Planning to build your chat app in Android? Thinking about moving with Kotlin but feel confused, as to how to execute further?

Then this is your space to explore! A complete guide that will help you to build android chat app with Kotlin.

Of course, I won’t stop here half way, I will also guide you as to how the entire technical process is carried over when there is a use of MirrorFly Chat SDK. This is to provide you a better understanding of the concept.

So, shall we move ahead to have a look

Kotlin: The Most On-Demand Programming Language To Build A Real Time Chat App In Android!

However, every android chat app development requires a programming language to get executed. These languages include Java, Kotlin, etc. We all know Java is the native one but do you know that Kotlin is the Google-endorsed programming language for Android chat app.

Kotlin is an official supportive language that combines both object oriented and functional programming features together.

According to GitHub’s Octoverse 2018 report and 2019 report, Kotlin was found to be the fastest and ‘first-class’ growing language

over the past few years when it comes to building the best chat app for website and mobiles. statistically, it has gained 1.1 million developers attention while building a chat app in Android.

Before unfolding the unrevealed technical part to create a chat app, let’s know about the need of kotlin in android.

Need Of Kotlin In Creating Simple Chat App In Android

Chat, one of the most common and ever needed features to be included in any mobile app. However, it differs in quality of need as whether it’s needed for a simple one-to-one chat or many other advanced functionalities.

Let’s have a quick glance on the points that specifies the need of kotlin in build an android

  • Provides a speech bubbles drawables.
  • Allows different layout items
  • Help creating a DataUIModel holding all the UI attributes.
  • Allows creating multiple item ViewHolder
  • Building multiple item Type Adapter
  • Creating the ViewModel “From Android Jetpack”.
  • Implies as how to use LiveData ”From Android Jetpack” update the adapter.

Now, you would have got an idea as to why kotlin could be a good choice. And now let’s see how it will be implemented in the technical terms to build a secure chat app.

Protocols To Develop Android Chat App Using Kotlin With MirrorFly Chat SDK

As we all know that the demand for real time chat applications on mobile is touching the sky. Of course, building a mobile chat application doesn’t have to be that difficult to implement.

Let’s have a technical approach towards building a chat app for android with kotlin using MirrorFly SDK.

If in case, when the name of a user is available with their country code (required only for mobile login), you can call them with the below mentioned syntex

                     ChatManager.setUserProfileName("John Wick");

Whenever a user decides to use mobile number for login by setting this above mentioned flag as ‘true’ using enableMobileNumberLogin(true) method in Chat SDK, then must provide the country code for the SDK in the form of 2/3 letter code (ISO Alpha-2)


Well, the above described are the beginning of some technical insights that takes place while build android chat app using Kotlin Chat SDK. is much more that still exists. I hope to get back to you soon with the rest of the technical process in my another blog , and take you to complete the entire session of how to create a simple chat app in android.

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