How to Build a Successful Consultation App? There’s an Idea for that! Actually, There Are 3!

How to build consultation app

Right from business consultation to doctor consultation, everything is turning out to be within the indoor steps amidst COVID-19. Irrespective of sectors, consultation services have been in demand and most of the consulting services have extended their services from local to global.

Consultation services and websites like online doctor consultation apps, e-learning apps, business consultation apps expands their core consultation into virtual.

The virtual consultation has gained a huge spike since every business operation is online.

Although most of the consultation apps or software are armed with default features like appointment scheduling, calendar, and reminders on appointments.

More than default features, consumers demand instant and virtual solutions during this pandemic. Some virtual features like video calls, Group calls, Real-time chat, Screen sharing creates more impact and efficiency for consultation business providers to excel.

build consultation app with real time messaging solution

So from the above infographic, it’s much clearer that a consultation application is not perfect without having any feature that creates direct communication within the consultation app users.

Some Virtual Features for Consultation Apps to Integrate

1. Peer-to-peer Video Calling

With WebRTC peer to peer enabled video calling, business professionals can make virtual interaction with their clients/customers right from their own devices like Smartphones and desktop to stay protected and avoid travel exposure.

2. Group Calls

Professionals can interact directly with their customers or clients or a branch of stakeholder over video or voice group calls. Virtual discussions can be achieved through such group calling features.

3. Real-time Chat

With real time chat API, professionals can interact over chat with clients and make quick decision-making. This creates  a secure room to exchange messages in a private environment where all the conversations are end-to-end encrypted.

4. Screen Sharing

Business professionals can make interactive sales presentations to stakeholders right from their desktop without even visiting the client’s premises. This gives a huge advantage to advisors to reduce the travel cost and time.

5. File Sharing

This enables you to share legal documents, proposal estimations, elearning syllabus and more through a secure and encrypted server.

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How Does In-App Communication Features Work for Various Consultation Apps

Let’s Start with How to Build Doctor-patient Consultation App

An online video chat with a doctor or physician is the need of an hour today during the pandemic situation. Now telemedicine apps are in the surge to help patients to connect with thousands of doctors and wellness providers on-the-go. During this pandemic, online doctor consultation apps offer adequate healthcare treatments to patients over video calls to keep the massive people stay informed on the instructions. 

To add an extra bit of worthiness to the doctor-patient consultation apps, the consultation app development companies can include real-time features like video calling, voice calling, one-to-one chat, file sharing to increase interactiveness between the doctors and patients.

real time messaging solution for healthcare, medical & hospital  industries

Some Effective Benefits That Doctor-Patient Consultation Apps Can Experience

  • More than scheduling appointments, creating online interaction chances such as individual chat, group chat can increase the retention of the consultation app.
  • To increase the trustworthiness of the software and getting the solution instantly, video chat between doctors and patients can reduce the traveling cost and get treatments instantly.
  • A VoIP based voice calling feature within the consultation app can be cost-effective and reduce the burden of Call/SMS charges.
  • To improve the treatment, the sharing of prescriptions to patients after the call can increase the diagnosis.

Major Features for Doctor-patient consultation Apps To Improve Patient Engagement

1. Medical Progress Tracking

The objective of every medical treatment is to monitor and keep track of its progress. Collect medical data and provide treatment progress to patients within the application through treatment history of shared files, X-rays & Prescriptions.

2. One-to-one Video Chat for Doctor Patient Communication

Efficient communication with patients increases patient satisfaction and treatment efficiency. With video calling features in medical consultation apps, increase the app’s user retention and creates convenience for patients to have face-to-face interaction with doctors.

3. Instant Personalization

Going real-time instantly will enable patients to get immediate help on treatments right from their home. With real-time chat, doctors and physicians can chat in real-time to instant response on treatments.

4. Sharing is Caring

Enable patients to share X-rays, prescriptions, medical reports to store and share through a HIPAA compatible consultation app. The easy sharing of files helps to take the treatment process further.

5. Secure ePHI with HIPAA Compatible consultation app

HIPAA is a secure chat app for healthcare that enables healthcare organizations to provision electronic protected health information (ePHI) during a clear flow of communication among the users. It ensures communication of ePHI with a secure alternative via text messaging, where the administrators can only audit and encrypt ePHI’s confidential data in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

6. Q&A / Polls

Host an unlimited number of Q&A sessions across geographical patients and medical professionals to explore information on health-related discussions. Polls will help in achieving surveys and collection of data.

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Now, It’s Tips for Build Educational Tutoring Apps

“A successful project presentation is dependent on effective project consultation and interaction between the students and professors.”

You know it pretty well that the growing popularity of online classes and training during COVID-19 is surging where the virtual and interactive whiteboard online teaching apps have been in the rescue for teachers and students. online tutoring apps with interactive communication features have a bright side for elearning apps to conduct seminars, webinars and training through video conferencing.  

Benefits of Training Course Consultation Apps with Real-time Interactive Features

  • Creating an opportunity for students to engage with staff and professors through realtime chat can sort any type of doubts right at any time and date.
  • Sharing of notes, videos, training courses through consultation software is another key strategy to improve the business of your training consultation apps.
consultation live chat software for education & elearning industry

Features for Educational Consultation Apps To Drive Better Collaboration Between Students & Professors

1. Live Tutorials & Interactive Sessions b/w students and Teacher

Host interactive live sessions for students and users through your consultation apps by integrating live interactive streaming. Give virtual learning experience to your students by streaming classroom sessions directly to devices.

2. Virtual Two-way Communication

With video conferencing, enable tutors to go live with 100s of students at the same time and get instant responses from the students within the education consultation app.

