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Published On December 7th, 2023 Product News & Updates

Scaling up feature capabilities on all creative fronts is certainly the key to enhance app developer’s experiences particularly when they come across with in-app communication integrations of varied type on several apps.  

While being a revolutionary in-app communication SDK suite provider, MirrorFly has expanded its SDK feature cabinet across native & web apps progressively. This requisite has brought the extent of reassuring friction-free implementation experiences of chat, voice or video calling functionalities. 

Furthermore, by delivering a ease of use in-app solution integrated with distinctive features via these refined SDKs, MirrorFly capacitates the development of adaptable conversational possibilities on any app for brands, irrespective of their industry.  

Look into how the complete developer community and esteemed entrepreneurs can collectively benefit from this recent SDK suite update

What Necessitates To Revamp These SDKs? 

As aforementioned, the fully-equipped SDKs addresses the need of developing a versatile in-app experiences of end-users via enriching deployments around diverse business verticals. 

Recognizing its significance, our internal teams have dedicated their long-tile efforts to integrating a range of crucial enhancements into MirrorFly’s free chat solution, with the aim of elevating both usability and performance to new heights. 

As a result, these extensive array of enhancements incorporated to these SDKs establishes a robust framework for professional developers & large-scale businesses. They can now very well, unlock the value of comprehensive deployments to elevate communication experience all in a single platform. 

Futuristic SDKs – Unlocking Boundless Potential for New Features 

Recently, there has been a pack of collective enhancements added to the in-app SDKs that can boost the overall performance of app development phase making it seamless.

Additionally, in case the participants who are engaged in audio calls can now easily switch to video calls, using these revamped SDKs. Professional developers can make this option available to end-users now. They can also leverage with thumbnail image parameters where they can get to shink the enlarged images as per their need.   

Above these, delivery APIs have been optimized further, increasing the feasibility of applications created. Also container IDs are made optional. This helps identifying the containers that are used to store each specific media type.  

However, the collective features with which SDKs are enhanced diversely – Get a quick breakdown of these compelling feature list which can be implemented across major platforms: 


  • Added new methods in SDK to get & update Metadata.
  • Call switch improvement from audio-to-video 
  • Addition of thumbnail parameters on SDKs 
  • Optimization of Delivery API 


  • Added new methods in SDK to get & update Metadata.
  • Container ID is made optional 
  • Joining Calls via Private Link


  • Added new methods in SDK to get & update Metadata.
  • Chat Tagging Feature – Phase I  

And for  more information on any feature updates please review our documentation

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Moving Ahead: 

Overall, with the proficiently scaled-up in-app SDK solution, businesses or developers can power up their communication suite with seamless integration of chat as well as calling experiences on the go

Summing up succinctly, the meticulously developed SDKs bolster with top-tier infrastructure and developer-friendly features that are supported with agile implementation & robust security measures. This ensures positive impact across significant industry niches who are innovatively adapting these SDKs to introduce an array of communication functionalities

With this carefully crafted updates, our aim is to simplify the deployment process for various app development teams by incorporating numerous enhancements helping in the long run. 

To gain deeper insights into the update, delve into our extensive documentation and explore our demo apps for constant inspiration and guidance. 

  1. Android platform: https://www.mirrorfly.com/docs/chat/android/v2/quick-start
  2. iOS platform: https://www.mirrorfly.com/docs/chat/ios/v2/quick-start
  3. Web: https://www.mirrorfly.com/docs/chat/javascript/quick-start/ 

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