Ejada Needed a Robust & Secure Communication System

Ejada, a leading technology company, sought to enhance its communication infrastructure by integrating advanced messaging capabilities and AI-powered features.

To achieve this, Ejada partnered with MirrorFly, the #1 in-app communication solution, to implement a robust and secure communication system.

This case study explores the steps taken, challenges overcome, and the benefits realized through this collaboration.

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Products/ Features

  • Communication Features
  • Custom Authentication System
  • AI Agent Integration
  • Contact Management
  • Customizable UI
  • Deployment Support


  • Information Technology


  • Middle East
  • North Africa (MENA)

Key Challenges Ejada Faced, Before Partnering With MirrorFly

Ejada has been in the industry for over 25+ years and 1400+ professionals. With evolving market needs, the platform faced 3 key challenges while setting up in-app communication.

Challenge - 1

Mobile Features In React Native

Ejada needed a messaging solution that can help the platform set up modern and secure in-app chat features in its mobile client, while the tech team preferred it to be built on top of React Native.

Challenge - 2

100% Customization Option

The platform is a well-established player with 700+ active large scale projects, & customization was never a compromise at any cost, to meet the exact needs of its users.

Challenge - 3

Multiple Domain Configuration

This Digital Solution Provider deals with 300+ clients across the globe. Handling a separate database for each client securely has been Ejada’s priority right from the start of the project.

Ejada Is Achieving Multifold User Engagement With MirrorFly

Creating unique and unforgettable engagement experiences in Ejada platform with MirrorFly’s custom communication solution.

  • Solution 1
  • Solution 2
  • Solution 3

Personalized Chat Features In Ejada Client, Built In React Native

MirrorFly integrated custom messaging features in Ejada’s platform app to enhance its user experience and streamline the overall communication operations. This setup covered the registration process, initial profile setup, contact management, chat functionalities, media viewing, and various settings options, everything in React Native.

  • Registration Process

    The registration process is accessible through contact synchronization and can be configured to work with any active directory or single sign-on (SSO).

    By default, the SDK requires users to enter their phone number for OTP validation. This process can be customized based on the client app’s requirements.

  • Initial Profile Settings Page

    The system extracts profile information from the existing database to the SDK, allowing users to view but not edit their basic information.

    Users can update their profile picture, email, mobile number, and status. The profile picture can be updated by taking a new photo, choosing an existing one, or removing the photo.

  • Contacts

    Users can access a list of contacts available in the contact directory.

    Contact synchronization can be customized based on the business use case, such as exporting the contact list added by end users.

  • Chats

    To start a chat, users must select a contact who is a registered user of the app. In the chat, users can upload pictures, take photos or videos, record and send audio, share their location, and share contacts. These attachments are available for both individual and group chats.

    Users can also create groups with up to 250 participants. Messages sent in the group are visible to all members, and attachments like pictures, videos, audio recordings, locations, and contacts can be shared within the group.

  • Media Management

    Users can view all media shared in a personal or group chat through a dedicated button. Even if the sender deletes the media or the chat, the media remains accessible to the users. This includes photos, videos, recordings, and audio files.

  • Starred Messages

    Starred messages are organized by user chat. Users can share, forward, or un-favorite starred messages and delete them anytime.

  • Blocked Contacts

    Users can block contacts via the private chat page, preventing the blocked user from seeing their profile picture and status or sending messages.

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MirrorFly Has Built Business-specific Solutions For Ejada

MirrorFly builds unique features and flexible deployment options, as per client requirements.

  • chat modernization

    Token Validation

    MirrorFly's backend service authenticates the token through Ejada's API, registering new users.

  • contact center services

    Message Filtering

    An Erlang module filters messages for the AI agent, forwarding them for processing.

  • custom app development

    Dynamic Control

    Features like group chat, single chat, and chat history can be enabled or disabled via the admin panel.

  • chat api for super app

    AI Agent Addition

    An AI agent is automatically added as a contact for each tenant from Ejada’s communication system

  • hire saaS integration team

    Microservice Processing

    Intercepted messages are processed by a microservice, which sends responses back to users.

  • hire dedicated resources

    Static Text Management

    Static text elements are managed via XML files for each language, in Ejada’s client app.

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chat modernization

“I could say that the success of this service (TrueDigital Communication) is the result of our hard work between our TrueID and the CONTUS TECH (MirrorFly)Team.”

Rattamont Teekavanich Senior Product Owner at True Digital Group

increase in retention rate of viewers


rise in user engagement


increase in viewership to subscription

chat modernization

“We have a long way to go but I think wherever we have reached now would not have been possible without the team at CONTUS TECH (MirrorFly).”

Rajagopal.S Managing Director & CEO, MYn

increase in sales through personalisation


users connected across the app


reduction in cost per acquisition

Want To Know How MirrorFly Can Help Your Business?

With MirrorFly, you can bring up to 1000+ video, voice and chat communication features and scale up to 5M+ concurrent connections.

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