3. Personalized Learning Experience

Deliver physical like a classroom learning experience to your students right from your home or school. With one-to-one video calls, connect with each student’s/learners to personalize their learning on courses and training.

4. Secure File Sharing

Allow your trainers and educational professionals to share learning materials, assignments, and much more in a secure way to get easy access to learning materials across any device.

It’s Time For Business Consultation Apps

“Advisory is all about connecting the strategic knowledge and People effectively”

Talking to the prospects, maintaining the schedule and going in-person is one of the traditional processes that none of the prospects expect. Online consultation has taken over the entire business of consultations and it applies for business consultation too. A business consultation app with booking and scheduling the appointment isn’t enough, it’s all about establishing relationships and knowledge with the prospects.

consultation chat software for legal & lawyers
Effective Benefits of Business Consultation Apps with Interactive Features
  • Client management is made simple where your app can reach the clients right from any device through video or voice calls.
  • Reaching out to a vast client across the globe base from your desk through video conferencing is a boon where all your travel expenses are cut down.
  • Remind your clients about the events with push notification and broadcasting messages right from the app.

Features for Business Consultation Apps To Drive Better Collaboration & Productivity

1. One-on-one Video calls With Clients

A transparent and effective interaction with your clients helps to understand your client’s overall problem and provide exceptional solutions which in return increases your ROI. A virtual call with your client whenever it requires can amplify your trust and loyalty.

2. Real-time Chat

Allow your clients to connect with you anytime, from any device to solve emergency situations. With real-time, you can access multiple clients at the same time which in return reduces the transportation cost and save time.  

3. Secure File Transfer

Share multiple numbers of files such as project management, advisory documents, Images and much more in a two-way authentication system. The business consultation app ensures all the files shared are end-to-end encrypted.

4. Screencast

Mirroring or screencast helps you to host presentations with multiple numbers of attendees. Connect with your clients for project updates through personalized video-like interactions.

5. Video Conferencing

Host unlimited and secure conferencing through your business consultation apps to connect clients and the team for project discussion, business-oriented webinars and much more.

How To Build Fitness Consultation Apps with Instant Messaging Solution

“Powerful personal fitness training is more than being in-person”

With live streaming and video conferencing, fitness consultation apps have more to do during this pandemic. Amidst the crisis, many fitness freaks do physical training and exercises. Right from Yoga, Meditation, Gym & Fitness tracker, and Diet & Nutrition, In app chat for Fitness consultation has more demand than any other during this Pandemic which offers virtual collaboration platform to stay healthy, and engaged    

Benefits of Having Real-time Interactive Features Into Fitness Consultation App
  • Increases personalized tracking of members with private and group chatting within the app.
  • Ability to offer instant instruction to users from trainers through video chat and VoIP-based calling.
  • Reduces the travel cost where one the remote and online consultant increases.
consultation chat software for fitness, trainer & gym service

Must-have Features For Fitness Consultation Apps To Enhance Collaboration & Attract More Fitness Freaks

1. Push Notification & Reminders

Any passionate fitness enthusiast won’t miss any sessions. Engage your fitness freaks with real-time notification on upcoming events or workout sessions. With reminders helps you to make your fitness users stay in the loop.

2. Make Fitness Interactions More Personalized

With the integration of video calls into your fitness consultation apps, you can create a deep and personalized connection with your users/fitness freaks through virtual interaction. Create social networking with your fitness freaks through video calling from any device.

3. In-app Live Streaming

The live streaming feature within your fitness consultation platforms helps to connect with a wide range of audiences irrespective of geographical locations. Stream live fitness sessions and interact with users anytime .

4. Set Your Fitness Community In Loop

Host virtual fitness classes and create engagement factors among your users by creating polls, Q&A sessions. These engagement tools amplify your consultation apps’ worthiness.

It’s the Personal Finance Consultation Apps

“An improper advisory in finance consultation May lead to non-functional of any organization”

Financial advice can transform the major growth of any organization irrespective of size. Most of the financial services held with handling data of income, taxes, funds, and pipeline of investment is a major process that has to be explained in person, but not all the time. The financial advisors handle a large number of clients were traveling from one office to another isn’t possible always, there has to be some reliable tool to convey it to the clients.

Consultation chat solution for banking & financial services

Let’s articulate some of the benefits one Gets With Real-time Interactive Tools

  • The financial advisors can handle quite a large number of clients from their desks through video and voice calls.
  • Sharing of insightful data such as taxes, investment is possible through secure file sharing within the consultation app.
Now, Ready To Boost Up Your Consultation App with Real-time Communication?

We’ve discussed how the In-App chat will transform most business consultation app across all domains. There are quite a lot of industries left out that can get benefited from online chat within the consultation software and App.

Must-have Features For Finance Consultation Apps To Retain Customers & Acquire Global Customers

1. Video Call Interactions 

Do let your finance consultation app do only calculating EMI or Tax expenditures of your clients, make virtual connections with your customers and explain them on financial advice without leaving your office.

2. Bills Reminder

Send real-time notifications on bills, taxes to your clients in personalized notifications. Create engaging notifications that let your clients connect with you instantly.

3. Instant Collaboration for Any Discussion

Allow your clients to connect with you anytime, anywhere and on device with just a tap of a button. Enable your clients to interact in a personalized way through secure messaging. 

Transform Your Consultation App’s Worth With an Enterprise Chat Solution

MirrorFly, an enterprise chat solution with customizable in app chat functionalities and communication mediums such as text, video and voice chat. The enterprise chat solution is armed customizable API and SDKs to integrate chat into your consultation apps and redefine the communication between the users and consultants.

Parthiba is a Product Marketer, helping providers of the various industries like healthcare, education, etc., to elevate their conversation value with the help of powerful communication solutions to drive better communication experience.