5 Big Industries That Can Benefit from Video Conferencing Technology

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This is to the people who are currently shut indoors to keep in touch with family and protect against coronavirus.

Right from meeting, group chats, and learning sessions, the pandemic virus has changed the overall routine of humans. Many of us who are self-quarantining and isolated due to the coronavirus pandemic, our fundamental relationship with the world has changed drastically.

When the coronavirus began to drive businesses and organizations to ask their employees to begin work from home, there has been a 40% increase in the utilization of multi-party video call api and video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, etc.,  

World Businesses Seek Enterprise Video Conferencing Softwares & Live Streaming 

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The demand for major collaboration tools and video conferencing platforms has increased 180% higher than usual where remote working has been practiced across the world.

The data stated above clearly shows the utilization of conferencing and live streaming platforms has increased worldwide. When many companies experience their stock prices taking a hard buttering due to the disruption caused by the coronavirus, organizations encourage remote working to stabilize their business growth.  

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Major Video Conferencing Platforms & Multi-party video Chats Offer Free Services But Limited Usage

Most of the video conferencing service providers offer limited usage of conferencing, businesses would need an unlimited usage of conferencing to balance the work efficiency due to remote working.

In consideration of the usage of conferencing, Enterprise video conferencing platforms like MirrorFly offer unlimited conferencing services with data usage and participants to elevate collaboration during remote working. The enterprise video conferencing helps global businesses and industries to connect with employees and workers to stabilize their growth.

Major Industries that Demand Video Conferencing Software’s To Sustain in the Market After Coronavirus Outbreak

1. IT Organization – Remote Working

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  • When the entire world is locked down, video conferencing is the prime tool for organizations to run meetings, and webinars.
  • To balance the productivity over remote working, video conferencing SDK helps to increase the productivity and work efficiency with constant collaboration over internet calling.
  • Optimized attendance of employees and business positions during the crises where all the employees are connected in one hub.

2. Healthcare Ecosystem – Assist Coronavirus Patients Globally

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  • Access to the global medical professionals working across the multiple hospitals on treatment and diagnosis of pandemic virus affected patients virtually.
  • Live knowledge transmission for doctors from other countries through multiple video conferencing features that facilitate 1000s of doctors and physicians.
  • CVOID-19 Treatment handling for nurses, physicians from experts on a regular basis through audio & video conferencing within the hospitals.

3. Education – Online Learning for Students During Lockdown  

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  • Teachers encourage online courses during the lockdown of schools and colleges where video conferencing software has been the prime tool to collaborate.
  • Enables teachers and educational professionals to teach students on the daily lessons to a huge number of students at one-time via conferencing
  • With the conferencing, teachers & professionals can host webinars to mass college students to continue the coaching classes despite lockdowns.     

4. Banking & Finance – Customers Bank Over Virtual Meetings

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  • Instead of visiting banks during the lockdown, video conferencing with banking sectors allow customers to manage their account related queries with managers over virtual interactions.
  • Most of the investors are willing to connect with financial advisors through video-enabled conversations to access their assets.
  • It helps the overall financial managers to conduct meetings across the global sectors to handle the COVID-19 crises.

5. Government Sectors – Serves Direct Contact With Ministers Across the Country

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  • Improves the legal processes of the country during the crises like Coronavirus through hosting conferences with all the ministers.
  • It helps in taking quick response and public safety by the government officials to make quick operational decisions during the critical crises.
  • Enhances the inter-departmental collaboration of government professionals to execute decisions and improve the process across geographical regions.  

Keep The World Working Together

Businesses who would like to enhance their business growth during the crises always lookout for new and better ways to increase the collaboration and productivity of their remote workers, that’s why video conferencing software is becoming such a big deal. An enterprise conferencing software is a good choice to get the best result for your business. 

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