5 Big Industries That Can Benefit from Video Conferencing Technology

Published On August 16th, 2023 Tech Talks

This is to the people who are currently shut indoors to keep in touch with family and protect against coronavirus.

Right from meeting, group chats, and learning sessions, the pandemic virus has changed the overall routine of humans. Many of us who are self-quarantining and isolated due to the coronavirus pandemic, our fundamental relationship with the world has changed drastically.

When the coronavirus began to drive businesses and organizations to ask their employees to begin work from home, there has been a 40% increase in the utilization of multi-party video call API and video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, etc.,  

World Businesses Seek Enterprise Video Conferencing Software & Live Streaming 

Video conferencing solution provider

The demand for major collaboration tools and video conferencing platforms has increased 180% higher than usual where remote working has been practiced across the world.

The data stated above clearly shows the utilization of conferencing and live streaming platforms has increased worldwide. When many companies experience their stock prices taking a hard buttering due to the disruption caused by the coronavirus, organizations encourage remote working to stabilize their business growth.  

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Major Video Conferencing Platforms & Multi-party video Chats Offer Free Services But Limited Usage

Most of the video conferencing service providers offer limited usage of conferencing, businesses would need an unlimited usage of conferencing to balance the work efficiency due to remote working.

In consideration of the usage of conferencing, Enterprise video calls and conferencing platforms like MirrorFly offer unlimited conferencing services with data usage and participants to elevate collaboration during remote working. The enterprise video conferencing helps global businesses and industries to connect with employees and workers to stabilize their growth.

Major Industries that Demand Video Conferencing Software’s To Sustain in the Market After Coronavirus Outbreak

1. IT Organization – Remote Working

video-conferencing-solution (2)
  • When the entire world is locked down, video conferencing is the prime tool for organizations to run meetings, and webinars.
  • To balance the productivity over remote working, video conferencing SDK helps to increase the productivity and work efficiency with constant collaboration over internet calling.
  • Optimized attendance of employees and business positions during the crises where all the employees are connected in one hub.

2. Healthcare Ecosystem – Assist Coronavirus Patients Globally

video conferencing in healthcare
  • Access to the global medical professionals working across the multiple hospitals on treatment and diagnosis of pandemic virus affected patients virtually.
  • Live knowledge transmission for doctors from other countries through multiple video conferencing features that facilitate 1000s of doctors and physicians.
  • CVOID-19 Treatment handling for nurses, physicians from experts on a regular basis through audio & video conferencing within the hospitals.

3. Education – Online Learning for Students During Lockdown  

video conferencing in education
  • Teachers encourage online courses during the lockdown of schools and colleges where video conferencing software has been the prime tool to collaborate.
  • Enables teachers and educational professionals to teach students on the daily lessons to a huge number of students at one-time via conferencing
  • With the conferencing, teachers & professionals can host webinars to mass college students to continue the coaching classes despite lockdowns.     

4. Banking & Finance – Customers Bank Over Virtual Meetings

bank video conferencing
  • Instead of visiting banks during the lockdown, video conferencing with banking sectors allow customers to manage their account related queries with managers over virtual interactions.
  • Most of the investors are willing to connect with financial advisors through video-enabled conversations to access their assets.
  • It helps the overall financial managers to conduct meetings across the global sectors to handle the COVID-19 crises.

5. Government Sectors – Serves Direct Contact With Ministers Across the Country

Video conferencing software for government sector
  • Improves the legal processes of the country during the crises like Coronavirus through hosting conferences with all the ministers.
  • It helps in taking quick response and public safety by the government officials to make quick operational decisions during the critical crises.
  • Enhances the inter-departmental collaboration of government professionals to execute decisions and improve the process across geographical regions.  

Keep The World Working Together

Businesses who would like to enhance their business growth during the crises always lookout for new and better ways to increase the collaboration and productivity of their remote workers, that’s why video conferencing software is becoming such a big deal. An enterprise conferencing software is a good choice to get the best result for your business. 

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  30. Chris Gilbert says:

    We are investigating video conference solutions for a virtual event platform. Our ideal solution supports many concurrent virtual events, high volumes of participants per event, and a reliable low-latency API for generating unique scheduled meetings that are simple to join. Even better if the event planner on our end can have host control within the conference and create breakout rooms, and better yet if we don’t have to ask our customers to set up a separate account to do so.

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    I’d like to have a videochat feature 1 to 1, as easy to implement as it can be, UI ready elements such as buttons for muting/disabling camera/ etc. Current solution is using .NET Core in the backend and frontend is using nothing but jQuery and Vanilla Javascript. Also if you could tell me the pricing for 1 to 1 videochat per minute that would be great, par ot business requirements is to have a fluent 1 hour videocall in each session. Thanks.

