MirrorFly’s Brand New “Twin Model” – What Businesses Ought to Know!

Published On March 26th, 2024 Product News & Updates

Revolutionizing and redefining the unified communication landscape has always been the prime focus here at  MirrorFly, and this time it’s no different. 

To ease business operability, affordability, and promote the convenience of the adoption of real-time chat, voice, and video call integrations into your apps, we at MirrorFly have come up with a brand new pricing model, that will evoke a better conversational ecosystem on all fronts, be it Android, iOS, or web. 

Cloud is what the future calls for! 

In line with this vastly popular hosting technology, we’ve restructured our real-time chat APIs and SDKs to be available via the cloud model. And the best part is, this is in addition to the self-managed model that is already in existence. 

Giving a wide sector of industries like healthcare, e-learning, social communities, retail shopping, financial services, remote contact centers, etc the freedom to choose between the two hosting solutions is what our recent introduction “Twin Model” is all about. 

And to make things clearer, here’s how we differentiate the offerings in each of our hosting models and how it can benefit your real-time communications at a larger scale.

Everything is at Enterprise-Grade

With 100+ brands across the globe choosing MirrorFly’s real-time chat experience, it is, without doubt, the cloud dimension also serves the best conversational solution in a professional outlook that resonates with your brand and identity.

White label, Customized UI & Metrics

With a large scope to customize every aspect of your chat infrastructure and its UI, the self-managed counterpart eases your journey to rebrand our APIs and SDKs in relevance with your app’s operations.

Affordable pricing across Chat + Voice + Video

To make the entire pricing feasible, no matter what features you wish to integrate into your app, the costs are affordable and don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Highly Scalable (1B+ Concurrent Users)

No matter how large your user base is, our platform supports an impeccable 1 billion+ concurrent users with a 100 ms response time and 99.999% uptime SLA which is indeed scalability at its best.

Flexible Monthly / Yearly Plans

Flexible pricing being the key, we’ve curated three different plans namely Essentials, Growth, and Premium, each starting at $99, $199, and $999 respectively.

One-Time License Cost

Take complete ownership of your chat integrations by means of a one-time fee and customize at your free will.

Centralized Administration

Via an admin dashboard that clubs almost every feature for efficiently managing your message, voice, and video interactions, you have complete control of your app at your fingertips.

Integrable Across Applications

Virtual collaborations are simplified as with MirrorFly you can communicate across channels and devices via cross-platform messaging and calling.

Personal Onboarding Services

Despite being a multi-tenant model, MirrorFly ensures you are provided with personal onboarding services in relevance with your needs.

In-House Teams

Leverage the expertise of our 300+in-house developers in every step of your unified platform’s launch.

Dedicated Customer Support

And to lend a helping hand, there are always our customer support wizards you can rely on during any stage of your onboarding, setup or scaling process.

End-to-End Support

Experience comprehensive assistance to make your app go live at the earliest with both pre-and post-launch support from our side.

Dedicated Cloud Deployment

Alongside dedicated deployment, you also get to choose your nearest or most preferred AWS geography and server region.

On-Premise & Cloud

With MirrorFly, garner hosting independence by choosing to deploy on cloud or on-premise depending on business requirements, security, and storage needs.

In essence, industries that rely majorly on round-the-clock interactions can now breathe a sigh of relief as we have all your messaging, audio, and video calling needs covered with two different pricing options at your own comfort and convenience.

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