How MirrorFly Scales Up Performance & Security With Pagination, GDPR & HIPAA? 

Published On May 3rd, 2023 Engineering

Elevating the security and performance quotients of our in-app communication offerings has been our foreground ever from the beginning.    

And as an integral part of our product pipeline, we’ve purposefully carried out pagination upgrade for optimal performance and re-architected our application with robust security standards viz GDPR, HIPAA entirely on all fronts – Android, iOS and Web.

Read on to know how these carefully engineered enhancements foster developer-first voice, video and chat implementations for creating supreme user experiences on apps.

MirrorFly’s SDK Pagination – A Primer!

A crucial metric that largely influences the performance of any application is its speed.

Especially, when it comes to building in-app communication experiences, handling a sizable amount of recent data like chat history (per say 200) often affects the app’s performance adversely, causing device slowness, increased memory utility and load time. 

Bearing in mind these ideal consequences, we’ve paginated our SDKs to precisely manage chat listings of any size and scale on all platforms – Android, Web, and iOS.  

This latest performance upgrade aids developers to build in-app experiences that retrieve & display the most-recent messaging data on any app, whilst tackling performance hassles at ease. 

Besides, speaking of the screen resolution, one can also customize the data offset settings as per their unique business preferences across devices (Tablet – 50/page, Laptop – 75/page, Smartphone – 20/page) to achieve the ideal in-app scaling effortlessly.

In short, with the paginated SDK setup in place, modern brands can develop better in-app communication experiences that optimizes memory utilization, amplifies load time and overall performance, fostering an immersive collaborative experience for users.  

MirrorFly’s Re-architected GDPR Compliance:

In light of the mounting stress on data privacy and its awareness amongst users, GDPR, the EU data protection norm has become the vital security constituent for every business lately. 

As a thoughtful practice of aiding GDPR-compliant in-app communication deployments, we’ve re-architected our application in its entirety to fortify personal data at all costs.

Here’s presenting the compliance checklist that all our sample apps, SDKs and demo codes will be entitled with:

  • Personal data encryption
  • Updated terms and conditions with configurable link
  • Optional user data collection (Name, email, phone number)
  • Contact us form for receiving concerns
  • No display of stored contact names
  • Permission popups for consent-based data collection
  • Deletes all copies of personal data 

Eventually, by virtue of this compliance, app developers can leverage the revamped application to engineer GDPR-compliant, secure voice, video and chat experiences on any app regardless of the niche. 

Making MirrorFly HIPAA Compatible:

Standing by our commitment to enable enhanced data privacy and security for the healthcare customers, we have consciously revamped our application in line with the standard HIPAA compliance norms. 

In line with the elevated standards of regulations in the medical realm, MirrorFly as an application is now HIPAA compatible to prioritize and guard crucial healthcare information of patients across the globe. 

As a result, the application on its whole including the SDKs, demo code, sample apps etc will comply with the following checklist going forward:

  • Implementation of strong password policies
  • PHI (Protected Health Information) data backup and access restrained to only authorized users
  • Local data encryption 
  • User identity no-longer revealed for call & message push notification
  • Encryption of media files before storage and decryption while in use

This implies that modern programmers & teams can engineer HIPAA-compliant voice, video and messaging experiences across platforms – Android, Web and iOS effortlessly. 

How Can Product Teams Take Advantage Of This?

Adhering to the increased data privacy expectations and facilitating improved in-app performance is a prerequisite for every developer today.

Ergo, by virtue of these precise enhancements and performance upgrades, MirrorFly helps product teams in developing unique in-app communication experiences that are not only HIPAA, GDPR compatible but also ensures optimal performance of voice, video and messaging capacities across all tech stacks. 

Gomathi Ramachandran

Gomathi is a product marketing buff, who is passionate about bringing meaningful strategies and approaches that redefines the modern messaging experience for users. She loves exploring the world of in-app communication with all of her heart.

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