What is a Messaging API?

A messaging API is a robust tool used by developers to enable two-way communication between the app and its users. Additionally, an API helps them to create interactive user experiences by integrating multiple messaging functionalities into a single interface.

  • Real-time chatting
  • Push notifications
  • Presence indicators
  • Receive delivery reports
  • Send & receive messages

And by using a secure messaging API, developers can relieve themselves from the burden of developing a secure backend system for chat apps, as our APIs and SDKs come packed with E2E and AES encryption mechanisms.

Benefits of Messaging APIs with a Variety of Industries

MirrorFly’s instant messaging APIs (both cloud and self-hosted SDKs) have proven to offer abundant benefits to businesses and developers, in the following ways:

  • Adding real-time communication capabilities like topic-based chats, 1:1 chats, or group chats in 10 mins.
  • Improving app engagements and retention rates by offering 500+ call and chat features.
  • Accommodate growing user base without compromising on latency.
  • Offer 100% customization on all the features to deliver personalized user experiences.
  • Brand chat apps with businesses' branding elements to reflect their identity.
  • Avail complete and lifetime ownership of our source codes for a one-time license fee.
  • Build a self-managed custom security solution for improving app security.
  • Get the flexibility to host apps on our cloud servers or on the business's on-prem infrastructure.
  • Hire a dedicated team to look after the integration process.

And there are simply more.

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