core value proposition, I firmly believe that MirrorFly will definitely be a developer’s companion in building immersive and innovative chat experiences onto apps. 

Well, if you can build the best in-app conversational outlook in half-hour, then better think twice before making the implementation decision next time around! 

Gomathi Ramachandran

Gomathi is a product marketing buff, who is passionate about bringing meaningful strategies and approaches that redefines the modern messaging experience for users. She loves exploring the world of in-app communication with all of her heart.

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