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This is something unusual seen everywhere about Zoom when the entire world is working from home.

With millions of people all over the world working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak, the overall business for Zoom video conference software is booming. As the number of sign-ups increases day by day, the usage of Zoom video calls and video conferences has seen a huge impact. 

video conferencing app growth

Since the transition of employees to working from home options, Zoom’s biggest selling point, video calling had exponential growth for the past 3 months, it had to encounter some woes in the security and privacy policy. 

But, before getting into the detail about Zoom, let’s have a brief intro over to have more clarity,

Let’s have some Insight about Zoom, before deep-diving into it!

As we all know that Zoom is one of the cloud-based video communication apps that provides you to set up video conferencing as well as audio calling, webinars, screen sharing, live chats, and other collaborative abilities.

Apps like zoom do not need an account to join the meeting session via the app, instead can just join the meeting by downloading and clicking on to the meeting link and get into the loop. It is compatible with Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, Mac.

Moving over with the security issues,

Security Researches Found Multiple Loopholes In Zoom’s Data Privacy

When 70% of web-based services are working from home, Zoom has been the handy video conferencing software for meetings.

The video conferencing app experienced almost 10 million to 200 million daily active users in March, this began to turn up Zoom’s privacy and security loopholes.     

The digital privacy organization, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) found some interesting pitfalls of privacy and security in Zoom’s video conferencing platform.

  • The meeting’s host has the ability to track participants’ attentiveness. 
  • If you record any of the calls, the admin of the call or the organization can access all the content.
  • Admins of every meeting can access and capture all the data such as IP address, Operating system, location and device information of each participant

Later in the month, several posts issued with reports stating so many complaints on its security and privacy. Researchers found in the recent month, Zoom’s iOS app was found sending secret data to Facebook or other third-party sites for advertisement purposes.

Some Security & Privacy Pitfalls Reported on Zoom’s Video Conference Software

  • Windows password stealing
  • Malware-like behavior on Mac Softwares
  • Distribution of Profile photos and Email addresses
  • Sharing of personal data to advertisers

Since Zoom is dealing with many issues particularly privacy that has plagued across large online communities, the Founder and CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan has published a blog stating

We recognize that we have fallen short of the community — and our own — privacy and security expectations, for that, I am deeply sorry.” Eric Yuan said in a blog post

So with all these Pitfalls should You Use Zoom Video Conference App?

Zoom video conference software experiences several pitfalls in security and privacy, finding an alternative to Zoom is the utmost solution for enterprises to run their businesses. Without end-to-end collaboration, meetings in businesses, there is no productivity or efficiency from your employees.

For Businesses Who Care About Security & Privacy in Your Video Conferencing App, Here’s An Enterprise Solution To Tackle All the Privacy Related Issues

There’s always an alternative solution for every issue. The industry is overflowing with a wide range of video conferencing platforms, but choosing the best zoom alternative conferencing platform for video conference is a complex thing that every business is experiencing now.

To discover an alternative solution to the Zoom video conference api, here comes MirrorFly, an enterprise messaging solution that offers video calling and video conference platforms to businesses and enterprises. 

MirrorFly – An Enterprise Video Conference/ video calling solution for Businesses

MirrorFly is a SaaP-based messaging solution with APIs & SDKs that offers video conferencing and video call api with on-premises/cloud hosting possibilities. Being a ready-made white label video conferencing solution, it also provides the option of data storage on your cloud infrastructure too. The enhanced features of the video conferencing solution offers the capability to host conferences with over 100+ participants. 

In the current market, MirrorFly’s best white label video conferencing software solution is considered to be an ideal alternative to the Zoom video conference app where it supports multiple industries and is equipped with security protocols.    

Secure Videoconferencing Solution

The Saas-based video conferencing solution helps to customize the video conference platform based on your industrial conferencing standard. MirrorFly offers Premium features that are most effective that free video conferencing platforms.

On top of everything, MirrorFly video conference solution is a one-time payment solution for all the features, functionalities, use cases and user base counts.

MirrorFly offers,

  • Upfront, completely one-time payment for your entire video conferencing Solution.
  • Absolutely customizable for any feature and functionality irrespective of platforms.
  • Self-hosting to cloud-hosting, analytics is possible!
  • Adding participants limit up to 2000(in case of large meetings).

The Security & Privacy Standard of Video Conferencing Solution That You Can Rely On Without Any Second-thought

Security & Privacy Standards Industries We Support
End-to-end Encryption Healthcare Video Conferencing (Doctor-patient)
COPPA, HIPAA & GDPR Compatibility Conferencing for eLearning & Education
512 Encryption Video Conferencing for Recruitment Process
Robust Authorizations Video Conferencing for Recruitment Process
OMEMO Encryption Conferencing for Internal Meetings (IT Organizations)
Full Data Ownership Video Conference for Banking
Conferencing for Government Sectors
So, What’s Your Next-step To Connect Your Employees Securely Using an Enterprise Video Conferencing Platform Than Zoom Video Conference?

Zoom’s current set of problems such as security and privacy issues had imprinted its reputation, but if the company acts swiftly in a transparent manner to solve the issues, the company can regain its reputation and market.

Your company’s information and productivity are more significant than anything else during this COVID-19 crisis. Offering a secure and reliable video conferencing platform to your employees and business is the utmost objective for any business whose employees are working remotely. 

Zoom Alternative- Video conferencing App

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