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    Hello, I represent a U.S.-based company interested in developing a mobile application for location-based social networking. The app is intended primarily for individuals who want to engage with people in their neighborhood, via video or text chat. Main features include: – video chat for up to 6 people at the same time – text chat for hundreds of people – location-based groups – a matching algorithm based on user profiles and proximity – follow & unfollow a friend – message sending We are looking to partner with a software firm to develop the product, and would be interested in hearing more about your company and methodology, as well as any relevant mobile projects in your portfolio (links would be appreciated). The rough cost, or the rate you charge on similar projects, would also be appreciated, as it might save us both some time. Thank you, and looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Dear Sirs, We are looking for a conference call provider for telephone conferences (no video call) to connect participants into a virtual room. We would like to clarify that those conference calls are not used internally, but are used by our clients who are based in different countries. I would be grateful if you could let me know about the following points are possible: 1) International phone numbers that our customers can call in order to attend the conference and allow more people to participate in a conference call; 2) A system that allows our company to organise more than one conference call at the same time; 3) A system that can record the call automatically (more info will follow) and measure the time; If the points above are possible, we have more technical needs, since we need a service that we can integrate in our IT platform (for this I would like to suggest to organise a call also with our CTO: 4) We need to create an automatic system that once send to your platform the request for the creation of a virtual room for a precise date and time, the access code for the call will be automatically sent to our platform? 5) Is it possible to determine in advance the duration of the call? So that once the time established is over the call will automatically end, and do this automatically; 6) Is it possible to introduce a message inside the call that warns the callers that they are running out of time (since we have determined the duration)? (Example: “5 minutes left”) 7) Is it possible to automatically transfer the recorded call from your website dashboard to our server? 8) Is it possible to personalize the call? So, for example we do not want our customers to hear “Welcome to a Mirrorfly conference” at the beginning of the call. We would like to suggest organizing a call in order to better clarify our needs. Best regards charlie

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    Looking for vedio confernce and chat api for website.I would like to know whether you also provide file sharing and screen sharing features too. please Call me Thanks and Regards Sataveka

  57. tiwarigowtham says:

    As solution provider I want to to be able to schedule video conferencing meetings on behalf of my customers, using an API (or anything that does not need human intervention) for programatic creation and deletion of rooms so that they can start and attend video lessons that potentially could run at the same time. The number of attendees in a meeting range is 1-15.

  58. kimji Xi says:

    I want to inquire about the Video Chat SDK. We want to embed a Video function to our Mobile and Desktop app so that our users can press a button to quickly show their face and say a phrase or two. Our apps are built using Adobe Air 33.

  59. Tejwani says:

    Dear Sir, I would like to know the if your application support live calling which we also have swipe to match new users on the video call and live streaming which can allow two users to stream together for their following to see. Also want to know how we can implement the SDK and License cost for the same. please respond urgently as we want to launch our app in two weeks time. Thank you

  60. luthanmartin says:

    Hello! I have a customer interested that wants to integrate a videoconference system like yours or zoom and so on into a website. And maybe I use your software to reach my goals, but… I have a few questions: I don’t want to force to download the software just for a videocall / conference. Those videocalls are conferences about health, for doctors and so on. Exists a limit to those videocalls? Basically my project will require this: 200-500 people Create multiple conferences and those conferences can join multiple people. Is very important that you can create multiple conferences simultaniosly Possibility to join to the conference via link Create questions to vote (if not, i will find a way to do it but i need to ask) I won’t talk via telephone and either via skype. I just need some answers, my customer will talk directly in case that our requirements meets with your software

  61. snehaltechforia says:

    Hi there, We are looking to build an app that works across browsers and OS’es solving for a particular use case where video chat (one on one, large groups) is essential. Can you help? i would like to user mirror fly video chat api to my apps respectivey i want to know the pricing and documentation.

  62. Aliasim says:

    Hi One of our clients is looking for the video conferencing functionality for their tutor discovery platform. The features that they are looking for are video conferencing with features like screen sharing, content recording, mute-unmute, meeting schedule with recurring, participate-listing, text content during video conferencing, both way communications. And admin or subscriber should be able to schedule the conference. I would like to pitch in Mirrorfly SDK to them as what they are looking for is covered under this SDK. Please help me with the pricing to take this further.

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  68. Adebayo says:

    Hi, I’m interested in the video calling API. Could you give information regarding pricing, number of participants, maximum duration, and video resolution adjustment? I have read some review and found that Mirrorfly has the “Push to talk” feature, is this also included in the API?

  69. Raunak says:

    We are developing video and voice conference calling features into the application. We found that MirrorFly is supporting video and voice calling even after the application is in background mode or killed mode. We want to use SDK in our application. Our application is based on guest and receptionist conversation. They can contact each other via the application. That is the basic flow we are trying to set up using video and voice calls. Please let us know about the pricing of usage and instruction about SDK integration.

  70. rrdtrytryt says:

    Im a tax office would like video conferencing build into my website so i can have video appointments with my customers.

  71. deepak says:

    Interested in WebRTC solution for webconferencing solutions for corporates and schools.We would like to create a video conferencing app for a large no of people using simultaneously

  72. kellaygasser says:

    Hello, We are a software and application development company. The purpose to contact you is Currently, we are getting many leads regarding dating and video conferencing apps, but everyone wants APIs that are affordable and faster. As a developer’s point of view, we need hassle-free documentation and proper support. Currently, we are working on one project of dating app using agora.io’s API and facing many development side issues. Now we are seeking proper solutions and support so we can replace existing API partner. Contact immediately for discussion.Thank You.

