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High-end Voice Call Infrastructure Beyond Your Imagination

Build a Real-time Communication capabilities with Programmable Voice APIs for developers to create a custom voice calling experiences

Integrate Programmable Voice Features Into Anything You Build

Build an engaging voice chat platform by integrating voice APIs that connect people on their preferred communication channels anytime, anywhere.

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Group Voice Calling

Group Voice Calling

Stay connects with multiple users across any platforms in real time with an advanced option of server-side voice call recording for a centralized voice conference experience.

Call Transfer

Call Transfer

Allow users to customize the call transfer option based on their needs using a variety of functionalities of contact center like warm/assisted or cold call transfer for better quality call service.

Callback Service

Callback Service

Creates a phone queue using voice call back that enables the users to choose options based on their inquiry and avoid users call hold time efficiently with no more waiting.

Call Masking

Call Masking

Displays a designated phone number on users outbound calls where callers can only see the user's set ID, this ensures complete privacy with anonymization of user's phone number.

Voice-Based Alerts

Voice-Based Alerts

Provides broadcast personalized recordable alerts and notifications to the users and allows them to create their customizable reminders with interactive custom APIs.

Automated Voice Message

Automated Voice Message

Manage your users by delivering them recorded voice messages within minutes, to make them updated with the events via instant notifications, reminders and alerts at your comfort.

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Explore, Connect, and Interact with No Limits

Programmable building blocks to build impressive connections with voice chat across devices & platforms, anytime, anywhere.

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Top-Notch Quality with Cross-Platform Support

Add customizable voice calling APIs for an excited and Impactful connections across any device

Our programmable Voice API builds meaningful connections with longer user engagement across any cross-platform. With VoIP and SIP calling integration, you are free to reach people and manage calls around the world on apps, web browsers, mobile phones, and landlines.

We support you to build a robust real-time communication platform with high-quality voice call infrastructure for better voice chat experience - altogether in a single plate.

Reliable & Scalable Voice APIs Designed for Developer

CONTUS MirrorFly! Build for developers provides the most revolutionized programmable voice APIs to automate every business needs using WebRTC technology. Our user-friendly, scalable voice APIs get you to count and support all your customer needs across any platform and channel.

Our user-friendly, scalable voice APIs get you to count and support all your customer needs across any platform and channel. Whether your app users are on SIP, VoIP or PSTN, we aim to connect everyone globally around the clock.

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  • iOS
  • Web
  1. @Override
  2. public void onCreate() {
  3. super.onCreate();
  4. //initialize call sdk
  5. CallManager.init(this);
  6. CallManager.setCurrentUserJid(SharedPreferenceManager.instance.getCurrentUserJid())
  7. CallManager.setSignalServerUrl(SIGNAL_SERVER_DOMAIN);
  8. CallManager.setJanusWebSocketServerUrl(JANUS_WEBSOCKET_SERVER_DOMAIN);
  9. CallManager.setCallActivityClass(CALL_UI_ACTIVITY.class);
  10. CallManager.setIceServers(ICE_SERVERS_LIST);
  11. CallManager.setMissedCallListener((isOneToOneCall, userJid, groupId, callType, userList) -> {
  12. //show missed call notification
  13. });
  14. CallManager.setCallHelper(new CallHelper() {
  15. @NotNull
  16. @Override
  17. public String getDisplayName(@NotNull String jid) {
  18. return ContactManager.getDisplayName(jid);
  19. }
  20. @Override
  21. public void sendCallMessage(@NotNull GroupCallDetails details, @NotNull List users, @NotNull List invitedUsers) {
  22. CallMessenger.sendCallMessage(details, users, invitedUsers);
  23. }
  24. });
  25. ChatManager.setCallService(WebRtcCallService.class);

  1. //initialize call sdk
  2. CallManager.setCurrentUserId(UserDefaultsManager.shared.getCurrentUserId());
  3. CallManager.setSignalServerUrl(SIGNAL_SERVER_DOMAIN);
  4. CallManager.setCallViewController(CALL_UI_VIEW);
  5. CallManager.setViewToPresentController(VIEW_TO_PRESENT);
  6. CallManager.setIceServers(ICE_SERVERS_LIST);

  1. const initializeObj = {
  2. xmppSocketHost: `HOST`,
  3. xmppSocketPort: `PORT`,
  4. ssl: `SSL`,
  5. encryptKey: `ENCRYPT_KEY`,
  6. apiBaseUrl: `API_URL`,
  7. signalServer: `SIGNAL_SERVER_URL`,
  8. callbackListeners: {},
  9. };
  10. await SDK.initializeSDK(initializeObj);

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