What is meant by Push Notification?

Push notification is a type of pop-up message that appears on the user's current interface irrespective of their devices such as browser or mobile. These push notifications serve as a quick communication channel for the businesses to convey their messages like special offers, updates, etc., to their customers. These messages may either begin from a local application's backend or remotely in the cloud, that wholly depends upon the application being used.

The feature entails all kinds of programming techniques to push a notification to the frontend UI, despite the currently used app. Whether it’s in the form of pop-up banners, dialogues, or any other specification, the major role of these push notifications is to grab the user's attention.

Role of Push Notification in Variety of Businesses

Push notifications are mainly considered at the places where there is a need for timely notification. For instance, in a mobile chat app where the user wishes to be notified about the newly arrived messages to make a quick response.

However, in businesses the appearance of these push notifications may vary as per the circumstances - as both online/offline messages i.e. For a news website they can be used to display latest events and articles for online readers, whereas can also be utilized as an offline reminder for calendar events. In layman terms, these push notifications can be referred as an effective medium for the businesses to have their customers engaged, even when they are not on their site.

If we have a look at the history of push notification - it was the Apple company that made the first attempt of introducing and implementing the idea of push notification using the technology aptly named as Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). Although, Google also uses Push Notification in the similar way using Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) infrastructure. But, with Microsoft, it’s quite different as it worked with their own API implementation for Windows 10 and Xbox.

Various Types of Push Notifications

  • Web Push Notification
  • Desktop Push Notification
  • Mobile app push notifications
  • Wearables's Push notifications
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