How Live Broadcasting Can Boost Your Retail Business

Published On August 31st, 2023 Insights

Live broadcasting has swiftly become the next best thing in the world of e-commerce for many consumers. For the unaware, it is an exciting new trend termed as the Live commerce. It is a new form of online shopping where customers make purchases during live streaming video events.

This might sound similar to TV shopping during the 1980s, though with online live streaming, retailers can get rid of the hefty airtime and production costs of TV broadcasting and instead can use their prevailing social media channels to reach a worldwide audience.

Live Broadcasting mimics the experience of live shopping in a store. The stream will include embedded video, links to information on measurements or sizing, material, and quite a few ways to wear the product. It is combined with the best aspects of a live store experience with the comfort, convenience and speed of the conventional online shopping experience.

Influence of Live Broadcasting in Retail Industry 

Imagine increasing your brand experience by offering your consumers with a whole new way to interact with your brand. 

With interactive broadcasting, you can create weekly, monthly or daily live broadcasts of your latest products. Consumers love live broadcasts as they get to watch new product launches, express their opinions and also have the opportunity to purchase new products as soon as they roll out in the market.

Live broadcasting delivers retailers an authentic engagement experience with their customers by fashioning new ways to enrich their businesses.

Benefits of Live Commerce Streaming 

The benefits of live commerce streaming are huge, however, many of these are extensions of the promise of web-based eCommerce including increased brand presence, customer experience improvement, the tracking and measuring of marketing efforts, and customer loyalty.

1. Expands your Brand Presence

You can invite an indefinite number of customers from all parts of the world to view your latest products by going “live” directly from within your app. It thus increases your brand exposure and user engagement around the globe since you offer the customers a real-time communication platform with your brand.

live commerce streaming for iOS & android apps

2. Edge Over Competition 

Brands like Walmart, Kohls, J-Crew, Dunkin Donuts, Benefit Cosmetics, etc. are already taking advantage of live broadcasts by creating sneak peeks, product unveilings, how-to tutorials, behind the scene stories, and much more. If you’re looking for an immediate edge, then kick start your live broadcasting today and stand out from your competition.

3. Develops Customer Loyalty and User Engagement 

Live interactive broadcasting has become an important part of any e-commerce strategy. It is the new standard of online shopping in how retailers achieve instant engagement with their customers. Directed social media messaging, targeted email campaigns, and other sorts of inbound marketing can be used to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction.

You can engage your customers in meaningful communications like demonstrating the features, conducting Q & A sessions and showcasing product comparisons with the live broadcasting to engross your customers. And as a result, it will drive the customers to make immediate purchasing decisions.

4. Track and Measure Marketing Efforts

With live commerce, you can communicate with consumers through in-app chat, email newsletters, coupons, and paid media campaigns. Using capabilities like In-App offers, gamification, flash sales, discounts for sharing with other users and streak discounts you will be able to obtain vital sales information on how customers are responding to your broadcasting sessions. This sort of instant feedback will not only increase your short-term conversions but also aids you identify trends that can be used in additional monetization programs.

Live interactive broadcasting for web platform

5. Boosts Customer Experience

The influencer in the live streaming video acts as a customer service representative. They will demonstrate features, discuss how the product works in their daily lives, and answer customer pain points. They will also compare and contrast different products, and converse about the pros and cons of each product. The influencer is the brand ambassador of your brand who interacts directly with customers, helping the retailers to increase customer value and experience.

Best Choice for Live Broadcasting

Live interactive broadcasting has become an important part of any e-commerce strategy. It is developing as the new standard in how retailers achieve instant engagement with their customers. If you’re a retailer looking to stay ahead in the eCommerce marketplace, all you need is a platform that offers you the best broadcasting solution. 

CONTUS MirrorFly is all set to be an absolute helping hand for the ecommerce sector. You can start to organize and enrich all your products online and increase the business by using our solutions. 

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