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Published On December 7th, 2023 Product News & Updates

It goes without saying that hundred hours of hidden work are spent on developing design assets alongside on-going enhancements during the evolution of a project. To speed-up the development process, with advanced UI Kit and tool enhancements can help to scale developer experiences in the long run. It is especially resourceful when they deal with in-app communication solutions of different kinds initiated on Web & Mobile apps.

Being the pioneer in-app conversational SDK provider, MirrorFly has infused some additional components to Flutter SDK’s UIKit added with relative SDK enhancements which features across web & mobile-based platforms. This necessity has reached the magnitude of facilitating conducive customization of UI elements within the chat functionalities powered with minimized integration process. 

In addition to that, by assisting with a developer-friendly flutter chat SDK suite the software teams doesn’t not only get to integrate in-app communication features in 10 minutes in MirrorFly but also give pathways for them to reuse the components to build the UI of each screen.

Take a glance into how the entire network of developers and distinguished business leaders can optimally leverage with the timely SDK enhancements paired with Flutter SDK’s UIKit upgrade. 

Need to Fine Tune SDKs & Redefine Flutter’s UIKit Customization

Like earlier said, the enriched Flutter-based chat UIKit and new SDK upgrade focusses the vital need of shaping the flexible in-app experiences of users through laborious-free integrations across a range of business domains. 

Resultingly, these feature-driven inclusions attached to the robust UIKit empowered with supercharged SDKs provides multi-purpose framework that can be leveraged by proficient development teams & organizations. Indeed, they can realize the full potential of extensive deployments which is upscaled to enhance the communication experience within a unified platform. 

Feature-Rich UIKit 

In recent times, a new edition of feasible enhancements are given to SDKs in addition to the advanced Flutter SDK’s UI Kit. This has seemingly accelerated the art of creating design assets and bringing down number of message methods in SDK during app development process, thus making it hassle-free. 

Some of the pivotal changes that are made shed light on custom theme integration, light & dark theme initiations, new methods for sending text & media messages. Additionally, this gives a multitude of opportunities for developers to achieve same functionality with less lines of code & edit components, styling in design to test ideas. 

Eventually, just after using the components like the addition of secondary colors from the palette, changing coloration of sender-reciever chat bubble, modifying sender-reciever time stamp, & others then the UIKit Configurable file can be downloaded for development use. 

And when it comes to simplifying integration process in SDK, the method of sending text message has been upgraded & can use a single code included with other parameters. 

However, the diverse enhancements applied to the UIKit & SDKs result in procuring multiple feature set and smoothen functionality initiation process. Gain a concise overview of this noteworthy list of features that can be implemented across various major platforms.

Customization of UIKit & Enhanced SDKs in Web & Mobile Platforms: 

  • Custom Theme Integration (Includes secondary color, sender time stamp, receiver chat bubble, etc.)
  • Light Theme Integration 
  • Dark Theme Integration 
  • Code Optimization in Message Handling

For further details on any feature updates on Flutter UIKit SDK, please refer to our documentation. Also, you can check detailed insights on SDK recent updates that are available in Web, Android & iOS

Above & Beyond: 

In summary, by leveraging the expertly enhanced in-app SDK solution, businesses and developers can effortlessly customize their communication suite with smooth integration of essential feature like chat to enable virtual collaboration on the move. 

The state-of-the-art developed UI Kit is empowered with ultimate communication infrastructure and other programmer-friendly attributes which can be claimed by any business sector. They can help meet the demands of every professional UI which creates an impact with a great design for intuitive apps. 

Along with these minutely crafted updates, our objective is to easen the deployment process for many app development teams and businesses by incorporating feasible improvements that contribute to long-term efficiency and effectiveness.

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