MirrorFly’s UIKit SDK For Android, iOS & Web: Build Chat Experiences In A Whim

Published On July 27th, 2023 Engineering

Strengthening the chat foundation for millions of developers and product teams across the globe and tech stacks has always been our ulterior motive. 

In tune with this unparalleled vision, we at MirrorFly have recently developed a powerful component, one that powers billions of conversations on a rich user interface- UIKit SDK.

These consciously curated aids play a major role in easing messaging implementation & empowers programmers to build appealing and feature-rich experiences seamlessly on all fronts – Android, Web & iOS.

Sounds fascinating? Well, get ready to gain knowledge on everything about this powerful design aid, core components and features supported amongst niches.

The “What, Why & How” Of UIKits:

It is quite certain that everything on apps starts with a great user interface. 

Being a developer-first organization, we understand the obvious gap between the “vision in mind” and “design rendered” especially true with any in-app feature or communication experience.

Comprehending this underlying challenge, we’ve cautiously rolled out UIKit SDK to streamline development and design process of in-app messaging at play.

This interactive entity offers numerous customization opportunities to help bring envisioned features to life in a compelling and hassle-free way; plus it also goes well with major tech stacks and is invariably the fastest way to build apps that are reflective of a brand’s voice, tone today. 

Why MirrorFly’s UIKit SDK ?

Fundamentally, our UIKit SDK is a collection of reusable design entities that makes integration of core messaging features into new or existing apps easier than ever. 

The heart and concept of this recent release is plain and clear – facilitate better DX and quicken chat deployments with built-in UI elements

With access to 100+ mobile screens, 70+ web screens, 107+ components, 90+ icons, endless themes, colors, font and other entities, the plug-and-play design tool kit powers creation of compelling in-app UI tailored to the unique needs of every use case – elearning, enterprise, marketplace, healthcare, social communities, transportation/delivery BFSI etc. 

In a nutshell, this fully-featured design entity fosters pixel-perfect design, built-in logic and custom capabilities to help one unlock greater control of the look and feel of apps without breaking a sweat.

Built-in Kit For Every Platform:

Irrespective of the project and magnitude, our ideal design kit in combination with the style guides and UI workflows refrains developers from creating layers of UI customization for features from scratch. 

Moreover, this in turn reserves their time and energy towards crafting unique experiences in a flash thereby giving users the modern messaging experience that they demand. 

As part of this roll out, our pre-built kit supports a wide range of in-app messaging features on Android, web and iOS apps and is also compatible with web, angular, new.js and react.js frameworks. 

Here’s presenting the overview of features backed up by our SDK UIKit across platforms:


Supports a varied set of features catering to private as well as group chat incidences:

  1. Group Creation
  2. Forward Messages
  3. Image Attachment
  4. Document Attachment
  5. Reply feature
  6. Forward feature
  7. View/update profile
  8. View other user’s profile
  9. Recent chat – search option
  10. Message information


Powers a multitude of features adhering to one-to-one and group messaging experiences:

  1. Group Creation
  2. Delivery status, Online presence, Typing indicator, Last seen
  3. Recent chat with badge count
  4. Complete Layout Customization
  5. View own profile

By and large, the chat app core design features aided by the kit powers robust integration of messaging incidences such as live, community & real-time support features on all apps – efficiently. 

Make apps more engaging with UIKit SDK :

Building a compelling in-app messaging experience has never been this easy. Amp up your development with comprehensive design capabilities to give your niche & developers the power of setting up elegant interfaces in minutes. 

The setup hardly demands a learning curve – all one has to do is follow the below steps for effective deployment. 

  1. Download the chat SDK UIKit for your platform
  2. Integrate compelling design elements using docs

Built For Developers, By Developers

The first phase of a brand-new SDK UIKit only speaks volumes about our relentless perseverance towards minimizing the burden off developers and giving users what they want – a flexible & easy-to-use chat interface.

With plans to accommodate a wider range of new-age frameworks and features in the pipeline, we’re looking forward to constantly uplifting our kits to truly fulfill the needs of the development community crafting agile in-app communication experiences of tomorrow.


Sadhana is an avid reader and passionate writer who loves to pen down her thoughts on all things tech and new-age communication. Being a new-gen millennial herself, she loves creating mature, precise content that transcends better across the board.

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