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Published On October 13th, 2023 Insights

Facilitating an interactive secure atmosphere amongst the doctors-healthcare professional environs – tells the innovative story of our joint venture  pioneering the client’s involvement in scaling up healthcare-related communications at a large pace since the time they partnered with us. 

Put up across international borders primarily, the largest independent community platform with its diverse set of services like affiliations within colleagues in medical profession, keeping them informed with latest news, clinical updates, etc has scaled up 5K users, tagging the power of clinical-based collaboration beyond boundaries.  

Well, bringing this inter connectivity between medical professionals, earning CPD points quickly, & to proivding detailed insights into day-today clinical practice wasn’t accomplished in a day.

Yet, this magnificent triumph in every way vitalized the urge to establish ample interaction opportunities that’s implanted within their app – one which fosters cognitive communicative exchanges between health practioners across all platforms. 

The Imperative Challenge – Redefining Doctor Affiliation Experiences Virtually On Apps

The growth of a doctor-based community platform filled with varied specialists and clinicians, majorly relies on intuitive communication potentilities established within applications. 

However, priory to crafting such peaked engaging community experiences, the client had faced major difficulties in streamlining the peer discussions within their territory, which raises the question of staying connected regardless of where they are. 

And on their quest to qualitate safe in-app communicable experiences, the client was inclined to incorporate interactional features with the assistance of a powerful tech partner, making things seamless and comprehensible. 

Ideal Solution: A Unified In-App Interactional Standpoint 

Being a user-driven brand, the client had the key understanding of the importance of setting up a digital infrastructure enhanced with collaboration tendencies within the in-app solutions. Indicating one that rightfully gets to have direct interaction channel between teams and have enriched brand-audience communication. 

Upon meticulous evaluation of in-app communication providers, they eventually decided to partner with MirroFly, accredited with its empowering track record in bringing about 1B+ interactions and unbelievable assistance across several verticals.  

Syncronising Internal Communication Exchange With In-App Chat 

In attachment to their interior communication strategy, the customer had started with the initialization of external chat, video & voice calling application in order to share latest pharmaceutical-based insights within the group and in open forums. 

In a due course of time, it proved to be a great relief in channelizing events, updates on medical data along with rigid-structure security protocols that strengthened their business in all areas – Web, Android & iOS.   

At the bottomline, the flexible messaging API facilitated by MirrorFly have supported smooth implementation of unique features, thereby aiding communication between pharma specialists in a trice. 

Particularly, the one-to-one as well as group chat & calling experiences implementation has played a dominant role in transcending better communication possibilities within ever-widening community via 

  1. Customized interchange of talks & real-time support for practitioners 
  2. Organized group channels for immersive clinician-doctor discussions
  3. Media file exchanges to share latest healthcare updates 

Preferably, as a consequence of the multipurpose communication digital experiences introduced, they were able to tackle 5K users simultaneously with zero hassles. 

Scaling Up Engagability With Voice & Video 

Creating an tight-knit connections and stabilizing conversational flow that feels natural & intuitive was the prime need for our medical-based platform. 

Gauging the situation, our internal teams analyzed their exact critical needs and provided them with customized voice, video SDK to get started at a rapid pace. 

By and by, these no-lag calling capabilities furnished by the meticulous integration fortifies one-of-the-kind set preferences of the client thus enabling doctors to 

  1. Call in for one-on and group calling sessions
  2. Supports direct interactions that vitalizes collaborations 
  3. Schedule sessions in batch for a max of 8 participants 

albeit enhancing continuity and consumer gratification rates altogether. 

Marching Forward With a Top-Class Communication Solution 

Our team of tech professionals started the cloud-based implementation gradually across all platforms keeping increased agility and security in mind.

High-end protocols like HIPAA compatibility & GDPR compliance across the in-app communication infrastructure has contributed immense benefactors such as reliability, high performance, confidentiality, uptime, etc at any case. 

In a brief, the combination of the combative security and compliance standards guarantee stability and efficient functioning of the application for the longer period of time. 

Outcome: Boosting The Pharma-Based Interactions With Voice, Video & Chat 

Without any doubt, the seamless integration of video, voice, and chat features into the client’s app has connected medical professionals, pharma sales reps, & other enhancing prospects for agile collaborations and live engagement amongst their communities. 

Later, the perfect association has assisted them to eliminate the physical presence for business continuity and powered them to virtually remain connected through these dynamic mediums, anywhere, at any moment effortlessly.

Now with MirrorFly’s assistance, the brand has placed their doctor-based communications on a levelled up plateau & marking itself as the critical differentiators in their industry to equip clinicians within their community online.  

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