What is a Messaging API?

Messaging API refers to any particular service that allows the developers to apply several messaging technologies into an application using a programming interface.

Messaging APIs are typically provided by third-party providers that make use of global carrier networks to add these powerful traditional SMS, MMS, tool-free and group messaging functionalities to an application in addition to modern chat APIs. Whenever a developer is using a Messaging API, they don't have to develop any backend system for any common messaging channels, as here the entire infrastructure will automatically get ready for use as per the PaaS cloud model.

Benefits of Messaging APIs with a Variety of Industries

Whether it's a start-up or an internet giant organization with a lot of demands, the messaging APIs are targeted to scale multiple needs of any business.

One of the most essential functionality of a Messaging API is to offer bulk SMS services especially for marketing purposes, with which the businesses can send promotional offers directly to the customer's on their mobile phones. Also they can stay connected with their customers via regular SMS notifications and alerts on current events, updates, tracking details of products delivery or courier service, etc. One of the major benefits of SMS notifications and alerts when compared to the web-based notification is that these SMS are supported on all SIM-enabled devices like tablets, IoT harward with GSM, etc., which is the coolest thing ever.

However, these Messaging APIs will have all the tools that are needed to send and receive SMS or MMS from within the application. Still, they allow the programmable functions to send the messages to the individual customer. Under a unified programming toolkit, these messaging APIs have been considered to be more than SMS services as they include IP- or HTTP-based messaging capabilities for social media and chat APIs.

Moreover, the technical terms specify these Messaging APIs to be within W3C specification as it focuses on how to send, access and manage the SMS/MMS messages on a client device.

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