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    I want a video conferencing app for web like we can use it on laptops and computer and it must be for android + ios also. As i focus an app for video conferencing for student to get study better. And i want app like zoom with more stable ui and safety features

  74. Sylee says:

    Dear Team, Following are the details: Project: Video Call Conferencing Software Requirements: 1. Video Calling & Conferencing (1-1 & group call of 50-100 users) 2. Audio Calling (1-1 & group) 3. Web seminar/broadcast ( upto 10k users ) 4. Support all video resolutions and audio quality (work in low and high network scenarios) 5. Chat option (1-1 & during conference) 6. Encrypted network communication 7. On-Premise capability 8. Audio & Video recording feature. 9. Screen & file sharing capabilities 10. Voice / Text Translation. 11. Live video editing capability. I would like to request a quote for 1M to 5M Users and developers assistance for customising the app for web, and mobile (iOS and Android). Feel free to contact me via Phone or via email. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks and Regards

  75. Agarwal says:

    We need VIDEO CONFERENCING API for 1000 participants at a time and with around 9000 Minutes per month

  76. georage says:

    We need a video conferencing mobile app for schools and colleges. It must be containing Institution option, where every institute has their own separate sections of classes. Every class will have students and those students will video call togather with their respective teacher. If it will be done, then contact me

  77. Mohit Bohra says:

    Please tell me what is pricing for this sdk. I want a build a video calling app so I finding one best library which help me to create batter quality app.

  78. Mohit Bohra says:

    We are looking for video conferencing solution to integrate with education app, share us best solution that you have and its pricing

  79. Bartosz says:

    Do you offer all in one solution that supports: * meetings with integrated chat? * webinars for up to 70 participants * screen sharing? * sending notifications to live meeting participants during the meeting * displaying a meeting coundown timer on a full screen video meeting? How much does your solution cost for 100 000 user video minutes per month? Do you offer some default html widget for video and chat meetings or everything needs to be built from scratch?

  80. Chhaya Jaiswal says:

    My name is Daniil. I have heard about your platform and I consider that it’s one of the best platforms for helping with applications. I have specific wishes, so I would like to know the price of the following work: 100% Customizable Video Conferencing Users – up to 500k Storage per user – up to 10 mb Custom identity provider Api integration File size limit – 10 m Please let me know the final price for the submitted requirements. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and sincerely hope that we can work together.

  81. Sumit says:

    Hi, I’m looking in for a whitelabelled solution for chat, voice call and video call. Please do share the methadology, pricing model, implementation and support that is provided. Regards, Dulaj

  82. yuiuiyiu says:

    Need query regarding video conference in mirrorfly app. We have check the app but could not find any group or conference call. Regarding that we have query.

  83. Aaron says:

    Technical Queries:
    We are developing web application in ASP.NET MVC (razor view) and JQuery. We wanted to integrate voice and video conferencing tool which should have standard features such as private voice / video call, conference voice / video call, recording voice / video calls, sharing screen to private / conference, sharing files private / conference and so on..

    We may also customize the default mirrorfly voice and video conferencing UI design. (Note: if it is allowed html/css/js customization, it is easy for us) Do you have any online documentations to integrate ASP.NET MVC (razor view). Please let us know pricing. Thanks and Regards,

  84. Chitra Thapa says:

    We’re investigating platforms to host virtual conferences between buyers and sellers.

  85. Akash Alone says:

    hi, we would like to integrate an api for our application which requires video conferencing one to many and multiple interaction with video saving option ,
    let me know the details further

  86. Kaushik says:

    Good Day,
    My organisation is looking at the way we can set up a personalizable video conferencing environment for commercial use, and we are looking forward to using mirrorfly for the set. Kindly treat as urgent.

    Warm regards,

  87. Nachiketa says:

    We need to integrate a Video Chat into our online meeting scheduling system used for Conferences and Exhibitions. For example for an upcoming show in May we will have approximately 1600 concurrent meetings.

  88. Shahnawaz says:

    we have a new business idea, and think your platform and SDK is ideal for starting and creating a first traft. Need: – Live Streaming – Video and Audio Capture and send to server – Send Audio from Server to single client. Would be great if we can have a Demo Account and send me documentation about web sdk / rest api.

    Thanks and kind regards,

  89. Gurbachan says:

    We are looking at expanding our current chat, voice and video consultations and looking for a solution like yours to embed it into our app and into our business. Email me the pricing so that we can get started.

  90. Bhavi Desai says:

    I am looking for Video Conferencing third party tool to integrate in our product with minumal effort. I would appreciate if you can revert at the earliest. Regards,

  91. Joe Lopez says:

    I need to create a video app that allows the following:
    1. A user (the leader) registers and is then given an option to create a group which he can ping once he wants to do a video call with. With the ping, a count down is given for participants to get ready to join. Once time is up, the leader video opens and participants join through audio only. and session can be conducted.

    2: The ability for the leader to live stream his session and for people to log in with audio and join him from around the world.

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